Paul Wesley Opens Up in Seventeen Magazine Interview

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The Vampire Diaries’ Paul Wesley opens up about what makes him cry and what he really thinks of Robert Pattinson!

How old were you when you had your first kiss?

I was nine years old and I was in a swimming pool. There was a girl there, and she dared me or I dared her into kissing me underwater. That wasn’t a French kiss — that was like a “muah” kiss.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Monica Bellucci. I love watching her films, and I think she’s super sexy.

Who would play you in the movie version of your life?

Woody Allen. I’m pretty neurotic. Robert Pattinson is like the last person I want to be compared with. I think any girl would throw me under a bus to be within five feet of Robert Pattinson. I actually think he’s an attractive guy. And I watched most of Twilight, and I think he was really intriguing.

You can read the full interview here:  Source + Article

Interview: Ian Somerhalder Talks Damon, True Blood, Vampires

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Entertainment Tonight interviewed Ian Somerhalder about his role as Damon Salvatore, True Blood, and vampires.

His piercing blue eyes are one of the first things you notice about Ian Somerhalder, who was one of the first characters to be killed off of “Lost.” Now he is back from the dead — actually, he is undead — with his role as bad-boy vampire Damon Salvatore, who steams up the action on The CW’s “The Vampire Diaries.” ET chats with the Louisiana-born actor to get his take on sinking his teeth into his role.

ET: Are you a fan of the whole vampire craze?

Ian Somerhalder: I am from New Orleans, so I grew up with Anne Rice. From a very young age, I knew a lot about vampires and always wanted to play one.

ET: How did you prepare for playing a vampire?

Ian Somerhalder: I don’t like blood. Blood freaks me out a little bit. So when you think about being hungry, for example, think of a time when you are stuck on a plane, or wherever you were that you didn’t have food, or you see people starving in the world, think about how intense that is. Imagine being a vampire and having 160 years of life experience — knowledge of humanity, of life and death, of everything — then on top of that your senses are heightened by 1000 percent. All of the things you hear, you have to learn to block out, and your sense of needing to eat is constant and 1000 times more than we have. It is a very intense proposition, so trying to inhabit someone who has that much knowledge of the world … it is a feat. I hope I am doing it right.

ET: How is your vampire different than other vampires?

Ian Somerhalder: [jokes] I do whatever I want. I go in the sun. I want [executive producer] Kevin [Williamson] to write an episode that sends Damon to the Caribbean.

Read rest of the interview here:  Source + Article

Nina Dobrev Talks “Vampire Diaries”

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Actress Nina Dobrev says that last season her character of Elana was willing to give Damon, played by Ian Somerholder a chance.

“The thing is, he wormed his way into her heart all last season,” she tells the New York Post “When no-one understood him or attempted to be his friend, she did because she wanted to see the good in him. And he proved that he is not worthy of it. She gave him everything he could possibly ask for and he killed her brother. At this point, she wants nothing to do with him. There’s no redeeming quality that she can see… aside from the fact he’s attractive.”

And she says that as the second season continues to unfold that Damon may begin to re-evaluate his feelings for Elena.

It’s going to be interesting to see how he tries to remedy the situation because once he lost Elena, I think he realised how valuable she is to him,” she said. “How much he loves her. It’s that classic tale – with any relationship, you have to hit rock bottom to realize how good you had it in the first place and Damon’s definitely going through that.”

Dobrev also revealed that she is “entertained by the possibility” of Damon and Elena beginning a romance, saying: “I think that Elena with Stefan seems to be a constant struggle. Elena and Damon have fun together. It’s fun to watch them together because they do have a rapport in the way they play. There’s an ease there because Elena doesn’t care what he thinks – Damon on the other hand is on his toes all the time trying to make sure he doesn’t screw it up even more.”


Ian Somerhalder is Inspired and Humbled by Fan Support

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Alrighty Ian Somerhalder fans, although we’ve already shared teasers for upcoming episodes, Ian’s thoughts on going musical and Katherine’s reign of terror, we’ve saved a few of the juiciest bits of our interview with your favorite “The Vampire Diaries” star for today. This one is all about you: the fans.

During our conversation, we mentioned to Ian that typing his name into YouTube results in over 5,000 videos—most of them fan-made—and we wondered what he thought about his popularity.

“These fans, I owe them so much,” Ian said. “Not to sound cliché, we wouldn’t have this show [without them]. They are so unbelievably supportive of me and my work and my passions. It’s a very strange relationship; it’s like having this crazy support team, it’s almost how a family supports each other, it’s really bizarre and it’s really really cool,” he explained.

