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Oct 11th: Vampire Diaries Executive Producers Talk Future of “Delena”

Linda | Categories: Exclusive, Julie Plec, Kevin Williamson, Season 2 | Comments Off on Vampire Diaries Executive Producers Talk Future of “Delena”

It’s no secret that a large contingent of very vocal “The Vampire Diaries” fans are rooting for Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) to finally get together.

While Damon has admitted his feelings for Elena, she’s not exactly his biggest fan at the moment. After all, in the season premiere, he snapped her little brother’s neck – which can be kind of a mood killer for a girl.

I was on the scene at New York Comic-Con to chat with executive producers Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson about the future of the duo that a veritable army of Twitter fans refer to as “Delena.”

They definitely hear you guys. Plec loves reading fans’ tweets, recaps, and reviews about each episode. “One of the greatest things about this experience is that our fan base is very vocal,” she says. “The community runs very deep, and they’re very very supportive, and that’s good.”

You can read the rest here:  Source + Article

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Oct 11th: The five ‘Vampire Diaries’ spoilers you need to know

Natalie | Categories: Candice Accola, Exclusive, Julie Plec, Katerina Graham, Kevin Williamson, Malese Jow, Matt Davis, Michael Trevino, Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Season 2, Spoilers, Steven R. McQueen, Zach Roerig | Comments Off on The five ‘Vampire Diaries’ spoilers you need to know

Yesterday Kat Graham, Steven R. McQueen, Zach Roerig and Sara Canning took to the NY Comic Con stage with executive producers Julie Plec & Kevin Williamson to talk all things “Vampire Diaries.” And let me tell you, they did not disappoint. The day kicked off with sublime new footage that teased Caroline & Matt sharing a moment at The Masquerade Ball, Katherine & Mason sharing a bed (seriously hot) and Alaric & Jeremy sharing weapons.

Yes, that’s right — Elena’s little brother is about to come to the forefront in a big way over the next handful of episodes. Which was just one of the supreme spoilers to come out of Comic Con.

Read the rest of the New York Post article here – Source

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Oct 1st: Ian Somerhalder on Gulf Coast Disaster: “This Can’t Happen Again”

Linda | Categories: Exclusive, Gulf Oil Spill, Ian Somerhalder | Comments Off on Ian Somerhalder on Gulf Coast Disaster: “This Can’t Happen Again”

Last June, we were fortunate enough to learn firsthand about Louisiana native Ian Somerhalder‘s fight to raise awareness about the BP oil spill and its devastating effects on the Gulf Coast.

At the time, the Vampire Diaries star voiced his dissent over the seemingly nonexistent response to the Gulf disaster from both the government and his Hollywood counterparts. But today Ian, who’s still actively involved in the ongoing recovery efforts (as any good Twitter follower knows), seems hopeful about our future—and is encouraging everyone to make sure something of this magnitude never happens again:

“I’ve been speaking with a lot of people down there,” Ian tells us of the latest semi-good news out of the Gulf Coast. “I know we all hated it, the 1.7 million gallons of [oil]. It could have been Armageddon.”

But thankfully, the tide of crude oil seems to have ebbed away, at least for now.

Explains the actor-activist: “There is a significant amount of oil in the marshes, but a lot of it is evaporating. It wasn’t as horrible as it could have been. It was really bad, and there are definite areas that are destroyed forever—places in Grande Isle, La., and certain beaches—but a lot of these marshes are going to bounce back. The nurseries, the areas of young shellfish and fish that were incubating and growing that we thought would be covered [in oil] and destroyed, I don’t think were really hit. Mind you, this is all very premature. Yes, it’s a disaster, but it’s a lot better than if it would have just kept gushing.”

Now that Ian’s cry for action has been heard, the next step is helping to recover the Gulf’s economy.

“There’s still a stigma about the seafood in that region,” he tells us of the deterioration of the area’s main source of income.. “They’re catching a lot of seafood, but they’re being turned away at the docks. A lot of preliminary testing of a lot of these animals, the speckled trout, the red fish, shrimp, crab, oysters, all of it coming in, shows that there’s no oil on these animals. I hope we can get enough testing soon that will give enough conclusive evidence that these animals are not contaminated and that we need to start buying this seafood again and supporting these people.

“We learned a lot, and maybe in 10 years we’ll really realize what happened, why the government didn’t step in more,” Ian says of the oil spill’s ultimate outcome. “It’s really a shame how we handled it. We lost a giant ecosystem because of it. But it taught us a great deal.”

Ultimately, the message from the talented thesp and do-gooder is this: “We can’t let this happen again. We can never see this again in our lifetime. Ever, actually—screw our lifetimes. That’s the goal, to never see this again. And it never should happen again.”

HELP: Continue to support Gulf Coast relief efforts here and here.


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Sep 30th: Exclusive Interview: Candice Accola on Life as a Vampire

Linda | Categories: Candice Accola, Exclusive, Season 2, TV Series | 1 Comment

Candice Accola has always been a key member of The Vampire Diaries cast.

