I know you’ll never be the boy
You always wanted to be
But every now and then
I know you’ll always be the only boy
Who wanted me the way that I am
– Total Eclipse of The Heart by Bonnie Tyler

For the second straight week, The Vampire Diaries writers are turning to the hits of the 1980’s for their episode titles. In this episode, almost everyone is nursing a broken heart. Caroline invites Katherine/Elena and Bonnie to Whitmore’s Bitter Heart Ball. Katherine makes plans for Stefan; Tyler finds solace in a bottle; Damon’s plan for revenge has an unexpected result.

As the episode opens, Katherine (Nina Dobrev) is at Whitmore, writing in her diary about how she loves her perfect life as Elena. She has everything she has ever wanted – youth, beauty, health, everyone loves her, and she’s a vampire. Katherine proceeds to delete all the pictures of Elena and Damon off of Elena’s phone, saying bye, bye worst decision Elena ever made. She replaces it with a picture of Stefan and makes plans to win him back.


Here comes the woman/With the look in her eye
Raised on leather/With flesh on her mind
Words as weapons sharper than knives. ”
– ‘The Devil Inside’ by INXS

This episode of The Vampire Diaries is centered around Katherine turning everyone’s lives upside down as she plans to permanently become Elena. Nadia hunts for Katherine’s corpse. Matt gets grilled for important information. Damon’s old nemesis shows up with a surprising proposition for him. Caroline learns there are consequences for her tryst.

As the episode opens, Katherine (Nina Dobrev) as Elena, meets up with Matt (Zach Roerig) and discuss the party he’s throwing that night. She asks if he’s still drinking vervain which confuses Matt who replies no, he has a bracelet instead, in case anyone needs his blood. Elena then rips off his compulsion protection bracelet, and admits she is really Katherine. She explains how she “passenger-ed” herself into Elena while everyone was playing the drinking game and toasting her demise. She wants Matt to give her a crash course on “All Things Elena Gilbert”. A shocked Matt refuses but Nadia (Olga Fonda) appears, stops Matt from leaving and tells Katherine to compel him. Katherine compels “Matty Pants” to go along with her game (Is he dating Crazy Pants?). She asks him about her outfit — would Elena wear this “safe and predictable” dress to a party? (Since when does leather scream safe and predictable?) He says Elena wouldn’t wear the dress, but she would the shoes. She asks about the red streak in her hair when Matt asks if she’s dead, is she hitching a ride in Elena’s brain. Nadia interjects that she will make it permanent and Matt asks how. They’re interrupted by an annoyed Katherine wanting to get back to her hair question. The red streak appeared after Elena shut off her humanity, according to Matt. After a few more questions, her last is an important one. She wants to know how she broke up with Matt. (Looks like Damon is going to get bad news).

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