Nina Dobrev Talks To Flaunt Mag About Leaving TVD and Upcoming Projets

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When Nina Dobrev was a young girl growing up in Toronto, she had a habit of talking to strangers. But don’t worry, she usually got the better of them. “When my mom would eventually meet the person, she’d find that I’d given them a fake name, a fake background, a fake everything,” recalls the 27-year old actress who was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and moved with her family to Toronto when she was two. “I was creating characters from when I was tiny.” Dobrev, makeup-free and dressed in a flowing floral pantsuit, leans back in her chair and smiles at the memory. “I thought it was fun to see how far I could go in convincing someone of something that wasn’t real. I found pleasure in it.”

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Ian Somerhalder Flaunt Magazine Behind-the-Scenes Look

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the original photoshoot took place in october.

Ian Somerhalder for Flaunt Magazine

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The Beloved Actor Leads the Big Picture Conversation

He’s got a gun. Ian Somerhalder is balancing on a sunlounge precariously, with one foot cocked on the railing of the sixth-floor hotel room. He’s holding a three-foot hunting rifle aimed straight at the cars zipping down Santa Monica Boulevard in Beverly Hills. He puts his left hand to his eyes to shield the sun, he brings the rifle down, aims, and then… He’s passed a phone. The photographer in an adjacent wing of the hotel tells him to aim a little more to the left, look a little more menacing. Somerhalder is posed, hard.
“Here is the problem: university and professional ego are what set us behind in the times.” Now, he’s in the penthouse suite on the eighth floor of the Beverly Hilton, sipping rosé after a successful six-hour shoot. Somerhalder is in L.A. to work on his documentary, and to grace our pages. He lives in Atlanta, where he shoots The Vampire Diaries, the CW network show based on the serial novels by L.J. Smith. It’s a show young girls love—a strategic move on his behalf. Young girls, says Somerhalder, are “the most powerful audience in the world. What you can change is the next generation; generational change is the only thing that’s going to shift the paradigm. I used to get so angry, but then you realize that’s just wasting energy. But if you focus your energy and realize that it all comes from education, and it’s the sharing of information that will eventually blend out the bureaucracies that exist now.” Information is something Somerhalder’s far from lacking.

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