Photo Sessions: Added 9 Ian Somerhalder Shoots

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Events: Elton John Foundation

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On December 14, 2009 Paul, Ian and Nina attended a very special event; The Elton John Aids Foundation. I remember when AIDS was first talked about when I was a little girl. There was such a fear for the disease, it wasn’t believable that such a disease could exist. But it does and many people die from complications each year. I was quite pleased to see Ian, Nina and Paul attend this event. Elton John has been a very strong spokesperson in regards to AIDS/HIV and tried to make people understand that it isn’t just a homosexual’s disease. Everyone is at risk and everyone can catch it regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

Here are 3 gorgeous HQs of the 3 attending this event, sponsered by Grey Goose Vodka.

Added 37 more HQ images of Paul Wesley at the Fun Fearless Male Awards back on March 1st of this year. Seems vampires are really in because he is seen in photos with Kellan Lutz (of Twilight fame) and Stephen Moyer (of True Blood fame).

Events: Armani Cover Party for Nylon Magazine

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From January 30, 2010, here are 29 HQ images from the Armani Exchange & NYLON magazine at 675 Bar NYC party to celebrate Ian, Nina & Paul’s cover of Nylon (which I’ll be adding scans from soon… promise lol)

Special thanks to Josh & Faith for making sure I had access to these awesome photos!

Stills: Ian Somerhalder in Smallville

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Due to popular vote and demand, I’ve decided to start archiving projects that the stars of TVD have worked before joining this great show.

To start off, I’ve added some HQ stills of Ian in Smallville’s episode 3×11, Delete.

Projects: Team Elena/Team Katherine

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So was I browsing through my Twitter updates and noticed @ninadobrev mentioned a Team Anna project started by the actress, Malese Jow (@xomalese. Nina said “How about Team Elena/Team Katherine?” So I say, “Let’s do it!”

Basically, I need your ideas on what to do for a Team Elena/Team Katherine project. Should we seperate them or have them as one? Do you want little badges made up to show your support? How about contests? Etc… and so much more!

Let me know your thoughts and ideas and I’ll get the ball rolling! Could be fun! At the same time, we’d be support Nina Dobrev as well.

Stills: 1×20 Blood Brothers in HQ

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Replaced the MQ stills with HQ 🙂 Thanks KellyBear!

Videos: Trailer for “Under Control” Added

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I added the trailer for next week’s episode, Under Control, to the video archive. Wow!!

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