Ian Somerhalder on What Makes Damon Sexy and the Deadly Halloween Episode

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When you think of smoldering television vampires, you think of Ian Somerhalder who portrays Damon, the sexy-but-evil Salvatore brother on the CW’s hit series Vampire Diaries. When you think of philanthropic leaders, you probably don’t think of Ian Somerhalder — at least, not yet. The 31-year-old Louisianan was the first celebrity to involve himself in the Deepwater Horizon clean-up in April and as of last week, the actor was busy organizing a new foundation to launch on his birthday that will help the habitat. When the model turned actor turned philanthropist phoned Movieline last week, he discussed his own childhood interest in bloodsucking demons, this week’s Halloween bloodbath, the secret to playing a sexy vampire and his do-gooder streak.

Growing up around New Orleans, what was your first experience with the vampire genre?
My mom was always a giant fan of Anne Rice. I remember that she used to talk to me about the vampire lore that surrounded the city. I grew up on Lake Pontchartrain and I remember looking out over it, seeing the city glittering 25 miles away. I remember thinking, ‘My god, [the vampires] are over there.’ You know when you are standing on top of a really tall building and you almost have this weird sense to jump? That is what would happen to me when I was in New Orleans. I would hope that the vampires would come and scare the sh*t out of me.

Since vampire lore is so ingrained in the city, what kind of feedback have you gotten from New Orleans about Vampire Diaries when you go home?
Well, Vampire Diaries is a much different approach to vampire lore. There are so many different ways to address it really. Interview With a Vampire is a highly budgeted film that had a lot of time to film this very, very concrete story. Vampire Diaries is geared towards — not necessarily a younger audience — but our actual audience does happen to be younger. And our setting is not New Orleans, which is this very, very dark, old city. Our flashbacks are generally geared towards rural areas, not talking about a specific city like old town London with Jack the Ripper. So I don’t know how our show holds up to New Orleans’ vampire lore. It’s apples and oranges really.

But you’ve gotten feedback from New Orleans?
Yeah, people generally enjoy the show. Fans enjoy the show. My family enjoys the show. I enjoy the show. I think it holds up well.

My favorite part of Vampire Diaries are the flashbacks. Is there a time or place that you would really like to see Damon explore?
I think the Twenties would have been a phenomenal time for Damon. It would be really cool to see him in some Speakeasy, sipping bourbon with some amazing turn-of-the-century character like Buddy Bolden. Or I could see Damon in the Sixties having an affair with Marilyn Monroe or Kate Hepburn.

That would be a great episode.
I just think he hung out with cool people. I would love to see Damon at a Rolling Stones concert in 1969 too.

You are one of a handful of actors famous right now for playing a sexy vampire. What do you think is the secret to successfully embodying a sexy vampire?
I don’t know. I think in all of our lives, no matter what we think consciously, subconsciously everything relates back to sex. I mean, it’s a joke. From the clothes we wear to the cars we drive to the jobs we have. It is crazy that everything reverts back to sex. And Damon — much less so this season because he is playing less games and protecting himself and his town and Elena — just sort of exudes sex. There is definitely something scary about not knowing whether an individual is going to kill you or f*ck you.You know what I mean? It’s a scary proposition.

When you read about models-turned-actors, writers often use the phrase “discovered” to describe how this certain echelon of performers was plucked from near-obscurity to be made famous. Do you feel like that is an unfair stereotype?
I just want to make it clear that I have been working since I was ten years old. I have been doing commercials on camera since I was ten. I was not a model of such great success that it ever parlayed into my acting. I studied acting with one of the most preeminent acting coaches in the country and pounded pavement for years and worked my a** off. I never had any backlash from the model-turned-actor thing. If anything, I did as many commercials as I did modeling jobs. So it didn’t help or hurt really.

What can you tell me about the big Halloween episode? Kevin Williamson mentioned that there would be a huge bloodbath.
There is some bloodshed. Katherine is a piece of friggin’ work, man. And as horrible as Damon was in the first season when he first came to town, Katherine is worse tonight. She will stop at nothing to get what she wants and it does not bode well for some town folks.

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Somerhalder and Wesley Are the Hot Topic in Miami

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“Vampire Diaries” fans in Miami got a special treat on Saturday (Oct. 23) when the Salvatore brothers themselves stopped in for a meet and greet, courtesy of Hot Topic. Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder charmed their way through over 500 autograph-seeking fans, who also got to watch a live Q &A and a performance by Sounds Under Radio, who are featured on the show’s official soundtrack.

