See the covers for ‘The Originals,’ a new book series from Julie Plec

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With protagonists as old as the Original family, The CW’s hit show The Originals has a lot of history to cover. So to help with catching viewers up on the family’s 1,000-year-old saga, executive producer Julie Plec has created entirely new stories for a trilogy of books.

We’ve got an exclusive look at the book covers, along with descriptions of the never-before-told stories:

The Originals: The Rise: Arriving in New Orleans in 1722, the Original vampire siblings hope they’ve escaped their dangerous past. But when Klaus falls for the wrong woman, Elijah hunts for a home to call their own, and Rebekah infiltrates a camp of human soldiers in search of allies, they set into motion a chain of events that could bring their new life crashing down around them.

The Originals: The Loss: Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah have finally wrested control of New Orleans from the witches and werewolves who once called it home—but to get the one thing he desires above all else, Klaus must put his trust in a witch with the power to unleash an ancient curse upon his family.

The Originals: The Resurrection: The Mikaelson siblings are determined to make New Orleans their own once and for all. But with Elijah besotted with a beautiful witch and Rebekah pursuing the key to her family’s immortality, the reins are in Klaus’s hands… and his thirst for vengeance and power might tear his family apart for good.

Book One, The Rise, is scheduled to be released in February 2015 with Book Two, The Loss, following in April 2015 and Book Three, The Resurrection, in June 2015.

see book covers here

Win the New TVD Book Signed by the Cast: Enter the #TVDHuntersPhantom Tweetstakes!

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This Tuesday the bestselling Vampire Diaries book series continues with TVD: Hunters: Phantom! Count down the final hours to the book’s release by entering to win a copy of the book signed by The Vampire Diaries cast! Whose autograph would you like the most: Ian Somerhalder’s? Nina Dobrev’s? Or Paul Wesley’s? Cast your vote today! Click here for more information on the contest

Is that the sound of angry Vampire Diaries fans wielding pitchforks I hear?

The Vampire Diaries Season Two was released on DVD this past week and within its packaging was an ad for the upcoming release of a new Vampire Diaries trilogy called The Hunters, with the first novel in the series to be titled “Phantom.” While this might bring some people a bucket load of joy, there is one thing on the cover that might induce enough rage to rival that of any temper tantrum Damon Salvatore has even thrown.

read what else is said, as well as input from LJ Smith herself over at tvovermind

is anyone else going to continue to read the series, even though Lj isn’t writing the books anymore?

News: Information About LJ Smith’s ‘Alleged’ Firing

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As you know, we, at Blood Falls maintain a no gossip and no paparazzi policy. I like to keep that policy in full effect, which is why we haven’t reported anything about the alleged firing of The Vampire Diaries author, L.J. Smith.

Our friends over at do have a post in regards to this and they are hoping to be able to kill or confirm the rumours as quickly as possible. Here is what they had to say about it:

We are aware of the four letters that L.J. Smith has allegedly written to fans stating that she has been fired by HarperTeen/Alloy and will no longer be writing any Vampire Diaries books. We cannot comment on whether or not these are real, or if she has indeed been fired by the publishers.

We are trying to find this information out, and have contacted the publishers for official word on the matter. We will let you know as soon as we hear any kind of official word on the matter. We do ask for you to be patient though, as today is Sunday and we may not hear anything until tomorrow at the earliest when people are back at work.

You can read their full article over here and I’m going to chime in and say the same as them. Do NOT spam Harper Teen. Do NOT spam Alloy Entertainment. Whether or not this rumour is true, we need to respect the decisions made. With that said, I will not allow comments on this post to keep the peace among all fans. Thank you for understanding.

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