TV Season Finale Awards: YOUR 2017 Winners

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Best (Presumed) Death or Exit
Stefan Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries, 32%

Best Romantic Cliffhanger
Klaroline letter, The Vampire Diaries, 38%

Funniest Moment in a Drama
Katherine’s “rude” entrance, The Vampire Diaries, 45%

Best Shipper Moment
Damon and Elena reunite, The Vampire Diaries, 41%

Most GIF-able Moment
Salvatore brother hug, The Vampire Diaries, 35%

Best Return by a Character (Real or Imaginary)
Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce, The Vampire Diaries, 36%

Best Use of Music
“Hold On” by Chord Overstreet, The Vampire Diaries, 37%

Most Rewound Moment
Stefan and Elena’s goodbye, The Vampire Diaries, 35%

via’s 5th Annual Season Finale Awards: Vote now!

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With the rush of finale season behind us (sorry, fans of HBO’s Sunday night programming), it’s time to honor the twists and cliffhangers that will keep us talking all summer — for better or worse. After taking reader picks under advisement, we present the official nominees for’s 5th Annual Season Finale Awards below

Polls will remain open through Memorial Day. Winners will be announced Wednesday, May 28 at noon ET during The TV Editor’s Hour on Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM 105), and at 1 p.m. ET on

Reminder: These awards honor spring finales only. Episodes must have aired between March 30 and May 21.

Let the campaigning commence. And, of course, massive spoiler alert.

Best (Presumed) Death or Exit: (pg 1) #TheOriginals & #TVD
Unforgettable Line: (pg 1) #TVD
Best Redemption: (pg 2) #theOriginals
Most Clever Twist: (pg 3) #TVD
Best Use of Music: (pg 4) #TVD
Best Final Shot: (pg 4 ) #TVD
Most Rewound Moment: (Pg 4) #TheOriginals & #TVD

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