Daniel Gillies Fans: Saving Hope Finds a New Stateside Home

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Paddles!!! Saving Hope is being brought back to life Stateside.

TVLine has learned that ION Television has reached an agreement with Entertainment One Television to host the upcoming 18-episode third season of the Canadian-produced, Erica Durance-fronted medical drama, as well as get dibs on repeats of the first two cycles.

Saving Hope Season 3 debuts Sept. 22 on Canada’s CTV; no timetable has yet been announced for ION’s broadcasts.

Set at Hope Zion Hospital, the supernatural-tinged drama follows Dr. Hope Hope Dr. Alex Reid (Smallville’s Durance), a surgeon whose fiancé/Chief of Surgery (Stargate SG-1‘s Michael Shanks) at one time narrated the goings-on from a comatose state; now awake, he can see “ghosts”/spirits. The cast also includes Daniel Gilles (The Originals), Huse Madhavji, Julia Taylor Ross and Kristopher Turner.

NBC had broadcast Saving Hope’s freshman run during the summer of 2012, then opted not to pick up Season 2.

ION, meanwhile, similarly has played host to Canadian offerings such as Flashpoint, The Listener and Rookie Blue repeats.

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(SPOILERS) Daniel Gillies: ‘The Originals’ Season 1 finale birth is a ‘nightmare’ and more teases

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The Originals: ‘Crescent City’ – Recap/Review

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When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves.
– Viktor E. Frankl

In this episode of The Originals, everyone will be making life changing choices. Klaus’ rule of New Orleans will take a wicked detour when Celeste unleashes her devious plan to destroy the Mickaelsons and take control of the city.

As the episode opens, Monique (Yasmine Al-Bustami), Sophie’s niece, who was sacrificed in the Harvest, wakes up inside her tomb. Panicked, she cries out for someone to help her.
At St. Anne’s Church, Father Kieran (Todd Stashwick) is conducting a service to celebrate the opening of the newly constructed church. Cami (Leah Pipes) steals a look across the aisle of parishioners at Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis). When Klaus meets her gaze, she turns away in disgust. Marcel meanwhile has spotted a red headed woman that he recognizes, sitting across the way. When Klaus looks at Marcel and asks if there is a problem, to which he replies no. As the service concludes, Bastianna (Shannon Eurbanks) enters and waits at the back of the church.

Originals Star Claire Holt Tweets Adorable With “Bro” Daniel Gillies!

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The Originals could coast along on the chemistry between its three main stars alone. Daniel Gillies (Elijah), Claire Holt (Rebekah), and Joseph Morgan (Klaus) work so well together, we sometimes forget they aren’t really 1,000-year-old siblings. And they seem just as tight off-camera! Check out this “family photo” Claire recently tweeted!

“Bro @danieljgillies #TheOriginals,” Claire shared yesterday, along with a photo of she and Daniel looking supernaturally good-looking.

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(Spoilers) The Originals: ‘The Reign of Pain in New Orleans’ – Recap

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Beware New Orleans, The King of Pain has begun his reign.

Last night’s mid-season finale of ‘The Originals’ examines Klaus’ realization that he is a ruler without the skills to effectively run his new kingdom, and he needs help. Cue the calculated manipulation of family and foes.


(SPOILERS) ‘The Originals’ First Look: Klaus, Elijah show off their guns in 1820s flashback — EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

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The Originals: ‘Bloodletting’ – Review

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Warning! Contains Spoilers!

Marcel has the wrong werewolf.

Last night’s episode of The Originals, showed how far the Micaelson siblings will go in their desire to reign Klaus in, as it is revealed just how powerful a weapon the hybrid baby will be.

