It’s been a long while since I’ve been able to do screencaptures for the site and I finally found some tools to make it fast, still HQ and efficient to do.

I’ve added the first 5 episodes of Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries to the image gallery:

To get the post up faster, there are no previews included in this post.

  • The Vampire Diaries – Season 8 – Screencaptures – Episode 8×01: Hello Brother
  • The Vampire Diaries – Season 8 – Screencaptures – Episode 8×02: Today Will Be Different
  • The Vampire Diaries – Season 8 – Screencaptures – Episode 8×03: You Decided That I Was Worth Saving
  • The Vampire Diaries – Season 8 – Screencaptures – Episode 8×04: An Eternity of Misery
  • The Vampire Diaries – Season 8 – Screencaptures – Episode 8×05: Coming Home Was a Mistake

  • Added 6 #HQ Stills from #TheOriginals #Season3 Premiere “For The Next Millennium” to the gallery. Click the image below to view the entire album! The Originals premieres on Thursday, October 8th right after The #VampireDiaries.

    #TheOriginals #Klaus #Elijah #Rebekah #Hayley #Marcel #Hope #Cami #Davina #Freya

    Added 13 HQ photos from The #VampireDiaries #Season7 Premiere “Day one of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take” to the gallery. We’re back in the game and hope you will follow along! Enjoy the photos! HQ & Untagged! Click image below to view entire album!

    Added 2 HQ stills from episode 6×19 of The Vampire Diaries entitled “Because” to the gallery. Click banner to view entire album. Beware of potential spoilers!

    #TheOriginals HQ Stills 2×17 “Exquisite Corpse”

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    Added 4 HQ stills from the April 6th episode of The Originals to the gallery. Beware of potential spoilers. Click banner to view entire album:

    Added 4 HQ stills from episode 6×18 of The Vampire Diaries to the gallery. Beware of spoilers… Click banner to go to image gallery…

    Added 10 stills from the upcoming February 19th episode of The Vampire Diaries “Let Her Go” to the gallery. Click thumbnails to view entire album:

    (SPOILERS) Site Updates With Lots of News

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    Since the site has been down for the last two weeks instead of posting each article individually and overloading your news feed i am just going to post everything in one big post for your viewing pleasure.

    The Originals – SPOILERS!!
    ‘The Originals’ Boss Breaks Down Explosive Crossover and Deadly Ramifications
    ‘The Originals’ post-mortem: EP on family secrets, Rebekah, and more
    The Originals Reveals Elijah’s Major Secret! Get Scoop on the “Violence” Ahead
    Originals Post Mortem: Esther’s Plans for Klaus & Rebekah, Hayley’s Choice
    THE ORIGINALS Post-Mortem: EP Michael Narducci Talks Aftermath of the “Red Door” Episode
    ‘The Originals: The Awakening’ first look: Kol wakes up in New Orleans
    ‘The Originals’ Sneak Peek: Esther Brings More Pain To Elijah

    The Vampire Diaries — SPOILERS!!
    Vampire Diaries Newcomer Talks Jo’s Dark Past, Bright Future With Alaric
    ‘Vampire Diaries’: Chris Wood on Justifying Kai’s Killer Acts and Outplaying Damon
    ‘The Vampire Diaries’: Chris Wood On How He Prepped To Play Sociopathic Witch Kai
    ‘Vampire Diaries’ star Chris Wood: Kai is the show’s Ted Bundy
    Why The Vampire Diaries’ Sociopathic, Family-Murdering Witch Kai Is the Most Dangerous Villain Yet
    Vampire Diaries Midseason Finale Scoop: Who’s Returning to Mystic Falls High for the Holidays?
    Postmortem: The Vampire Diaries Boss Breaks Down That Final Scene
    Vampire Diaries’: Details on Paul Wesley’s Directorial Return Revealed
    The Vampire Diaries – Rehash: The World Has Turned and Left Me Here
    On the Set with the Cast of The Vampire Diaries: How Will Elena React to Damon’s Return?
    Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: Will Enzo Expose Matt’s Secret to Tripp?
    The Vampire Diaries – Inside: The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get producers preview
    Vampire Diaries Photos: The Gang’s Thanksgiving Takes a Killer Turn

    Julie talks Tvd & the originals- non spoilery interview-
    Unstoppable: Showrunner Julie Plec

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