Sara Canning Interview in Avenue Canada

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Sara Canning talks to Avenue Canada about her success on The Vampire Diaries in her role as Jenna Sommers, her passion for acting and her fascination with the paranormal.

This girls intense, seductive smoky eyes will lure you to May’s issue of Avenue Canada. With strategically tousled hair, a stern pout and a pose that screams “I’m ready for anything,” actress Sara Canning is letting everyone know she has arrived. In a telling interview, she dives into discussing her quick rise to fame, no-failure attitude and obsession with the paranormal.

The undead might scare some people away but not Sara, which is why there couldn’t have been a better show to have catapulted her to fame than The CW’s “The Vampire Diaries.” Sara plays Jenna Sommers, the aunt and legal guardian of Jeremy and Elena, who all exist in a world where vampires and humans are entangled in one another’s lives (and sometimes just each other). But if you think her relationship with the undead is a new found hobby, think again. She laughingly recalled to the mag of her childhood, “I would creep into the living room and hide behind the couch to watch [‘The X-Files’]. I would scare myself. I had a really overactive imagination.”

You can read more here.

News: ‘Vampire Diaries’ 1.21 Preview: Mother Daughter Reunited

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Mia Kirshner’s Isobel is back alive and strong, requesting a meeting with her long-lost daughter Elena and hunting for the mysterious invention.

Elena’s birth mother is the central character of “The Vampire Diaries” next week. Titled “Isobel”, the May 6 episode sees the character played by Mia Kirshner returning to town and stunning Alaric with her attitude and her demands that he arranges a meeting with Elena.

When mother and daughter finally meet, Isobel refuses to answer most of Elena’s questions, but reveals that she will stop at nothing to find the mysterious invention Johnathan Gilbert has been searching for. These attempts include holding someone by the neck and seducing Damon.

In an interview with Buddy TV, Matt Davis who plays Alaric said the re-appearance of Isobel is “one of those moments where you’ve dedicated your life to a purpose or a cause for a number of years and then you find yourself confronted with it. It’s shocking.” He added, “I feel, like with all things in life, it never really goes the way you expected.”

This would be the last episode before the first season airs the season finale on May 13.

I don’t normally post youtube videos but I don’t have access to the official preview just yet. As soon as I get the official version, I’ll post in our video archive.

Screencaptures: 1×20, Blood Brothers

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Added caps of tonight’s episode to the image gallery.

They are MQ because my HD version wasn’t ready yet and I can’t stay up late to wait for it because I have a very early morning appointment at the garage to get my car fixed. As soon as I get home from that, I’ll get the HD caps up instead.

What did you guys think of tonight’s episode? Please share your thoughts!!!!

Stills: Add-Ons for 1×02 & 1×03

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Added some HQ stills to Episode 1×02 & 1×03 to the image gallery.

1×02 – The Night of the Coment

1×03 – Friday Night Bites

I have several more stills I need to add. I’m also expecting to soon have access to HQ stills for the episodes I’m missing in HQ (Isobel and Founder’s Day). It won’t be until a few weeks after the episodes air but I expect to get them nevertheless.

Vampire Diaries Season Finale Spoilers and Photos

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Spoiler Alert!  A peek into the season finale, photos and theories of  which character will be killed off.

Earlier this month, we reported about a major death this season on The Vampire Diaries. And since we only have three episodes left before the first season comes to a close, more clues are surfacing as to who might bite the dust in the finale. At this point, though, the identity of the character being killed off is still unknown but E! Online has eliminated yet another person from the “death list,” narrowing down our choices to five.

Warning: Spoilers revealed after the jump.

Who’s safe?

When the news about a major death first broke, it was reported that either Matt, Jeremy, Caroline, Bonnie, Alaric, or Jenna could die. But according E! Online, fans can now rule out Alaric since the people behind the Vampire Diaries have no plans to kill him off, at least not anytime soon. Subsequently, this puts Alaric to the safe list, along with Elena, Stefan, Damon and Tyler.

Poll: Who would you like to kill off on The Vampire Diaries?

Who’s not safe?

While Matt, Jeremy, Caroline, Bonnie and Jenna are obviously part of this list, we also have to consider the possibility of a secondary death which might include characters like Pearl or Anna. Unfortunately for Jeremy, his relationship with Anna “doesn’t end up much better than” his relationship with Vicki.

View Photos from the Season Finale

What else is in store for the finale?

According to Fancast, Elena will be the last face viewers will see before the screen fades to black.

Source: BuddyTV

Stills: 1×22, Founder’s Day

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Added some MQ stills to the gallery. As soon as I get them in HQ I’ll replace the MQ ones.

Stills: Episode 1×21, Isobel

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I’ve replaced 9 of the 22 images with HQ. I’m still working on getting the rest.

Videos: Blood Brothers Trailers + Clips

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Added the 2 trailers + 2 clips to the video archive.

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