News: Vampire Diaries Episode Features Sounds Under Radio Track

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MTV music talks to the indie band Sounds Under Radio about their song “All You Wanted” being a featured track on last week’s episode of Vampire Diaries.

We’re obsessed with “The Vampire Diaries” for a lot of different reasons. We love the plot, the characters, the witty little quips sprinkled throughout each episode and of course all the drama. It wasn’t until the last episode though, that we realized we loved it for the music too!You see, last week’s episode, “Let the Right One In” featured some pretty awesome songs that we hadn’t heard before. One of our favorites was the track “All You Wanted,” by the indie band Sounds Under Radio, which played when the characters learned some tragic news about a missing friend.

You can read more here.

News: Nina Dobrev Becomes A Designer

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Nina Dobrev’s newest adventure is being a designer.

Nina Dobrev, the adorable actress from Vampire Diaries, is about to add a new title to her resume — designer! Today she tweeted about her latest venture, which includes collaborating with KRMA clothing designer Nicholas Bowes. She wrote, “Nick (@krmaclothing) and I are collaborating on a new leather jacket…its going to be badass so stay tuned!!” While Nina always looks red carpet ready, I don’t know what to expect — but I can’t wait to see what she comes up with! Would you wear a jacket designed by Nina?


News: Exclusive Interview with Zach Roerig

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Zach Roerig of Vampire Diaries talked exclusively to about his non-vampire role and how it fits into the overall story, his plans for the off-season, and what sets Vampire Diaries apart from Twighlight and True Blood.

Zach Roerig may not play a vampire on The Vampire Diaries, but he’s still got a role he can sink his teeth into.  The actor co-stars on the hit CW series as Matt, the lifelong pal and ex-boyfriend of Elena (Nina Dobrev).  She, of course, is the seemingly average teen who’s currently caught between two vampires, Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder).Audiences may also remember Roerig — who is 25 years old and hails from Ohio — from some of his earlier work, which includes a stint on the soap opera As The World Turns, the recurring role of Cash on Friday Night Lights, and the indie film Assassination Of A High School President.  TVStar recently had a chance to catch up with Roerig for an exclusive interview during which he talked about what sets The Vampire Diaries apart from True Blood and Twilight, how Matt fits into the overall story, and his plans for the off-season.

You can read the entire interview here.

To benefit Children Mending Hearts, Katerina Graham (our beloved Bonnie) is the object of an auction that if you win, she’ll record your voicemail message and you’ll also get to take home an autographed cast poster.

See the details here.

Beware of potential spoilers!

When news broke that Melinda Clarke would be joining “The Vampire Diaries” as Kelly Donovan, Matt and Vicki’s absentee mom, fans who knew her from her work on “The O.C.” and “C.S.I.” were thrilled.

After three episodes, Clarke has already left a considerable mark on Mystic Falls. Her character convinced Jenna to let her hair down, hooked up with Damon, preyed on Caroline’s insecurities, and likely did a number on the town’s liquor supply. Clarke’s shining moment, however, came when Kelly Donovan learned Vicki’s body had been found after months of assuming she’d just run away.

In a scene without any dialogue, Clarke made Kelly’s grief believable and powerful. Thursday night’s episode, “Under Control,” is the last of Clake’s four-episode stint on “The Vampires,” but that’s not to say we won’t be seeing her again. Melinda sat down to talk about Kelly’s chances of returning to Mystic Falls, her experiences working with the cast and crew, and even the pilot she recently shot for The CW.

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News: The Vampire Diaries on DVD

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While there is no official date for release yet, has both the regular standard version and blue ray version up for pre-order.

Pre-order Standard Version

Pre-order Blue Ray Version

If you go to either site, you’ll notice there is just a promo image and no DVD boxart released either. No news on yet which is strange because US & Canadian amazon usually coincide their release dates. I checked Chapters and there is nothing on there yet either.

I’ll keep you all in the loop once there is an official date and official boxart released.

Photo Shoots: Kayla Elwell HQ Add-Ons

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Added 17 more HQ photos (total of 27) from the same session to the gallery. Doesn’t Kayla look gorgeous? Almost makes you want to vote Team Vicki doesn’t it? 😉

Photo Shoots: 3 HQ Nina Dobrev Sessions

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So you gonna vote Team Elena or Team Katherine? The first shoot almost makes me want to vote Team Katherine…

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