“I don’t take it for granted, I appreciate it in every way shape and form. They’re great, and they’re pretty damn inspiring,” he said. “They get together on their own and they make all sorts of things happen. This one group of teenagers in high school raised this really significant amount of money for the National Wildlife Federation just on a whim, because they thought that was the right thing to do. People kept asking where to send money, the NRDC which is the Natural Resources Defense Council, those people are amazing; there’s Conservation International, and then there’s the Wildlife Federation that is actually helping all these animals survive and these kids raised like a lot of money and they sent it to the National Wildlife Foundation… I didn’t even ask them… These are kids in high school who could have otherwise been buying some Justin Bieber albums, and they put their allowance and whatever money they make babysitting and they pooled it all together and…you know how many animals they’ll help. It’s humbling, put it that way.”

So there you have it, a giant “I heart you” from your Mr. Somerhalder.


Candice Accola has always been a key member of The Vampire Diaries cast.

But the actress has essentially received a promotion this season, bumped up to the role of full-fledged blood sucker. Below, she speaks exclusively to TV Fanatic about the character of Caroline and what lies ahead …

Caroline is one bad-ass vamp! Pretty sure everyone fell in love with vampire Caroline from the “you suck” line.
Yes she is! Julie Plec actually told me about that line before we got that script. She was talking about it since they had already plotted out that episode. I anticipated that line for a while, so I was very excited to shoot it.

What can we look for in season two?
Action, action, action. This season is very fast-paced. The first season told the story, and second season… just hold on for the ride.

Do you think Caroline took it easy on Damon, considering everything he put her through?
Definitely. At the same time, Caroline is very new to this whole world of being a vampire and what she’s capable of and what she’s not capable of. In order to become a vampire, part of you dies. It’s a very, traumatizing thing. That fact that Damon has already tried to kill her again… she doesn’t know how powerful he is. In her mind, what if he’s as powerful as Katherine? I think there’s only so much playing with fire you want to do when you’re already half dead. It’d be a little scary to push his buttons too much until she knows what she’s capable of, and more importantly what he is capable of.

We ended of last week’s episode with Katherine and Caroline. Anything you can spoil about that?
I can’t tell too much since the writers did such a good job. I can say that Katherine is very used to getting what she wants and she’s not going anywhere. She’ll be playing in Mystic Falls for a while. Katherine and Caroline’s paths will continue to cross. The viewers will just have to wait.

Explain Caroline’s decision to force Matt to dump her.
I think something that’s very human in becoming a vampire for Caroline is that she gains perspective. She recognized an unhealthy relationship, essentially. Part of growing up is looking at the bigger picture of not only what’s best for you but whats best for someone you love, whether that’s a lover or a family member or a friend and I think that she’s starting to do that. The Caroline in first season, if she was going through something traumatic, she would be like… “but I love you and I want to tear you down with me. If I’m going down you’re going with me because I need someone with me to figure this out with.”

She’s starting to find a little more security in herself, where she’s recognizing someone else being happy is more important than her always feeling loved by them.

Is it completely over for them?
Honestly, I really don’t know. It’s the second season, and just like with any relationship you realize, how do you know when it’s ever over? Obviously there are certain points where, goodness, you hope so and should be. But you never know. They’re still going to be in the same town and in the same group and their paths will cross, so stay tuned!

Are you on Team Delena or Stelena?
I don’t know, the billboards where all three of them are together is pretty sexy [laughs]. Everyone’s on team Delena right now, but I think it’s just going to keep going back and forth. Neither one if a perfect relationship. I’m going to go with team Delena. You always want what you can’t have and that one’s definitely complicated. Makes for a good watch.

Will we be seeing more of Stefan helping Caroline through her journey?
She needs someone like him to help her. She can’t talk about it with her mom, obviously. She’s on the outs with Bonnie right now and Elena can only relate so much and she doesn’t trust Damon. She can’t talk to Matt. Stefan is the only one in her life that’s saying “you can talk to me, you can trust me, and I’m going to protect you the best I can.” It’s opened up an opportunity for a beautiful relationship, and a vampire guru of sorts for Caroline.

In episode two, a lot of viewers translated Elena’s “this isn’t us” quote to Bonnie as a way of holding on to someone who is still human. Would you consider Bonnie part of “us” or part of the supernatural?
My interpretation is that “us” meant that there is good and there is evil. There’s people who have morals and there are people that don’t. In Mystic Falls, whether you are supernatural or human, there are those with morals and those without. By “us,” she meant we don’t just kill because we want someone to be killed. We have justice, we have morals, we have perspective.


THE VAMPIRE DIARIES’ Ian Somerhalder on Damon’s Issues with Katherine, Elena, Caroline, Bonnie, Mason and More

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It was six years ago this week that LOST premiered and we met Oceanic survivor, Boone Carlyle. But just one season into THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and it’s hard to imagine Somerhalder as anyone other than Damon Salvatore.

The show is on fire right now — though, lucky for Somerhalder, Damon is not… thanks to Elena who came to his aid in last week’s episode.