The episode opened with Fight Night at Marcel’s place. Those night walker vampires who can impress Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) in kicking-ass, will win a spot into his Inner Circle, along with the best prize of all, the much coveted daylight ring. It’s woman vampire against man vampire in the first smack down. (All vampires are created equal?) After a few quick body slams, the petite woman gets the muscular guy vamp into a head lock (using her legs!) and snaps his neck like a twig. But, as Marcel congratulates her and she takes her bows, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) swoops in and snaps her neck, ruining her victory. Shortly after, Elijah (Daniel Gilles) joins him and they ask him to give back Haley or they will kill everyone including him. Marcel pleads innocent to taking her, but acknowledges he has met her at their house and asks who she is. Klaus sidesteps that question with a “she’s an old friend” reply. Marcel asks Klaus, if she’s not with him, where is she?

Cut to a tied up Haley (Phoebe Tonkin) being jostled around in the back of an SUV.
She starts kicking out the back window (seriously, is she going to jump?) and the driver slams on the brakes, gets out (we see really big feet) and ducks from breaking glass. He opens the back up and Haley comes face to face with…..Tyler Lockwood! (Michael Trevino) (woo-hoo!).


The Vampire Diaries: Saints and Sinners – Review

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Warning! Contains Spoilers!

Davina reveals the secret of her power that could put everyone’s alliances into jeopardy.

Episode 5 of The Originals this week was a cleverly done back story that revealed the origin of Davina’s powers. Using flashbacks with one-on-one conversations, Davina’s past is recounted by Sophie to Klaus (part of it), by Davina to Elijah, and by Marcel to Klaus.

The opening of the episode finds a death-warmed-over looking Elijah (Daniel Gilles) tells Davina (Danielle Campbell) he believes they along with Klaus, can end the war between vampires and witches before it begins, if Davina acts as her true self, and not a tool for the witches or Marcel. She questions why she should trust Elijah, and he responds that he hasn’t gone for her blood because she’s a child, even though he’s ravenous. Showing Elijah she trusts him, Davina pricks her finger and gives him a drop of blood that sort of revives him (at least his face has its color back!).

Meanwhile, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) has brought Sophie (Daniella Pineda) back to the Micaleson mansion. He accuses her of breaking her promise to protect Haley (Phoebe Tokin) and her unborn child by allowing a gaggle of witches to attack her (in the bayou). Sophie denies any involvement, reminding Klaus that if Haley dies, she also dies as they are linked. She blames Sabine for inciting a group of what she calls extremists for the ambush, by telling them of her vision that the unborn child will bring death to all witches.

Rebekkah (Claire Holt) interrupts and asks who these extremists are. She reminds Sophie that Elijah is now talking to Davina to win her loyalty. Sophie is surprised, but says Davina will have a lot to say about the extremists. Sophie recounts how she wasn’t always for the witches, unlike her sister and her parents who were devoted witches. Sophie left the Quarter only returned when she wanted to be a chef. Upon her return, her sister informed her the elders were going ahead with ‘The Harvest’, a ritual done by the coven every three centuries so the bond to their ancestral magic is restored. The coven had the girls in the witch’s community preparing for months and four ‘special’ girls were chosen for ritual. Sophie believed it all a myth. When Rebekkah asks if it was, Klaus receives a call from Marcel.

Marcel (Charles Davis Michaels) tells Klaus he’s off to the bayou to investigate a report of dead witches out in the Bayou. He asks Klaus to go with him only because his blood is a cure for a werewolf bite. Klaus agrees but Sophie says he can’t go. She needs to gather the witches remains and consecrate them or lose the link to their magic. Klaus tells her to stay put until he returns; he doesn’t want Marcel’s informants to find out anything that would lead Marcel back to Haley or the Originals.

