‘Vampire Diaries’: Ian Somerhalder on romance, bromance, and changing the world

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There’s no denying that both Salvatore brothers on “The Vampire Diaries” are good-looking and charming enough to make a girl forget about the whole blood-sucking dilemma.

But while Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) idea of a romantic evening involves making out on a Ferris wheel after hours, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) has a different way of showing Elena (Nina Dobrev) that he cares.

“Well, there’s no better way to say I love you than breaking her brother’s neck,” Somerhalder tells Zap2it. “What happened to flowers and chocolate and love letters? For Damon it’s snapping your brother’s cervical vertebrae, therefore severing his spinal cord and killing him.”

Wow. It’s a wonder he’s still single.

When I hung out with Ian this summer, he told me that Damon’s vulnerable moments are the most difficult for him to play out as an actor. I had to ask him how he’s holding up, since Damon’s soft underbelly has been exposed more in the last three episodes than in the entirety of Season 1.

“How do I put this?” he says, before pausing and choosing his words carefully. “I don’t feel stagnant, or muted, but it feels a bit counter-intuitive. There’s some really cool stuff coming up for Damon, though.”

That neck-snapping incident was so startling that a good portion of the show’s fans lost hope for Damon and Elena ever hooking up. Will he ever win her over again?

“I don’t see how,” Somerhalder says, “but that’s the idea. She hates him now, but she won’t forever. It’ll get figured out.” Despite his heartache, Damon hasn’t given up on Elena — in fact, his feelings for her may help him transcend a centuries-old rivalry. In the past, Damon and Stefan allowed Katherine to come between them. This time around, their love for the same woman might actually help them bridge the gap.

“Damon and Stefan are going to have to set their differences aside to protect what they love, and that’s Elena. Damon is pretty envious of Stefan at this point, but he’s going to bury that. Damon sees the bigger picture. There are some serious problems in town that could possibly affect Elena, who is his top priority.”

“Look,” Somerhalder continues. “Damon got his heart ripped out twice within like an hour, but he still has something to fight for. There are three things he cares about protecting: Elena, his brother, and the town.”

To keep fighting the good fight, Damon and Stefan first need some answers. Unfortunately, their manipulative psycho-ex Katherine is the only one who can offer them. In the next episode, she’ll take us back in time once again.

“The flashback stuff is really cool – it’s always cool. We learn a great deal from Katherine,” he says. “There’s a lot of exposition about what happened, but then again, like with Damon last year, you have to consider the source of your information. With Damon, you get some of the truth, but not the whole truth, and Katherine, like Damon, is very convincing.”

Of course, Damon and Stefan don’t have to act alone. Damon and Alaric (Matthew Davis) have proven a formidable team when it comes to protecting Mystic Falls and the Gilberts.

“Damon and Alaric are the oddest of bedfellows,” he jokes. “Matt Davis and I love being on set together. We just have so much fun. We totally have a bromance going on. He’s my bro, you know?”

The frenemies have more in common than they might want to admit. “At the end of the day, Alaric and Damon are kindred spirits. They’re two of a kind. They were both in love with these women who wanted nothing to do with them. They have this sort of commonality of pain.”

They’ve recently gained another unlikely ally who knows the sting of lost love. Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) has somehow turned to Damon for guidance… despite the fact that Damon killed him not too long ago.

“Jeremy’s probably a little pissed off,” Somerhalder says. “And he could definitely be deemed as self-destructive, but right now he’s tired of sitting by the wayside. He realizes that, coming out of the haze of addiction, he’s got a lot to give. There are a lot of things he’s concerned about, and above his own safety there’s the safety of the town and his sister. He’s a part of this now. We’ve all got to take Katherine down, whatever it takes.”

Though Katherine may be public enemy number one, Damon hasn’t forgotten those mysterious Lockwood men. “Mason poses a major threat to Damon. Damon’s not going to sit around, no way,” says Somerhalder. “There definitely will be some conflict there, some clashing. Who’s to say what Mason’s intentions are? But either way you shake it, Damon doesn’t like him and doesn’t want him around.”

While Damon may not be a fan of the wolfpack invading his hometown, Somerhalder has taken to devoting his off-screen time to helping needy animals in his own hometown of Covington, La.

In support of the largest humane society in Louisiana, Somerhalder is headed home on Nov. 13 to host a benefit dinner. “It’s called Bash on the Bayou. I can’t wait to see everyone there,” he says, “but if people can’t come, I just tweeted last night that there’s another way to help out.”

If you donate $50 to St. Tammany Humane Society, Somerhalder will sign a personalized headshot just for you. For the details on how to donate online, over the phone, or by mail, visit this link. Somerhalder’s fans have already been successful in helping out St. Tammany, since the organization won $20,000 from Chase Community Giving in July.

