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For six years, Nina Dobrev starred as Elena Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries, one the CW’s most successful shows. She won four People’s Choice Awards, six Teen Choice Awards, and even dated her co-star Ian Somerhaulder. But Dobrev, who was born in Bulgaria and still speaks the language fluently, never quite fit into the network’s usual teen queen mold, and when her contract expired at the end of the show’s sixth season, she was ready to move on. Today, The Vampire Diaries will begin its seventh season without its protagonist.

Now 26, Dobrev is being judicious about what she does next. She’s returning to her roots in the indie film industry, first with The Final Girls, a playful spin on cheesy ’80s slasher flicks that won the Audience Award at SXSW and recently screened at the Toronto International Film Festival, and next with Arrivals. Co-starring Taissa Farmiga, Malin Akerman, Alia Shawkat, and Alexander Ludwig, The Final Girls will open tomorrow. Arrivals, which features Asa Butterfield and Game of Thrones’s Maisie Williams, will begin filming early next year.

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Behind The Scenes Video of Phoebe Tonkin for Elle Austraila

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Kat Graham Reveals What it Was Like Working With Director Ian Somerhalder on ‘The Vampire Diaries’

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Bonnie + Damon = BFFs 4ever!

In a new interview with ‘Life & Style,’ actress Kat Graham — who plays Bonnie on the smash hit The Vampire Diaries — admits it was a blast having her co-star Ian Somerhalder (the one and only Damon Salvatore) direct the cast on a recent episode.

“It was so fun! We work in a very similar way because we have the same acting coach,” she says about the recent experience. “We were already in tune with each other before we got on set.”

In fact, Ian proved to be an incredible teacher.

“It’s interesting because he knows me so well. He can tell if I can do better, so he was pushing me a lot on set to be better,” she tells ‘Life & Style.’ “He just pulled a lot of stuff out of me that a lot of directors who don’t know me as well can’t. It was really exciting to work for him. He was a natural.”

The 25-year-old triple-threat — who’s teamed up with Degree Women — also talked about attending her very first Grammys this upcoming Sunday!

“I’m just really excited to be around other music artists,” said Kat, who’s also launching her new single, ‘1991,’ on March 10.

Watch the beauty discuss her partnership with Degree, what she’s doing to get ready for the big show on Sunday and her favorite actor on the ‘TVD’ set below!

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Danielle Campbell Loves Learning From Her ‘Original’ Cast Mates (Exclusive)

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Danielle Campbell shows off her gorgeous smile in this exclusive first look at her cover of LVLten magazine’s second issue, out January 1.

The 19-year-old actress opened up to the glossy about what she’s learned from The Originals cast. Check it:

“All the cast is so talented, and I feel really lucky to be working with all of them,” Danielle said. “Everyone has a different approach and technique, and getting to hear everyone sharing their own opinions is interesting. Usually you can sit through a class and you’re listening to the teacher talk, but with all these actors and all these different techniques, it’s cool figuring out what works best for you.”

She added, “All the guest stars that have come on too are so talented. That’s what’s cool about being on a show, so many different actors are always coming in.”

Go behind the scenes of LVLten Magazine’s cover photo shoot with CW The Originals’ Danielle Campbell. Buy a print or digital copy of this issue at

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Rising Hollywood Stars: Sebastian Roché

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With the advent of so many hit television shows today, we are not surprised that we have discovered some of Hollywood’s greatest talent. Sebastian Roché has made our list of Rising Hollywood Stars with the exceptional mastering of his craft, his unique charm and abilities, as well as his rugged good looks; he is on track to become Hollywood’s next big thing. Roche appeared as the recurring character Mikael, an original vampire and the father of The Originals, on The Vampire Diaries for the The CW. From 2013 to 2014, he has reprised his role as Mikael in the spin-off series The Originals. You can also see him in A Walk Among the Tombstones with Liam Neeson.

Originally from France, Sebastian had an unusually upbringing, when his Father quit his job and decided to set off on a sail boat to travel the world, from France to the Mediterranean, to the Caribbean and South America, Sebastian was in for a life journey unlike any other. This one of a kind experience has influenced and molded Sebastian into the artist he has become today. At only 12 years old, he had already lived a thousand lifetimes filled with a diverse range of circumstances others only dream about.

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Phoebe Tonkin talks with Influence Magazine

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Everything about Phoebe Tonkin makes us swoon; she has a blazing glare, an infectious laugh and an old soul that matches her exquisite beauty. The striking 25-year-old Australian moved out of her parents’ home when she was a teenagerand made a bold leap to the states in her early 20’s.

At 24, Tonkin did something it takes many people their whole life to do, she became comfortable in her own skin. She stopped feeling consumed about otherpeople’s thoughts, severed toxic relationships and finally started to feel grounded.

“I didn’t care so much about the men in my life or the people who had kind of let me down. I kind of just stopped giving a fuck.”

The actress and model is currently shooting the second season of The Originals in Georgia, and loves the state and the people so much she may never leave.

Like any red-blooded female, Tonkin has a love of collages, mood boards and Pinterest — which she admits to spending hours on. Ever since she was little, Tonkin has spent her “last pennies” on magazines and gathering copious amounts of visual inspiration.

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GO Behind The Scenes w/ Nylon Mag Cover Girl Nina Dobrev

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get up close and personal with our August cover girl Nina Dobrev!

(SPOILERS) Nina Dobrev Talks About What’s Next for Elena on The Vampire Diaries

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