Jul 23rd: 5 Best Vacation Beauty Tips From Nina Dobrev

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If you follow actress Nina Dobrev on Instagram, you know that she’s traveled everywhere from Monaco to Bali to Paris this summer for a mix of work and pleasure. Everyday Health caught up with the jet setting star of “The Vampire Diaries” during a recent press event in New York City for Air Optix Colors, a new line of colored contact lenses she’s partnered with. At the event, Dobrev spilled her best tips for staying healthy while traveling, favorite workout options, and more.

1. How she survives a long flight: “I’ll figure out the time of the destination I’m going to and I’ll sleep at their nighttime or stay up if it’s their daytime to try and beat the jet lag,” Dobrev says. “Also, the dry air on a plane is horrible, so I immediately wash my makeup off [after a flight] and I apply a moisturizing face mask as many times as I can [during a flight] if I’m not asleep.”

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