China Bans ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Drink

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China’s government has banned fruit drinks that mimic blood and are sold in medical blood bags that have become popular with young fans of vampire shows like The Vampire Diaries.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) released a statement warning consumers to avoid buying the drinks dubbed “The Vampire Diaries drink” or any other drinks with the label “vampire.”

It has also banned all products packaged in fake blood bags.

Citing concerns over English-only labeling and a lack of official permits for sale in China, the CFDA also raised concerns that these products violate social integrity and moral principles, said the Journal quoting the CFDA statement.

Streamed illegally on Chinese web sites, The Vampire Diaries has been a huge hit in China, creating a youth-led fascination for vampires, zombies and all things supernatural in the country.

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A recent post on the TheTVAddict about the brilliance of Tatiana Maslany (which is every bit deserving) brought up some thoughts I had while watching Orphan Black. I recently started watching Orphan Black as well and found myself just as mesmerized as Victoria Nell. I too had to pause and remind myself that I was watching one actor play all these different characters (There’s no way Maslany is playing Cosima… she can’t be, right? I’ve convinced myself they don’t even look alike) but I also found myself thinking about another actress that has to play multiple characters. Nina Dobrev.

I’m not taking anything away from Maslany because as I said, she is fantastic and there are many reviewers/bloggers/journalists that rave about how difficult it is to play multiple characters. Yet, they don’t give any recognition to Dobrev which she without a doubt deserves. Well, fellow Addicts, that stops now!

Dobrev acts her ass off over on the little show that could, The Vampire Diaries. In fact, most of the actors on this show do but its Dobrev that rises above them all. Among the many, and I mean many, changes the character of Elena has had throughout the last 5 seasons, Dobrev also has to portray Katherine, her doppelganger. Dobrev has to have chemistry with both Stefan and Damon from two characters’ perspectives. Katherine and Elena are both interested in these guys but for different reasons and at different levels yet because of Dobrev I never confuse how Katherine feels about Stefan compared to how Elena feels.

Dobrev changes everything about how she acts from Elena to Katherine. She could be wearing the same clothes/have the same hairstyle (which happens more often than not) and be standing right next to each other and I would know immediately who was who. And that is all based on how well Dobrev distinguishes the two from the way she carries herself to the way she speaks to her facial expressions.

Dobrev not only is great at acting multiple characters but she also is just plain good in the show. I dare you to watch her goodbye to Damon in season 5 or her realization that Jeremy might be dead for real (Spoiler alert/shocker of the century, he wasn’t) in season 4 and not sit back and feel like you just got gutted emotionally. Dobrev kills everything the amazing writers of this show give her, drama/comedy/you name it.

On that note, while I’m spouting off about how great Nina Dobrev is, I should add that The Vampire Diaries as a whole is one of the best written and focused shows out there. I never feel let down by a season and I always know Julie Plec and company are headed in a direction that I may not see at first but will love in the end as it happens every season.
End of rant.

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Nina Dobrev Shows Off Her Swimsuit-Clad Yoga Stretch—See the Amazing Pic!

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Nina Dobrev’s morning stretch doesn’t involve a drawn-out yawn with outstretched arms over some bed head.

Oh no, some stars—they’re not just like us.

Demonstrating her flexible yoga style against a scenic waterfront backdrop, the Vampire Diaries actress shows she woke up like this—in a pretty impressive one-legged wheel pose.

And she took to Instagram to profess that the best part of waking up is yoga elongating your rump, writing, “Absolutely the best way to get the day started #yoga #wakeupwithme,” alongside her posted pic.

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Kat Graham Reveals She Has Selected Her Wedding Dress Designer—Watch the Video!

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Kat Graham might just be the most laid-back bride-to-be in Hollywood, but we have full confidence her big day will be filled with special sentiment.

The Vampire Diaries star, who is engaged to Cottrell Guidry, recently took some time out of her busy schedule and sat down with E! News to share some insight on the wedding planning process.

From the sound of things, she’s easing into this new chapter of her life quite naturally.

“My fiancé is easy-going like me. We like the same things. We’re just a couple of California beach bums,” she laughed.

One thing’s for sure…Kat will be the opposite of a bridezilla!

As for making all of those important wedding decisions, Graham admits that she was simply agreeable with just about everything that came her way.

“It’s basically done now!” she said with an amused smile of the planning process, and also tells us that she counted on her costar Candice Accola for a little support along the way.

“She’s helped me a lot and [I’ve learned] how to define my wedding style and what that means,” Graham said.

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The Vampire Diaries – A Message For Graduates from TVD

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The Vampire Diaries has an important message for graduates

Amazon to launch fanfiction platform

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Earning money off of fanfic — it’s not just for E L James anymore.

Amazon is readying the launch of a new publishing platform called Kindle Worlds where writers will be able to publish and earn royalties from their fanfiction.

For now, fanfic writers are limited to submitting stories about only three TV shows: ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars, the CW’s Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl, which aired its series finale on the CW last December. Amazon Publishing has secured licenses for those three properties (all owned by Warner Bros.), though it expects to announce more licenses soon.

Most stories on the publishing platform will be priced between $0.99 and $3.99. More details about submission rules and royalty rates are on

What do you think about this, PopWatchers? Would you try out Kindle Worlds — either as a writer or as a consumer? Is this a great new step for fan fic writers hoping to make a profit from their work, or are more success stories like E L James’ making a site like this unnecessary? Which entertainment properties would you like to see Amazon license?


Nina Dobrev Is Dressed for the Sexiest Sweet 16 Ever

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Did Nina Dobrev recycle this blingy dress from her sophomore year of high school?

We can’t decide whether it’s the straight neckline or the gold embellishments that are giving off a ‘90s vibe, but something about this Versace LBD just screams “Sexy Sweet 16.”

Of course, we don’t remember anyone looking as hot as our favorite Vampire Diaries star during our school years. But we have a feeling Nina may have won a superlative or two in her day.

Perhaps, “Most Likely to Become a CW Hottie?”

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‘Vampire Diaries’ fan fiction gets ‘The Good Wife’ shout out: Is Diane Lockhart a secret Delena shipper?

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Looks like The CW’s “Vampire Diaries” has fans in high places! The series got a fun shout-out on last night’s episode of CBS’s “The Good Wife” when Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) read some “TVD” fan fiction aloud to Diane (Christine Baranski).

Diane, up for a potential position as a Supreme Court judge, asked private investigator Kalinda to do a background check on her, so that she’d be aware of any potential snags should she accept the position. What Kalinda found was a bit of a surprise.

“I’ll only tell you as much as you want to know, so at any moment, you can say stop,” Kalinda warned, before she began to read from her little black book of doom. “Elena knew it was wrong to want Damon. She was about to marry Stefan, after all. Yet, when Damon drew her close, Elena found herself unable to resist his vampire charms. When Damon’s fangs dug into her neck, her whole body pulsed with desire. She needed him. She needed him bad.”

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