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The Vampire Diaries: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recaps Round-Up for The House Guest

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I’m going to do a recaps roundup from last night’s episode “The House Guest” and then I’ll get straight to work on screencaps.

Entertainment Weekly: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ recap: Eternal Flame

Team Oblivious Human now numbers one! You know what’s brilliant: We’ve spent the last couple of weeks wondering whether Aunt Jenna would finally find out the truth about Mystic Falls being vampire central, and we totally stopped thinking about Matt. With Tyler out of the picture, there seemed to be no added pressure for Caroline to tell him the truth. But he’s the one who ended up being clued in, in the worst possible way. Maybe we should actually be thanking The CW for another month-long hiatus: Producers knew we needed something big to keep us talking until new episodes return on April 7, and we got it. Be careful what you wish for.

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Los Angeles Times: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ recap: To tell the truth

A gathering spot, live music and one very dangerous situation involving vampires and witches. Did “The Vampire Diaries” suddenly stumble into the Bronze? Nope, it’s just a suddenly very active night at Mystic Grill, which has decided to add live entertainment in order to stay afloat. The music was a hit, but I think the random power outage and spontaneous fire combustion might affect business. A lot went down this week as the show prepares for a little break. Here are five questions to ponder while we wait six weeks(!) for the next new episode:

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Hollywood Crush: ‘Vampire Diaries’ Recap: ‘House Guest’

Things I’ve learned from “The Vampire Diaries”: publicly belting out “Eternal Flame” by The Bangles will get me a smooch from Zach Roerig; being ridiculously mean to Ian Somerhalder will cement his love for me; and it is never, ever a good idea to hesitate upon hearing a doorbell ring.

All of these life lessons come to fruition, thanks to a girls’ night with Elena, Bonnie, Caroline and Jenna. The only thing that would improve this romp is if Katherine were to join. Oh, right. Elena mentions this sarcastically, but I’m not sure why—it sounds like an excellent idea.

Still, there’s enough going on. All of the girls are hiding something (what’s new?) except for Jenna, whom everyone else is hiding something from (even bigger surprise.) Caroline can’t figure out how to be with Matt without telling him that she’s capable of being a blood sucking murderer, Bonnie’s nervous about Elena’s reaction to her budding romance with Jeremy and Elena is finally contemplating revealing to Jenna that Stefan and his brother are 145-year-old vampires, that her death is the key to breaking a centuries-old supernatural curse, that part of that curse means that she’s a doppelganger and thus there’s an (amazingly) psychotic vampire-bitch roaming around Mystic Falls who’s completely identical to her and that her birth mom/Alaric’s “dead wife” is actually a vampire who’s kicking it with her doppelganger and (potentially) evil uncle. Yeah, good luck with that.

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The TVSquad: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 2, Episode 16 Recap

With a title like ‘The House Guest,’ we knew at least one person on Thursday’s episode of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ would arrive unannounced to cause some major trouble for our Mystic Falls residents. Well, let’s be honest — someone causes trouble every week. Mystic Falls would actually be a terrible place to live, despite the adorable waiters at the local watering hole and near-constant stream of town-wide parties. People die at an alarming rate for a sleepy Virginia town.

But that’s all beside the point, because OH MY GOD. Just … wow. What started out as the most lighthearted, high school-centric episode of the season turned into yet another heartbreaking, gasp-inducing, masterfully written installment. And how about that Nina Dobrev? Girlfriend can ACT, am I right?

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BuzzSugar: The Vampire Diaries “The House Guest”: The Good, the Bad, and the Bloody

This week Katherine crashes at the Salvatore brothers’ place on The Vampire Diaries, and she’s not exactly greeted with the greatest hospitality. But she actually turns out not to be the villain of the episode — that honor goes to another character whose ruthlessness I wasn’t expecting.

There are also two big deaths this week, and more than one shocking turn (I watched the episode with my own constant soundtrack of gasps). I don’t want to give anything away, but I’m dying (hehe) to discuss the good, the bad, and the bloody when you read more.

