JustJared: Interview With Ian Somerhalder

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JustJared had a chance to chat with Ian Somerhalder and posted the interview on their site. Here’s a brief excerpt from the interview of Ian talking about ISF:

JJ: Let’s talk about your IS Foundation. Has environmental protection always been a passion? Was there a specific experience that influenced your decision to launch it?
IS: Environmental protection was always a big thing for me. I grew up on the marshes of Louisiana; literally my front yard was thousands of acres of marsh. It was all in my dream to be part of an organization that protected the environment, but the Gulf oil spill was ultimately what made me drop the hammer immediately and say that “this is enough”. Watching my entire home be destroyed because of the lack of regulatory commissions for fossil fuels and the amount of back scratching that goes into the petroleum industry – or even any large industry. It changed my life and the lives of a lot people … This also involves cruelty and overpopulation issues with animals, so this is one of the most phenomenally inspiring thing I’ve ever been in involved in. The amount of support for this foundation goes above and beyond. Obviously it’s invariably difficult to raise money in a time of economic depression which we’re about to get into, but it’s so inspiring. Put it this way: a 6-year-old girl sent me an e-mail saying she gave our foundation her tooth fairy money to help save the planet and it blew my mind. She asked what she can do to help and just thought that this girl is going to be the president one day.

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News: ‘Vampire Diaries’ scoop: Lauren Cohan talks exit from the show, upcoming ‘Chuck’ arc

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For those of you wondering where you’ve seen Lauren Cohan before, some of you TVD fans are also Supernatural fans. Lauren played “Bela Talbot” in Season 3. A woman who was abused by her family as a child and that struck a deal with a crossroads demon to have her family murdered in exchange for her soul.

Not a pretty ending, is it? And of course, TVD fans know that Rose suffered a terrible ending as well. After being bitten by Jules, a werewolf, Rose suffered a terrible end, only to be staked by Damon, who evidently did it to end her suffering.

Lauren has joined the cast of “Chuck” and has been tweeting about being on set. She certainly does appreciate all the fan support. Give her a follow on Twitter and see what she’s up to if you are interested in following her career.

EyeCon fans will be very lucky to get a chance to meet Lauren as she is now a confirmed guest. Which means I need to figure out WHICH Supernatural magazine to bring with me to have signed. Decisions decisions. This magazine will of course follow me to Vancouver when I attend Salute to Supernatural and will also be autographed by the rest of the Supernatural crew there. Can you tell I’m excited? 😀

Entertainment Weekly has always been awesome at making sure we get great interviews and the recent one with Lauren is no exception.

Here is an excerpt:

It turns out, you can’t actually sleep when you’re dead. At least not if you’re an actress whose character got as meaty and moving a send-off as Lauren Cohan’s Rose did on the Jan. 27 episode of The Vampire Diaries. The actress has already moved on to filming a five-episode arc on NBC’s Chuck, which begins Feb. 21 when Valentine’s Day is interrupted because a reclusive young heiress named Vivian McArthur (Cohan) needs protection in England. When we finally caught up with her last Friday, she’d just spent the morning testing for three pilots — a mix of cable and broadcast, comedy and drama. She hadn’t even had a chance to watch the previous night’s episode of Vampire Diaries yet, so she had to ask us who Damon (Ian Somerhalder) took a bath with. (Then she genuinely sighed “ooh” as we described the tears in his eyes as he poured his heart out to his new distraction before biting her during tub sex. “That’s what makes him so sexy, that tortured soul,” she said. The episode was waiting for her on iTunes.)

Read more of this great article here.

News: Daniel Gillies on Elena, Klaus and a Vampire Diaries Hook Up

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TV Fantatic recently sat down and chatted with Elijah… er… Daniel Gillies. Yeah, Daniel Gillies plays Elijah on The Vampire Diaries. It’s easy to confuse them both because both are equally devious (Are you following Daniel on Twitter?) and both are equally charming.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

You make Elijah look so sweet that you don’t even want to dislike him, but he rips hearts out! The calm and collected bad guys are the scariest.
I never wanted to play him with any menace… He’s not a sweet person, [but] can you imagine if you’ve lived this long? He must have seen so much death, murdering someone must be like hitting a bug… I’m so lucky to play this character. Maybe that’s the joy you’re sensing… I love playing him. He’s so fun.

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