At St Anne’s Church, Father Kieran (Todd Stashwick) calls Marcel out for using Davina against the witches. Marcel brushes him off for defending the witches and tells him that he’s moving her because too many people know her whereabouts. Marcel goes up to the attic and tells Davina his plan. She then misleads Marcel into believing that Elijah is still in his coffin, and she has a spell in progress. After he leaves, she tells Elijah that Marcel, not the witches, are her family because they lie and deserve what Marcel is doing to them. She then summarizes The Harvest ritual, the reason why she hates the witches. Her and her friends (the chosen, special ones) were told they would be forever celebrated as saviors of the witch community. But it was all about power, so she left. However, time is running out for The Harvest to be completed. Once it is, the Reaping must take place. If it doesn’t, the witches will lose their power and cease to be witches. The Harvest can only be completed with Davina’s death.

At the cemetery, Sophie ignores Klaus and gets ready head out to the Bayou. Haley finds out and convinces Sophie she’ll be safer with Haley since whatever killed the witches, were likely werewolves, like her. Sophie rejects her offer. Rebekkah shows up to scold them both and tries to stop them, but Haley guilts Rebekkah into keeping her promise to keep her safe, and to devise a distraction for Marcel. The three head out to the Bayou. Rebekkah informs Klaus of what’s going on, and asks him to stall Marcel when they meet at a Bayou bar.

At the Bayou bar, Klaus suggests he and Marcel talk before they head out to find the dead witches. Klaus can’t get answers to why Elijah hasn’t been returned and rebuffs Marcel that he won’t get his hands on Davina, so he asks Marcel how he met her. He recounts the past eight months where vampires and witches were getting along and Marcel was having a secret fling with Sophie. Wanting to stop The Harvest and her niece Monique being chosen for the sacrifice, Sophie goes to Father Kieran (instead of Marcel) for help. Inside St Anne’s, the two confront three witches (who are they?). They are angry that Sophie has revealed their ritual and Father Kieran asks them to find another why to find power to fight the vampires (who they say are a growing threat). He warns them that he is their only ally and without him, they’ll face Marcel alone.

Just then, Sean (Matt Kabus), a seminary student, interrupts the meeting. When Father Kieran leaves, one of the witches puts a hex on Father Kieran’s nephew — Sean. It made Sean think he was slowly losing his sanity. This would provide a distraction for Father Kieran while the witches kept planning The Harvest. Sean would eventually kill all the seminary students and then himself. (His uncle would witness this first hand). Klaus mentions Sean having or being a twin to see what Marcel knows. Marcel confirms Sean had a twin sister (but doesn’t know it’s Cami; Klaus does).

Back to the attic. Elijah is repairing Tim’s violin while he questions Davina about The Harvest. She explains that the witches told the four special girls that they would go into limbo, a kind of deep sleep and then during The Reaping, they would awake and be reborn. But Davina never got to the “being in limbo” part. She intends to wait out the time has passed to complete The Harvest, and then she’ll be free from magic, be normal. Right now, she hates magic, because she has trouble controlling it and ends up hurting people. She tells Elijah about Tim (a normal guy) and Monique who was part of the Harvest, and her best friend. She said Monique was lucky to have her aunt, Sophie, to stand up for her, to speak out against the Harvest. Elijah is shocked at the revelation about Sophie.

At the Bayou, Sophie, Haley and Rebekkah find the witches bodies and discover a wolf track. However, one of Marcel’s informants sees Rebekkah, but they lose him. Rebekkah calls Klaus to let him know. At Klaus’ suggestion, she heads to the bar to distract Marcel while he finds the informant. First though, Klaus asks Marcel to continue with his story about Sophie and The Harvest. Marcel said he does have a rule about kids.

Meanwhile, at the attic, Davina tells Elijah that nobody ever questioned The Harvest, not her, or her mother; only Sophie did. Then she goes into what happened the night when The Harvest began. At the cemetery, the four girls where paraded out in front of the witch community, to an altar (not sure). Bastianna (Shannon Eubanks) one of the four Elders cast a binding spell of their past and future magic with the four elements, earth, wind, water, and fire. Davina said they knew what to expect; that the knife would be used to cut their palms and put them to a sleep. At the Reaping the girls would all be resurrected together and be more powerful. When the first girl came forward, Sophie appeared, asking Bastianna not to do it, but she is subdued. Davina said they didn’t suspect anything was wrong even with Sophie’s outburst.