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BuddyTV: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: The Luka Martin Roast

After Elijah’s death, I thought it might be a while before The Vampire Diaries killed another major character. How wrong I was, because in this episode, two major characters are killed, a major secret is revealed and a shocking return is sure to cause some trouble.

With Katherine back, she’s up to her old tricks, but she also wants to team up with the Salvatores to kill Klaus, which they understandably have a hard time believing.

Stefan wants to bring Luka and his dad in on the plan to kill Klaus and learn that if they find the witch burial ground, a witch can possibly use its power to become strong enough to kill an Original. However, Jonas still doesn’t trust these vampires to help him get his daughter Greta (seriously, who does everyone in the Martin family have such silly names?).

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That’s all I’ve got for now but if there are more (there will be), I’ll do a part two roundup! Enjoy!

Well, the spoilers promised there would be two deaths in this episode and the show delivered on this promise. I have to say this episode gave me quite a scare on the death front a few times. I really thought Matt might not make it through this one alive. I also was nervous that Katherine would be killed. I actually could not believe that I cared if she died. That is how good this show is. It is so good, the audience is invested in the villians just as much as the main characters.

One villian missing tonight was Uncle John, but his failed plot to kill Damon was front and center. Katherine is now out of the tomb and the biq question of whether she was in on the plot to kill Damon was answered. It turns out that she did know that if Damon used the dagger to kill Elijah he would be killed.  Yet she still went along with John’s plan because that would get her released from the tomb and John promised to keep Stefan safe in return. So once again it comes down to Katherine’s choice of Stefan over Damon. I love how Katherine admits this to Damon so easily. I also give props to Damon for not letting her get to him as much as she did in “The Return.” This really highlights how far Damon has come this season. One of my favorite moments in the episode had to be when Katherine tried to seduce him and Damon literally pushed her of the bed. The old Damon would not have been able to do that. Katherine and Damon have one of the best love/hate relationships on television and this was a fun episode in that regard.

Speaking of being a fun episode, how great was it that Caroline serenaded Matt at the Grill and they kissed on stage? That had to be one of the cutest scenes on the show ever. Also a cute moment was when Elena gave her blessing to Bonnie regarding Jeremy.  Of course the episode was not all fun and games.  Jonas Martin was not thrilled that Elijah was dead.  Instead of taking up Bonnie and Stefan on their offer to kill Klaus with their help, he decides to try and ressurect Elijah. Of course that plan goes very badly and Luka winds up dead. This enrages Jonas even more and he goes after Elena.

 Jonas goes to the grill where everyone was for the night and uses his witchy powers to wreak havoc  and stabs Matt in the neck!  I amost cried at that moment I was so upset.  It felt like Caroline had no choice but to give Matt her blood at that point because she could not let him die. However that also left Caroline no choice but to finally tell Matt the truth that she is a vampire. I really appreciate the fact that the writers actually let Matt start to put things together, realizing his sister Vicki was actually a vampire too.

So Matt finally knows what is going on. That now only leaves Aunt Jenna. Alaric is very compelling in this episode becuase his desire to be truthful with Jenna is really highlighted. Yet he leaves the decision up to Elena because he knows it is not his place. However, he does make one major admission during the episode He tells Jenna there are things he cannot tell her, but he can tell her he loves her. Of course that leaves Aunt Jenna more confused than ever, especially when Alaric’s supposedly dead wife Isobel shows up on her doorstep.  Oh the drama!

Speaking of drama,  Katherine and Elena switch places to fool Jonas. Poor Jonas. Doesn’t he realize anyone who tries to harm Elena does not fare well on this show?  So it is Katherine that ulimately kills Jonas. Of course this is not before Jonas touches Bonnie and gives her her powers back and information on how to kill Klaus. So does the events of this episode mean that we can trust Katherine? Katherine makes a great point that she needs Elena alive as part of the plot to kill Klaus. However,  I do have to say it is kind of scary how hard it is to tell Katherine and Elena apart sometimes. I also have a feeling there is way more to what Katherine knows than what she is letting on, especially with regards to John and Isobel. Now that Isobel is back hopefully some answers will be revealed to us……in April!

