Season 2: “Brave New World” Still Added

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And we’ve got another still. Hmmmm… what do you guys think is up with the Salvatore brothers? 😉

Click the photo to see the fullsized version!

Season 2: Add-Ons for “Brave New World” in HQ

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Season 2 Spoilers: New Vamp In Town?

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Just so you are aware, the following is VERY spoilerific. So keep in mind, what you are about to read could very well change your views/thoughts about Season 2. Just to reiterate, NOBODY IS SAFE. Feel free to discuss in the comments what you think.


An inside source has shared with Spoilers Guide the identity of who exactly will be getting turned into a vampire in the much anticipated Season 2 of the “Vampire Diaries” that premieres September 9th on the CW.

In our previous post we spoiled that at least one character that we already know and that is human will turn into a vampire in season 2. Pretty vague, but very tantalizing !

While we won’t come right out and name the human who will become a vampire this season, we won’t leave you hanging. Here’s a juicy spoiler/hint:

Our source tells us (confirmed to us by official sources), that Katherine ~Nina Dobrev confronts the character.

The character in question is female and she’s a new vampire! There will be a violent, vicious fight(Vamp v/s Vamp) between her and Katherine. Well, now that definitely narrows it down for you.

Whoever it may be and whatever happens next is for you to guess, but it’s an absolute certainty that season 2 of the “Vampire Diaries” will be amazing. Here’s to unforgettable season 2 “Vampire Diaries”!!

Who do you think the new Vampire in Mystic Falls will be and will she make it to season 3?


News: Accola tranforms ‘Vampire’ character

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Early in The Vampire Diaries, Caroline was the bitch. There’s no other way to put it. But as the rookie season progressed, something interesting happened with Caroline, who is played by Candice Accola.

Over time, Caroline became a three-dimensional, even sympathetic character. When she behaved in a bitchy way, viewers started to feel sorry for her, rather than despising her.

We have to assume the writers on The Vampire Diaries saw something in Accola that allowed this gradual transformation to occur.

“Well, thank you so much, first and foremost,” said Accola, who is back with all the main cast members for the second season of The Vampire Diaries, beginning Thursday, Sept. 9 on CW and A. “To start the story it had to be pretty simple, but as the season unfolded the layers came out.”

Accola, 23, said she thought back to her own high school days when endeavouring to get inside Caroline’s head.

“Everyone knows girls who are like Caroline was when we met her in the pilot,” Accola said. “But with people like that, it usually is coming from an insecure, defensive place. “You try to belittle someone else to make yourself feel better. Even the nicest of the nice with the biggest hearts, we all have a little bit of that in us. It’s a very human characteristic.”

But Caroline is integral to The Vampire Diaries not only for her emotional humanity, but also for her physical humanity.

“Especially with all the supernatural elements of the show, my interpretation of what the writers did with Caroline was to give the audience someone to relate to in a very human way,” Accola said.

“So I don’t know what the writers initially intended, but it was lovely to go on that journey. And it definitely reminded me of my own experiences as a high schooler, foot in mouth, not knowing who you are and trying to be someone. You know everything that you don’t want, but it’s hard to find what you do want. Even as a young woman in my 20s, there’s a lot of relatability to that.”

Notwithstanding some previous episodic work, the role of Caroline on The Vampire Diaries represents Accola’s first full-time gig on a TV show. While learning a lot about the craft as she goes along, Accola also appreciates that she just happens to be on a show that has achieved the rare combination of good ratings and critical success.

“In season two, there are some awesome plot lines, the audience is going to be so excited,” Accola said. “For Caroline, she’s searching to figure out who she is and where she fits, in this town and in everyone’s life. And there are some obstacles thrown in front of her.

“What’s funny about this show is, everyone was either quick to jump on board or quick to write it off, because it fed into the pop-culture phenomenon that is vampires right now. But it’s not just about vampires. I’ve been stopped more by adults than by younger peers or teens.”