Somerhalder tweeted through the experience, writing, “When asked what my favorite band was I said Radiohead- 1000 teens screamed. That makes me very happy.”

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Photos are in our gallery, with thanks to the WB & Vampire Diaries Online:

Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder Photo Spread in Vanity Fair Italia

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Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley heat up the pages of Vanity Fair Italia in this spread shot by photographer Mark Liddell.
You can see more from the photo shoot here: Source+Article

Season 2: New Promotional Posters & Textless Posters Added

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That’s right, dear fans, you may have already heard Ian is up to something and it is going to be great! We all know he’s got a heart of pure gold and he’s been trying to change the world one day at a time. He expressed concerns about the environment, energy conservation and of course, our furry friends.

This is exciting news, and the best part is he wants all of YOU to be part of this exciting journey! So what does this mean? Well he has a big birthday wish and it involves fundraising to help make the world a better place. Funds raised will go into the foundations fund pool, that will inevitably go to projects making a difference- the best part? One of those projects could be yours!

Keep a close eye on our site, and other participating sites, as we’ll be making a grand announcement very soon!

A very special Thank You goes to Ian for asking us to be apart of this very special project. We’re very thrilled, honoured and humbled by this invitation!

Stay tuned for more soon! 😉

Interview: Ian Somerhalder Talks Damon, True Blood, Vampires

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Entertainment Tonight interviewed Ian Somerhalder about his role as Damon Salvatore, True Blood, and vampires.

His piercing blue eyes are one of the first things you notice about Ian Somerhalder, who was one of the first characters to be killed off of “Lost.” Now he is back from the dead — actually, he is undead — with his role as bad-boy vampire Damon Salvatore, who steams up the action on The CW’s “The Vampire Diaries.” ET chats with the Louisiana-born actor to get his take on sinking his teeth into his role.

ET: Are you a fan of the whole vampire craze?

Ian Somerhalder: I am from New Orleans, so I grew up with Anne Rice. From a very young age, I knew a lot about vampires and always wanted to play one.

ET: How did you prepare for playing a vampire?

Ian Somerhalder: I don’t like blood. Blood freaks me out a little bit. So when you think about being hungry, for example, think of a time when you are stuck on a plane, or wherever you were that you didn’t have food, or you see people starving in the world, think about how intense that is. Imagine being a vampire and having 160 years of life experience — knowledge of humanity, of life and death, of everything — then on top of that your senses are heightened by 1000 percent. All of the things you hear, you have to learn to block out, and your sense of needing to eat is constant and 1000 times more than we have. It is a very intense proposition, so trying to inhabit someone who has that much knowledge of the world … it is a feat. I hope I am doing it right.

ET: How is your vampire different than other vampires?

Ian Somerhalder: [jokes] I do whatever I want. I go in the sun. I want [executive producer] Kevin [Williamson] to write an episode that sends Damon to the Caribbean.

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Vampire Diaries Executive Producers Talk Future of “Delena”

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It’s no secret that a large contingent of very vocal “The Vampire Diaries” fans are rooting for Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) to finally get together.

While Damon has admitted his feelings for Elena, she’s not exactly his biggest fan at the moment. After all, in the season premiere, he snapped her little brother’s neck – which can be kind of a mood killer for a girl.

I was on the scene at New York Comic-Con to chat with executive producers Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson about the future of the duo that a veritable army of Twitter fans refer to as “Delena.”

They definitely hear you guys. Plec loves reading fans’ tweets, recaps, and reviews about each episode. “One of the greatest things about this experience is that our fan base is very vocal,” she says. “The community runs very deep, and they’re very very supportive, and that’s good.”

You can read the rest here:  Source + Article

On Saturday, Hot Topic at Stonebriar Centre in Frisco hosted an autograph signing extravaganza for Vampire Diaries stars Ian Somerhalder and Candice Accola. Fans at the head of the lengthy queue, set to start moving at 4 p.m., said they’d been waiting for seven hours.

When the floodgates opened, more than 500 girls, mothers, grandmothers (and a few jealous boyfriends) streamed into Hot Topic to welcome the cast members with camera phones, ear-piercing screams and shouts of “Show us your six-pack!” in what largely amounted to a fun, giggling swarm of estrogen.

Accola seemed slightly overwhelmed by the enthusiasm; Somerhalder, though, lapped it up and hammed it up with the ladies.

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