“I can’t tell you how thankful I am,” he says. “When I pull up to the humane society and the car makes noise on the gravel, all the animals freak out, and you realize just how many animals are there because of the decibel level. Then you walk by and they’re so adorable. They just want love. They don’t want to attack you, they want to lick you. They just want interaction. To think that because of this money and because of the efforts of so many Vampire Diaries fans, those animals will be able to find homes and treatments – it’s amazing.”

Somerhalder is still thinking big when it comes to changing the world. Stay tuned for more opportunities to work with him to make a change. “You can’t do any of this alone,” he says. “The support that I get from the fans is so f***ing humbling. It’s unbelievable how amazing these people are. We’re gonna save a lot of little baby animals. We’re going to make a difference.”


Ian Somerhalder Dishes on Tonight’s Vampire Diaries (Brace Yourselves, Delena Fans!)

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First things first: If someone doesn’t mend Damon Salvatore’s broken heart soon—as in 10-minutes-ago soon!—we’re breaking up with The Vampire Diaries.

Sorry, that was harsh. But seriously, the guy’s been dissed too many times—first by one(time) true love Katherine, then by her doppelgänger descendant Elena (Nina Dobrev times two)—and we just can’t take it anymore. Sure, D technically did kill Elena’s baby bro, but all will be forgiven…right?

Um, Dalena fans, you might want to sit down for this, because what Ian Somerhalder just spilled is cause for some serious concern…

“Karma is kicking Damon in the ass right now,” Ian laughs when asked if we are ever going to see his supersexy alter ego enjoy just an ounce of joy. “Damon happy is a very iffy thing. And right now he just feels silly and stupid.”

Poor guy! We totally get Elena’s trust issues with Damon and all (see the aforementioned brother killing), but why can’t these gals see he really has a heart of gold? Well, according to Ian, “He’s in major protective mode right now. He’s heartbroken. I don’t think the Katherine/Elena thing knocked Damon a few rungs down the ladder—it knocked him off the ladder.” And here’s the part that worries us most. As the TVD star puts it: “I just don’t know how he’s going to get back in the good graces of Elena. This is not going to blow over very quickly at all. She hates him! And I don’t blame her.”

Unfortunately all the love triangle action in the world can’t stop Mystic Falls’ (and Damon’s) newest foe: the damn werewolf!

“We’re going to learn a lot about this werewolf thing in tonight’s episode,” Ian tells us of “Memory Lane.” “Katherine is actually the one that explains a lot of what’s going on. It’s interesting to see where this whole thing came from in Mystic Falls—who knew about it [and] how vampires got involved. It’s a very enlightening episode.”

Also heading your way tonight is the crazy-good face-off between Katherine and Elena, which does not go well for one (or both!) of the ladies.

“Katherine’s definitely not going to buy her flowers,” laughs Ian. “She’s going to kill Elena if she doesn’t get what she wants, there’s no two ways about it. Plus, Katherine can’t kill Elena until Damon gets to at least sleep with her once!” Um, yes please!

Ian does leave us on a bright note: A tiny semblance of hope that sometime in The Vampire Diaries future, Damon will rid himself of Katherine’s hold and find the happiness we all want for him.

“Damon learned a great deal that she is not the person you want to be in love with,” the star reassures us. “She is the unobtainable woman that you don’t want to obtain. But in a time of need, he can probably still be manipulated by her.”


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Now that we’ve heard Ian Somerhalder’s thoughts on a “Vampire Diaries” musical episode, and how playing Damon’s softer side is a challenge, what else did we have to discuss with the CW superstar?

Why, the possibility of a hook-up between his character, Damon, and Nina Dobrev’s Elena, of course. Unfortunately for “Dalena” fans, Ian said the forecast for their romantic future is pretty bleak.

“Look, here’s the thing, I don’t know how he’s going to get back into her good graces. He killed her brother, there is no better way to tell someone you love them then to snap their brother’s neck. Most people do flowers,” Ian told MTV News recently. “I’ve heard [fans want] that and even in talking to Kevin [Williamson] and Julie [Plec]… How? That’s the question: How in the hell is he going to get back in her good graces? How is she ever going to trust him again? How is she ever even going to want to look at him again?”

Somerhalder went on to say that he doesn’t think a relationship is in the cards for Damon and Elena, that it’s just “a pipe dream for Damon.” He had similar thoughts regarding fans’ wanting a Damon-Bonnie pairing.

“Again, she hates him! Hates him. And not like the kind of hate that could eventually turn into love, she despises the guy,” Ian said. “Five generations for her family have despised the guy, you know what I mean?

“How many times could he be rejected?” he added. “Poor guy. He would probably be better off leaving Mystic Falls and going to the Caribbean for 100 years.”

Somehow we sincerely doubt that. Even in the Caribbean Damon would find a way to incite death and destruction.


Ian Somerhalder Wants To Do a Musical Episode of Vampire Diaries

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For those who enjoyed last week’s “Vampire Diaries” episode tease from series star Ian Somerhalder, we have a slew of juicy goods to roll-out this week (in addition to Ian having admitted that playing the softer side of Damon is a challenge, and that he spends his days off trying to save the world, of course).

