News: Amazon UK Has DVD Cover Preview

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Still nothing for the Canadian or US Amazon stores, but the UK Amazon store now has a preview of the dvd cover for Season 1.

As soon as we have confirmation for the North American cover, we’ll post it!

Interview with Malese Jow: How She Transforms Into Vampire Anna

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Malese Jow reveals the challenges of playing Anna, the hundreds of years old vampire, from getting fitted for vampire eyes and fangs to getting advice on how to be a vampire from Ian Somerhalder.

By now, you should be used to the weekly twists on “The Vampire Diaries.” But one of the most unexpected plot surprises happened a couple of months ago when the sweet, new homeschooled girl in Mystic Falls, Anna, turned out to be a several-hundred-year-old vampire. If you were shocked at that reveal, you’re not alone — the actress who plays Anna, Malese Jow, was pretty awestruck too.Malese recalled to Hollywood Crush that when she auditioned for the part, all she had to go on was a short description that said Anna was supposed to be a shy and geeky girl. “There was really nothing in there that made me think that she was going to be a vampire,” Malese said.

You can read the entire interview here.

News: Actor Ian Somerhalder Models for GQ

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GQ magazine had Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder model the best brightly colored shirts of Spring 2010 in an eight page photo spread.  It appears in their May issue.

As bittersweet as the impending Lost finale has to be for all concerned, it’s bitter sweeter for Ian Somerhalder. As Flight 815 survivor Boone Carlyle, he brooded, nursed a weird crush on his stepsister, then became the first of the gang to die. Somerhalder says J. J. Abrams picked the right moment to tell him he’d been killed off: “I was in wine country, man, with a beautiful girl. I said to J.J., ‘Your timing is impeccable. If I’d been at a Denny’s I would have started crying.’ I downed a couple bottles of Pinot and I was set.” Things have worked out okay for Somerhalder—he may play Boone in at least one more “flash-sideways” this month before Lost wraps up, and he’s now drinking fine reds on the regular as a 150-year-old undead hunk on the CW’s Vampire Diaries.

Spoilers: May Sweeps Posters Reveal Some Potential Story

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So I’m warning you, these posters MAY (and they DO) contain spoilers! View them at your own risk. But OMG! One of them is just… OMG!!

Video: Clip from “Under Control”

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I added a clip in HD from “Under Control” to our video archives. It’s one of my favourite scenes to date and really shows off Paul Wesley’s acting abilities. This clip is exclusive to our site and you cannot redistribute anywhere else. Thank you.

Been busy adding some of their other projects to the gallery.

Katerina Graham in 17 Again:

Nina Dobrev in Degrassi:

Candice Accola in Supernatural (I KNEW she looked familiar LOL! This was easy because I run a Supernatural site!):


Non-spoilers.  Check out these interviews with the supporting cast of Vampire Diaries, Katerina Graham (Bonnie), Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy) and Candice Accola (Caroline).

We’re all familiar with Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder. These three stars comprise the core Vampire Diaries cast.

But there are plenty of supporting players on this CW hit, each of whom brings something unique to the show. Among them: Katerina Graham as Bonnie; Steven R. McQueen as Jeremy; Candice Accola as Caroline.

As fans wonder if any of these characters will die on the May finale (it’s been confirmed that one major character will perish), the aforementioned trio sat down last week with The CW.

Watch and listen to Graham, McQueen and Accola dish on the series in the interviews below.




Source: TVFanatic

Actors: Paul Wesley on Smallville

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I didn’t realize this but looks like Paul was on Smallville as well. He is credited as Paul Wasilewski (his real last name).

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