Contests: The Vampire Diaries Soundtrack Winner

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With the help of, I picked our winner of the Vampire Diaries Soundtrack. Congrats to Jenna for being the 38th person to post! She’s soon to be a proud owner of the soundtrack!

This officially closes this contest. Keep your eyes open, folks. We’ll have more contests in the near future! 🙂

Contests: “Vampire Diaries” Soundtrack Up For Grabs

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The soundtrack is due out tomorrow and we’re giving US Residents a chance to win a copy, courtesy of Total Attack.

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post telling us what you are hoping to see in the next few episodes of The Vampire Diaries. You have until 11:59pm Atlantic Standard Time (10:59pm Eastern) to submit your entry and I will do the draw at midnight my time (Atlantic Standard Time). I will use to pick a random post as our winner.

Because the soundtrack is being offered by a US firm, only US Residents can enter. Don’t worry, I’ll have another contest soon that will be open for everyone around the world!

Here are a few key notes about the soundtrack:

Original Television Soundtrack: The Vampire Diaries featuring the hit single “Obsession” by Sky Ferreira is available everywhere October 12th.

Buy on iTunes.

Good luck!!

And it’s official! We launched the 2011 Birthday Project and you can now view it as a separate site from here. I will be adding links to the sidebar so you can easily access it but nothing will be run from this site next year.

My only hope is that it will be as successful as this year’s campaign. We raised $11,260 this year. Next year’s goal is big: $30,000 (as decided by myself and the shelter) with 15% of funds raised going to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation.

Please click the image below to visit the site:

Follow us on Twitter: @xPaws4aCausex.

Contests: Win Season 1 The Vampire Diaries on DVD or BluRay

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I bet you did a double take, eh? Yes, you read right. You could win Season 1 of The Vampire Diaries on dvd or bluray. It’ll take a little work but I’m sure we can all do it together!

So here’s what you need to do:

1) Follow us on Twitter (@xVampDiariesx
2) Tell people, on twitter, to follow us.
3) And that’s it! Pretty simple, eh?

So when do we do a draw? We will draw once we hit 2500 followers. We currently have 1847 as I type this so we have a bit of a ways to go.

Anybody from any country can enter so long as amazon ships to your country.

How do you get an entry? Simple. Make sure when you tell people to follow us that you @ us to get your username listed. Even if you are listed, it doesn’t mean you can’t keep spreading the word. So get to it! 😉

Good luck! 🙂

Contests: Win “The Vampire Diaries” Swag!

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We’re going to hold a total of 3 (THREE) contests this summer. A little something to help you get through the hiatus (We Supernatural fans call it hellatus).


Help us get Twitter Followers

As I type this, we have 943 followers on our Twitter account (@xVampDiariesx). Twitter plays a huge part in how we advertise our site. Everything we post in our news updates auto-tweets to our twitter account. When this happens, it reminds our followers to visit our site.

I also try to interact with fans when I can. I also send out notices when I find them out, especially if I’m not at home on the computer. I tweet from my cell very often so if I hear a quick news flash and I’m at work, or even out shopping, I can tweet it right away. The beauty of technology!

I also get news heads up, or event notices from twitter as well. So really, it is an amazing website promotion tool and the more people we reach, the more the site gets noticed and the more people will get the news they need/want and the more we’ll get heads up when stuff is happening. It’s a big win-win situation.

So here’s the contest details:

1) We want to get 1500 followers by Friday, June 18th. That’s under 1000 followers in a week. It’s not impossible.
2) You need to be a twitter user to participate.
3) You need to be 18 years old and up to participate UNLESS if you win and are under 18, you get your parents to email me to confirm that they are allowing you to accept the prize.

Here is the mission:

1) To get new followers, we need YOU to advertise our twitter account.
2) The twitter user (who is already following us) that gets the most people to follow us on twitter will win the prize pack.
3) Each new twitter follower you recruit needs to tweet us using your twitter username. Here is an example of what that tweet should look like Hey @xVampDiariesx I’m following you now thanks to @memberwhoreferred me!

That important tweet is a contest entry. So make sure the people you recruit do that very important step. If they don’t, you won’t get an entry into the contest.
4) The twitter follower who gets the most entries is the winner.
5) You will need to answer a skill testing question to claim your prize.

The Prize Pack

Winner of this contest will win the entire The Vampire Diaries book series. Pictured here are the first 4 books (the non cw-cover is The Fury and Dark Reunion).

I will be purchasing the rest of the collection later today. The books may or may not be the cw cover. It depends on how much the books are and what I can find when I go shopping today.

These are the books you will receive:

    # 1.1 The Awakening*
    # 1.2 The Struggle*
    # 1.3 The Fury*
    # 1.4 The Dark Reunion*
    # 1.5 The Return: Nightfall
    # 1.6 The Return: Shadow Souls

* indicated the books already purchased.

The deadline to get your entry in is Friday, June 18th at Mdinight (11pm, eastern standard time).

Good Luck!!!!!

TWO MORE contests will be announced after this one closes!!

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