For today’s installment, we bring you Ian’s thoughts on his new “Sexy Beast” status, hazing from his co-stars and the answer to an excellent reader-submitted question: Would he consider doing a musical episode?

“I would do a musical episode in a heartbeat!” Ian exclaimed, then revealed that one of his fellow cast members has a hidden talent that would be perfect for a musical. “Zach Roerig [aka Matt] is a tap dancer,” he said. “Who would’ve thought?”

So what would be Damon’s go-to musical number?

“I don’t know… Damon would be more like the barber of Fleet Street [a la “Sweeney Todd”]. He would be the guy who sings as he cuts people’s arms off,” he said matter-of-factly—which made us laugh out loud. “Full, Johnny Depp style.”

Speaking of Johnny Depp and movies, would Ian consider doing more feature films?

“Well absolutely. Are you kidding? It will happen eventually,” he said. “Right now this show is our focus, this is what we’re doing. We’re in the thick of it, and it’s an amazing place to be… We have the best jobs ever and hopefully features come down the pike.”

We mentioned that given his new “Sexy Beast” status, bestowed by Entertainment Weekly readers, the move scripts should be pouring in by now.

“I just walk around the set growling now,” he joked, adding that he got “a lot” of hazing from his fellow cast members for that title. “That was pretty awesome,” he said. “That was a trip.”

Speaking of the on-set dynamics among the popular cast, Ian said that everyone gets along really well.

“Paul [Wesley] and I just pretty much make fun of each other all day,” he said. “Nina [Dobrev] pretty much makes fun of the two of us all day.”

Has this friendly banter led to any pet names or nicknames?

“We don’t necessarily have nicknames [for each other], if there are nicknames, they’re not very PG-13 or even 17… Yeah, I’ll leave those silent.”


THE VAMPIRE DIARIES’ Ian Somerhalder on Damon’s Issues with Katherine, Elena, Caroline, Bonnie, Mason and More

Author: Michelle | September 23, 2010 | Comments Off on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES’ Ian Somerhalder on Damon’s Issues with Katherine, Elena, Caroline, Bonnie, Mason and More

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It was six years ago this week that LOST premiered and we met Oceanic survivor, Boone Carlyle. But just one season into THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and it’s hard to imagine Somerhalder as anyone other than Damon Salvatore.

The show is on fire right now — though, lucky for Somerhalder, Damon is not… thanks to Elena who came to his aid in last week’s episode.

Looking toward this Thursday and the season ahead, I spoke with Ian about what’s already transpired and what we can expect to come…

Last time we talked on the phone, just before the season 1 finale, you said that you were feeling pretty uncomfortable with the reveal of Damon’s “sensitive side,” if you will. And we’ve certainly seen more of that in the past couple weeks. So are you still unnerved by the whole concept of Damon being vulnerable? Still feeling the same way?
Ian Somerhalder:
Still feeling the same way. No, I just think that Damon’s edge is a good counter to a lot of the emotion on the show. And I just feel like I’m falling flat on my face when it comes to seeing his softer side. So it’s a battle within myself, which maybe works, because it’s definitely a battle within Damon.

Source + Read More Here

Ian Somerhalder Heads to Washington Energy Summit

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Although Ian Somerhalder is in the thick of a busy filming schedule for season two of his obsessed-over CW show “The Vampire Diaries,” he’s taking a day off — and for a good cause. Somerhalder is heading to Washington, D.C. where he’s attending the Washington Energy Summit on Thursday.

Somerhalder will meet with members of both houses of Congress to discuss the importance of green/alternative energy and technology. The actor has been vocal about the effects of the BP oil spill and recently partnered up with the portable energy company Go Green Mobile Power. When we caught up with him on the eve of his big trip, Somerhalder was brimming with excitement over getting to be a part of the conversation at a national level.

“It’s really, really cool,” he told MTV News about his participation in the summit. “I think there’s a lot of anger and frustration and fear and determination in this exact moment in our country in the wake of this huge oil spill. But the government, they know enough to figure it out and they’re taking steps to do that, so I’m really honored to be invited to go and speak with these people. I’ll try not to screw up,” he joked. “I can’t wait to put my thinking cap on and get to Washington and have really structured and really inspiring conversations with people and hopefully something comes out of it.”

As for his partnership with Go Green Mobile Power, Somerhalder said the company has generated much attention and he hopes to have one of their green-energy generators on the “Vampire Diaries” set soon.

“Warner Bros. [loves them] and the network are figuring out right now how to get that thing on set,” he explained. “There has been a lot of interest from the city of Los Angeles, Mayor Villaraigosa; there’s a lot going on. It’s really exciting stuff, we’re going to go full bore and get these things out there producing green power.”

Somerhalder is a man with a plan. For information on how you can get involved, visit WashingtonEnergySummit.com. But don’t think we cornered the star and didn’t get any “Diaries” dish. Stay with MTVNews.com for more on what’s next for Damon.


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