The ritual resumed with the first girl. She extended her palm but Bastianna took it and slit the girl’s throat. Panic broke out among the girls. Davina said everyone involved, except the four, knew what was really going to happen to them. No one came forward to help them, except one person — Marcel. He showed up with his henchmen and attacked the witches.

Back at the bar, Marcel tells Klaus how he intervened. Father Kieran knew all the details of the Harvest from Sophie. After his nephew Sean was killed, he was devastated and decided to leave. But on his way out of town, he asked Marcel to stop The Harvest, knowing that Marcel would, because he didn’t like abuse against kids and didn’t want the witches to have more power. But just as Marcel got there, Monique (Yasmine Al-Bustami) is killed and Davina was the last one left, and he saved her. He found her to be a fighter, not wanting to part of the slaughter. Marcel felt they were kindred spirits. He said he is protecting her and stopping the witches finishing The Harvest. Klaus reminds him that he’ll lose his power if the witches lose theirs (from not finishing the ritual).

Davina explains to Elijah that each girl who was killed, passed their power on to the next. When Monique died, she passed hers on to Davina,. She now had all of their power which was supposed to be released into the Earth to appease their ancestors, but wasn’t because she didn’t die. Davina wondered whether the witches had lied to them about being resurrected, so she let Marcel save her.

Rebekkah shows up at the bar to distract Marcel while Klaus leaves and takes care of the informant (neck snap anyone?). When he returns to the bar, they realize Marcel has given them the slip.

Back at the attic, Elijah plays Let’s Make a Deal. He tells Davina that all the power she has from her friends is too much for her and she needs to learn how to control it through study and practice. He offers to share his mother’s grimemoirs (yes, that’s right; a witch’s memoirs?), a series of books that contain spells, etc., to help Davina control her magic, if she frees him from the attic. However, if she leaves (Marcel is relocating her, remember?), he won’t see her again nor be able to find or help her.

Marcel has gone to the attic to move Davina. Still not knowing Elijah is awake, Marcel suggests leaving him behind as a goodwill gesture to his siblings. But as they are leaving the church, Davina uses her magic to shake it up. She says something dangerous is waiting outside and to take her back. She faints, and Marcel returns her to the attic, thus sealing the deal with Elijah. On the way out, Father Kieran confronts Marcel about failing to follow through with the plan to take Davina out of town after The Harvest. Marcel tells him to stay out of his business. Kieran says fine but he calls the shots with the humans and not to make an enemy of him. He tells Marcel to stay away from his niece, Cami. (more family ties; that’ll make it interesting for Klaus).

At the Bayou, Haley asks if Sophie was right about The Harvest being a myth. Sophie says no; she saw it work, she now believes it is real. Haley then asks how can she be sure that Sabine’s vision isn’t real (Sophie said earlier she didn’t believe it was).
At the house, Rebekkah lets Haley know that she’s there for her. Klaus and Elijah surprise them. Elijah follows Haley outside to the porch, where she welcomes him home and then slaps him. She tells him not to make promises he can’t keep. (ouch!). Elijah tells everyone that it was a lie told by Jane-Anne Deveraux that brought them to New Orleans. The war is not between the vampires and the witches but over Davina.

Sophie learns from her sister that if the ritual is not completed, the three girls (including her neice) will remain dead. She swears to her sister that together they will bring her niece, Monique back. She will seal off the cemetery from the vampires, defeat Marcel, and finish the ritual. She even promises to slit Davina’s throat herself.

Quite the information packed episode! Lots of questions answered, but as always, many remain. Will Davina betray Marcel for The Originals? Will the power struggle shift from Marcel and Klaus to Marcel and Father Kieran? Will alliances change? Did Elijah lose Haley’s trust? Armed with the truth, will Klaus’ game plan change?

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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