The Vampire Diaries: Caroline Forbes Singing Episode Clip From “The House Guest”

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I’ve added the clip to our video archive.

‘The Vampire Diaries’: Candice Accola on Caroline’s many boys and a ‘very significant’ episode

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You know you’ve made it big when you get an article about you in the LA Times. Candice Accola and her “Vampire Barbie” character, Caroline Forbes, are the focal point of a nicely written article from the prestigious newspaper. Read on…

“I could not be happier about the opportunities the writers have given me this season,” she enthuses. “It’s been challenging in all the best ways.”

Recently, Accola chatted with Show Tracker about some of those challenges, including that horrific torture scene — nobody puts Caroline in the cage! — getting to sing in tonight’s episode, Tyler’s betrayal and the chemistry between Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline. She also teases that viewers are in store for “a very big episode” tonight, which will be the last new one until April. Like Caroline, we’ll have to figure out a way to survive, Show Trackers.

Was the torture scene difficult to film? Because it was difficult to watch, in a good way.

Thank you! I definitely take that as a compliment. Any time you read those kinds of scenes in a script, it is kind of a bittersweet thing because you know what you’re going to want to put yourself through in order to get the best out of it. And also, yeah, it’s long hours in a confined space. All that was shot really in a little trailer. Shoving 15 people into one trailer…. And I was in a cage that was unable to be unlocked from the inside. The surroundings just helped out so wonderfully and were such a wonderful tool to use within the scene. I was excited, though. It was a wonderfully daunting task, but those are always the best, ’cause that’s when you see what you’re capable of doing.

The first time we talked this season, I brought up the fact that you have a very musically talented cast. And now you’re getting to sing in tonight’s episode. What’s the context for Caroline breaking into song?

I know, it is very random! [Laughs] I think that Caroline has come off such a dramatic shift. The entire season has been very supernaturally active for Caroline. I think what was such a beautiful moment at the end of that one episode was when Bonnie (Katerina Graham) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) came over to have a slumber party. Simple, truthful, honest, like necessary. It’s a great reminder that these are young girls that really just need. At the end of the day, sometimes you really just need that sense of friendship and camaraderie and love in the simplest form, like a slumber party. So I think Tyler has been the center of what’s been going on dramatically for Caroline in the past couple episodes, and now with him gone, I think it gives her an opportunity to try to feel human again and just to be silly again and have fun again and laugh again, and focus on her friendships and her relationships and her family. I think the whole idea of jumping up on stage and singing is just Caroline being Season 1 Caroline again.

Is she doing this also to maybe get Matt’s attention?

[Pauses] I don’t know… [Laughs] I think it’s just a really fun moment. I’m excited to see how it plays out, as well, because I haven’t seen a cut of the episode yet. And I’m excited for the audience to see it too.

Read the whole article right here.

‘Vampires’ star teases Matt, Caroline

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Candice Accola has revealed that Matt and Caroline will have more moments together in tonight’s episode.

Speaking to TV Line, Accola explained that the duo will have a chance to talk now that Tyler has left town.

“This week’s episode creates a wonderful opportunity for Matt and Caroline to talk without Tyler there,” she said. “At least they’ll have an opportunity for a potentially honest conversation. And that’s all I can say.”

Read more about it here!

Vampire Diaries’ Sara Canning: Alaric’s Confession Will Rock Jenna’s World

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Alaric’s confession will rock Jenna’s world? Hmmmm…. That happens tonight! Make sure you tune in to find out what it is!! Here’s a bit about it from TVGuide.

That moment of silence from Jenna’s boyfriend, Alaric, played by Matt Davis, was the last scene between the couple in the most recent episode, and Canning admits, “It’s very uncertain if the relationship is going to completely crumble.”

On Thursday’s episode, Alaric finally will confess to Jenna. But what will he divulge? Let’s just say she won’t find out niece Elena is dating a vampire anytime soon.

“The confession is linked to what is more pressing on Jenna … she’s obviously not asking about his vampire-fighting extracurricular activities,” says the actress.

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