News: Exclusive Interview with Candice Accola

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In an exclusive interview with IESB, Candic Accola talks about her debut on Vampire Diaries in the role of Caroline Forbes, fan reaction, and her music career.

On the hit drama The Vampire Diaries on The CW, Candice Accola makes her debut as a series regular in the role of Caroline Forbes, friend to Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) and current girlfriend of Elena’s ex, Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig). But, in the town of Mystic Falls, you don’t have to just navigate being a teenager and growing into adult responsibilities. You have to survive all of the blood-thirsty vampires.In this exclusive interview with IESB, show star Candice Accola, who has also had a successful music career (she signed a record deal at the age of 16), said that the cast is just as anxious to learn about what’s happening next as the viewers of the successful series are, to the point where the crew has to hide scripts from them. She also promises that things are going to get even crazier, before the explosive season finale.

You can read the entire interview here.

Spoilers: Ausiello Dishes on The Vampire Diaries

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You’ve been warned!!!


Question: Are we ever going to see more of Vampire Diaries‘ werewolf, Tyler? He’s been surprisingly absent since that foreboding full moon. —Marz
“I think it is more interesting to keep [his inner werewolf] hidden or suppressed,” says exec producer Kevin Williamson, “and instead play out his aggression and daddy issues and things that are associated with a wolf without making him a wolf.” The werewolf card will eventually be played because “wherever there are vampires, there are usually wolves nearby,” notes Williamson. “My biggest concern is what the weekly special effect is going to look like. That takes careful preparation and a lot of money and some testing. We’re working on it now to figure out what we can do that won’t just look stupid. And they have to still be sexy — because, let’s face it, we cast these beautiful people for a reason.”

Question: I need Vampire Diaries scoop, please! —Vanessa
Ian Somerhalder predicts that Team Damon will experience a surge in popularity as the season winds down. “I think we are going to find out more about Stefan that might make fans switch teams,” he says. “He isn’t all goodie-two-shoes hero-boy.”


Cast: Official Twitter Accounts

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So you want to follow TVD cast members on Twitter? Make sure you’re not following an imposter. There are many out there. One for sure who does not have Twitter is Sara Canning. Here is a list of cast members who do have Twitter and have proven it’s them by either having Verified accounts, or by posting images from the set.

Nina Dobrev @ninadobrev (Elena Gilbert)
Ian Somerhalder @iansomerhalder (Damon Salvatore)
Katerina Graham@KaterinaGraham (Bonnie Bennett)
Matt Davis @ErnestoRiley (Alaric Saltzman)
Zach Roerig @zgeorge222 (Matt Donovan)
Michael Trevino @M_Trevino (Tyler)
Kevin Williamson @kevwilliamson (Creator/Writer/Executive Producer)
Julie Plec @julieplec (Creator/Writer/Executive Producer)
Marcos Siega @MSiega (Co-Executive Producer & Director)

Whew, that’s the list so far. If ever any other cast members join Twitter, I’ll update this list. I will be adding this list on the sidebar so that way you can easily access them.

The cast seem really great about answering their fans, but don’t get discouraged if they don’t answer you. They are very busy and likely try to reply to as many folks as possible. They do often post set photos which is loads of fun to see. Matt Davis, Nina Dobrev are especially good for posting photos.

So go follow and enjoy!

TV Series: New Episode

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Finally a new episode tonight! Don’t forget to tune in tonight. We’ll have screencaptures as soon as we can.:)

Magazines: Nina Dobrev in Seventeen Magazine

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Nina Dobrev, who plays Elena Gilbert in the hit CW series The Vampire Diaries is the featured star on the cover of Seventeen Magazine.

You can view a video of her shoot here and a gallery of photos here.

As soon as we get scans and/or the images in better quality, we’ll be posting them in our image gallery.

Quotes from the interview:

“Even though Elena’s going through all this stuff, has to keep all these secrets, and has all these responsibilities, she’s just learned to cope and figure things out and deal with a lot that most people don’t at a young age. She has to take care of her brother with a drug problem and be a parental figure in the household, her boyfriend’s a vampire, and her best friend’s a witch! A lot of stuff is going on, everyone’s trying to kill her all the time, so she’s very strong, she always rises to the occasion, and she always fights back. I think that she is a very strong woman, and she can take on anything and everything that comes her way.”

Read more: here

Site Updates: Episode Guide Added & Affiliates Page

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Unfortunately, it’s not in my own words right now but I plan on fixing that as soon as time allows. I wanted to make sure fans had access to a brief episode guide of the tv series. You can view the page here.

I’ll be working on a cast list this week as well as get some mini-bios up for the main cast.

Once the tv series section is complete, I get to work on the books. That could take some time because I just started reading the series.

The affiliates page is also up and we are now accepting new “regular” affiliates. You can go here to view the full the list and also apply.

News: TeenVogue Interviews Zach Roerig

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Teen Vogue recently interviewed The Vampire Diaries’s Zach Roerig.

Twenty-four year old actor Zach Roerig stars as high school football star Matt Donovan on the hit series The Vampire Diaries. (He’s one of the few people on the show who isn’t a vampire…at least, not yet.) The Ohio-native chatted with Teen Vogue about how he started his acting career, why he’s having the time of his life on set, and his latest obsession.

Read the whole interview here

Site: Welcome & Officially Open

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Hey Everyone and welcome to Blood Falls. We’re just getting things setup so please excuse the mess here and there.

The gallery is fully functional and you can view it here.

Hope to get up episode guides and character guides soon.

Enjoy and keep checking back!

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