Casting News: Maiara Walsh To Romance Steven R. McQueen?

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We’re hoping for plenty of answers when the residents of Mystic Falls return Thursday, Sept. 9 for the second season premiere of “The Vampire Diaries.” Of course we want to know how the Elena-Stefan-Katherine-Damon love quadrangle equation will be solved, and how Tyler Lockwood’s true wolf nature will play out, but we’re also dying to see how Jeremy will move on after the tragic death of fan favorite Anna (played by Malese Jow). Could it be that he will quickly fall into the arms of another girl? Perhaps!

TV Guide is reporting that “Desperate Housewives” actress Maiara Walsh will appear on the Oct. 7 episode of “TVD” as high-schooler (and major partier) Sarah.

“Sarah is a girl who sets her eyes on Jeremy and encourages him to party it up at the Lockwood house,” “TVD” executive producer Kevin Williamson told TV Guide. Considering executive producer Julie Plec already alluded to a growing connection between Tyler and Jeremy, it’s no surprise Jeremy will be spending more time around the Lockwood residence.

As for Maiara’s character Sarah, we don’t have high hopes she’ll live beyond one (or a few) episodes. We know how attractive partiers fare on this series: They (almost) always die (ahem, Vicki!). Whether it will be at the hands of a vampire or the pack of werewolves we’re expecting in season two, remains to be seen.

What do you think about Maiara appearing on “The Vampire Diaries”? Could she ever replace Anna?


News: Season 2 Review By Entertainment Weekly

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The second-season premiere of The Vampire Diaries proves once again why this series is one of prime time’s more cleverly constructed, well-acted nighttime soap operas. After last season’s finger-chopping cliff-hanger, we get neck snappings, a smothering, an unlikely alliance between two warring brothers, and the line ”Kiss me or kill me!” Oh, and as Ian Somerhalder’s Damon adds, ”Doppelgänger high jinks ensue.”

He’s referring, of course, to Nina Dobrev’s Elena/Katherine, the series’ yin and yang of good and evil, purity and villainy. Dobrev has really risen to the challenge of portraying these two, managing to confuse viewers as to who’s who when Katherine wants to impersonate Elena for some mischief.

This season hauls in Taylor Kinney as Mason, the ”black sheep” brother of the late Mayor Lockwood. Mason has a nice swagger, and it looks like he’ll take up any slack that might have occurred with the death of the Mystic Falls mayor.

But the throbbing red heart of The Vampire Diaries remains the tension between Damon and Paul Wesley’s Stefan, and their mutual attraction to whomever Dobrev is embodying at the time. ”She’s Katherine! She loves to play games!” splutters Damon in the season opener. It’s not long after this that she plays a romantic game with him that will doubtless have reverberations throughout the season. As Katherine says: ”Game on.”


News: Damon & Alaric To Grow Closer & More In Vampire Diaries Season 2

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Season 2 Spoiler Ahead

Damon & Alaric to grow closer & more in Vampire Diaries season 2. According to a recent spoiler chat with Kristin over at E! online, CW “Vampire Diaries” characters Damon and Alaric are set to work together more often,and reportedly grow closer in the highly anticipated season 2 of the show.

Kristin said that Matt Davis who plays character Alaric recently gave his take on Damon and Alaric’s relationship for season 2. He said that there bromance will definitely start to develop more. He stated, “Our bromance is definitely developing. You’ll see much more of that for sure. I love Ian to pieces and I love working with him and I think our chemistry as friends and the way Kevin and Julie write the two of them together, just the archetypes of the two characters together I think fit really well.”


Season 2: Episode 3 “Bad Moon Rising” Still Released

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I’m not at home so I can’t access my HQ source, but here is a first look at the 3rd episode of Season 2. I’m sure “Delena” fans will approve 😉

I’ll do a full update as soon as I get home.

EDIT: I added the MQ still to the gallery until I get home.

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