Looking toward this Thursday and the season ahead, I spoke with Ian about what’s already transpired and what we can expect to come…

Last time we talked on the phone, just before the season 1 finale, you said that you were feeling pretty uncomfortable with the reveal of Damon’s “sensitive side,” if you will. And we’ve certainly seen more of that in the past couple weeks. So are you still unnerved by the whole concept of Damon being vulnerable? Still feeling the same way?
Ian Somerhalder:
Still feeling the same way. No, I just think that Damon’s edge is a good counter to a lot of the emotion on the show. And I just feel like I’m falling flat on my face when it comes to seeing his softer side. So it’s a battle within myself, which maybe works, because it’s definitely a battle within Damon.

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Vampire Diaries’: Ian Somerhalder on Blood, Oil, and the New Season

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For Ian Somerhalder it’s good being the bad guy. The new season of “The Vampire Diaries” premieres tonight on the CW, and Somerhalder, a former cast member on “Lost,” has become a breakout star in his role as Damon Salvatore, a handsome, anti-heroic vampire who sometimes shows a softer side.

In real life, Somerhalder, a native of Covington, Louisiana, recently helped launch Go Green Mobile Power, a company that provides solar, wind and biodiesel mobile energy generators. Somerhalder says he’s been inspired to take more action in his life after meeting spiritualist Deepak Chopra, whom he calls his “new bff.”

The Wall Street Journal spoke to Somerhalder about his role on the show, and what the coming season has in store.

Speakeasy: What can we look forward to from Damon this season?

Ian Somerhalder: Some changes. Changes in the sense that in the season finale, Damon raised the question that he came to this town with the intention of destroying everyone and now [things have changed]. He started building relationships and when we forge relationships, we raise the stakes, and I think having said that he’s not as hell bent on destroying the town this season. He and his brother are going to discover a few problems, outside of Elena, and they’re going to have to bind together to protect what they love and to protect each other.

Is there anything you can tell us about the new season without giving away any spoilers?

Katherine comes back and I’ve been eagerly awaiting Katherine despite the fact that it’s going to make Damon’s life harder. Katherine presents a plethora of problems because she’s a threat to everyone. She can kill anyone of us in the blink of an eye and that poses a very serious problem. I think that the Lockwood family is also going to pose pretty serious problems for the Salvatores. [With the ability to dive back into time], you get the assemblage of the events that lead up to right now. You get to see normal high school kids sort of battling these ultra supernatural issues. It’s going to be cool.

Read the full interview here

‘The Vampire Diaries’: Taylor Kinney shows his teeth

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“The Vampire Diaries” is going to introduce a new species of monster this season, and these guys aren’t exactly the diary-writing types. If you haven’t yet heard about the werewolves about to chew up trouble in Mystic Falls, I’m very sorry about that rock you’ve been living under. That can’t be comfortable. You should seek more traditional forms of shelter.

Now that his father is dead, Tyler (Michael Trevino) will need some guidance through the Lockwood family curse. Cue the arrival of his Uncle Mason, the unbearably attractive Taylor Kinney.

By some miraculous twist of fate, Zap2it happened to be on the show’s set in Atlanta for Kinney’s first day. (I know, I know… I have a tough job.) I got a sneak peek at Uncle Mason’s first encounter with Tyler in many years.

Zap2it: So I liked your big entrance.
Kinney: Wasn’t that the sweatiest, swampiest day of your life? It was my birthday actually, so it was kind of a baptism by fire with the humidity and meeting everyone and jumping right into Mason. I just got thrown right into the mix.

Uncle Mason seems to be pretty mellow initially, especially compared to Tyler, but anger is kind of a Lockwood family tradition. Are we going to see Mason show his temper any time soon?
Of course. Mason grew up in Mystic Falls, but he left probably before college, before adulthood, and he’s come of age now. He’s learned to harness his rage and to deal with problems in a more amicable way than lashing out the way that Tyler is right now. He’s comes back to Mystic Falls because of the death of his brother, but he stays because he empathizes with where Tyler is right now. He recognizes himself in Tyler and he knows the curse that’s in their bloodline. He’s going to try to help Tyler keep from being so on edge all the time.

What was Mason’s relationship like with Mayor Lockwood, his brother?
We haven’t explored it too much, but it wasn’t great. I think they were at odds for a large part of their life growing up. They weren’t the closest of kin, but it’s still family, so I’m going to look after my brother’s family the best I can.

The Mayor wasn’t exactly a loving dad. Trevino told me that Tyler is still very angry with his father, even after his death. Is Mason going to be a father figure?
Nope. It’s definitely more of a big brother thing than a father thing. I’m not trying to replace Tyler’s dad by any measure — I don’t want to stand in those shoes. It’s not easy for anyone to grow up without a father. Having a mentor in the family is a blessing, you know, and Tyler never had that. I now look at Tyler and say, “I know what you’re going through. I know what could happen.”

Read the full interview here

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