But the actress has essentially received a promotion this season, bumped up to the role of full-fledged blood sucker. Below, she speaks exclusively to TV Fanatic about the character of Caroline and what lies ahead …

Caroline is one bad-ass vamp! Pretty sure everyone fell in love with vampire Caroline from the “you suck” line.
Yes she is! Julie Plec actually told me about that line before we got that script. She was talking about it since they had already plotted out that episode. I anticipated that line for a while, so I was very excited to shoot it.

What can we look for in season two?
Action, action, action. This season is very fast-paced. The first season told the story, and second season… just hold on for the ride.

Do you think Caroline took it easy on Damon, considering everything he put her through?
Definitely. At the same time, Caroline is very new to this whole world of being a vampire and what she’s capable of and what she’s not capable of. In order to become a vampire, part of you dies. It’s a very, traumatizing thing. That fact that Damon has already tried to kill her again… she doesn’t know how powerful he is. In her mind, what if he’s as powerful as Katherine? I think there’s only so much playing with fire you want to do when you’re already half dead. It’d be a little scary to push his buttons too much until she knows what she’s capable of, and more importantly what he is capable of.

We ended of last week’s episode with Katherine and Caroline. Anything you can spoil about that?
I can’t tell too much since the writers did such a good job. I can say that Katherine is very used to getting what she wants and she’s not going anywhere. She’ll be playing in Mystic Falls for a while. Katherine and Caroline’s paths will continue to cross. The viewers will just have to wait.

Explain Caroline’s decision to force Matt to dump her.
I think something that’s very human in becoming a vampire for Caroline is that she gains perspective. She recognized an unhealthy relationship, essentially. Part of growing up is looking at the bigger picture of not only what’s best for you but whats best for someone you love, whether that’s a lover or a family member or a friend and I think that she’s starting to do that. The Caroline in first season, if she was going through something traumatic, she would be like… “but I love you and I want to tear you down with me. If I’m going down you’re going with me because I need someone with me to figure this out with.”

She’s starting to find a little more security in herself, where she’s recognizing someone else being happy is more important than her always feeling loved by them.

Is it completely over for them?
Honestly, I really don’t know. It’s the second season, and just like with any relationship you realize, how do you know when it’s ever over? Obviously there are certain points where, goodness, you hope so and should be. But you never know. They’re still going to be in the same town and in the same group and their paths will cross, so stay tuned!

Are you on Team Delena or Stelena?
I don’t know, the billboards where all three of them are together is pretty sexy [laughs]. Everyone’s on team Delena right now, but I think it’s just going to keep going back and forth. Neither one if a perfect relationship. I’m going to go with team Delena. You always want what you can’t have and that one’s definitely complicated. Makes for a good watch.

Will we be seeing more of Stefan helping Caroline through her journey?
She needs someone like him to help her. She can’t talk about it with her mom, obviously. She’s on the outs with Bonnie right now and Elena can only relate so much and she doesn’t trust Damon. She can’t talk to Matt. Stefan is the only one in her life that’s saying “you can talk to me, you can trust me, and I’m going to protect you the best I can.” It’s opened up an opportunity for a beautiful relationship, and a vampire guru of sorts for Caroline.

In episode two, a lot of viewers translated Elena’s “this isn’t us” quote to Bonnie as a way of holding on to someone who is still human. Would you consider Bonnie part of “us” or part of the supernatural?
My interpretation is that “us” meant that there is good and there is evil. There’s people who have morals and there are people that don’t. In Mystic Falls, whether you are supernatural or human, there are those with morals and those without. By “us,” she meant we don’t just kill because we want someone to be killed. We have justice, we have morals, we have perspective.


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Sep 30th: Interview: Ian Somerhalder Talks Emmy Award Chances and More

Linda | Categories: Exclusive, Season 2, TV Series | Comments Off on Interview: Ian Somerhalder Talks Emmy Award Chances and More

Will Ian Somerhalder ever win an Emmy Award for his portrayal of Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries? Whose life would this character choose to save, if only given one option: Elena’s or Stefan’s? How has Damon changed since we first met him?

In an exclusive interview with TV Fanatic, the actor who makes women swoon and men stand up to cheer answered these questions and many more. He even touched on efforts to clean up the oil spill in his native Louisiana. Warning to fans: you’re about to like Somerhalder even more than you did before…

We didn’t think it would be possible to surpass season one, but season two is proving us wrong.
I hope so. It’s actually going to get better. We are committed and we understand that we have to make this a better season of television than last year. Katherine’s back, and there are a couple of other unknown forces that are lurking about. I think this season’s dynamic is that it’s not quite as much fun for Damon to be honest with you [laughs]. I don’t get to wreak havoc and destroy shit, but it’s a little more layered and dynamic. I think the cool thing is that Stefan and Damon are going to have to bind together and set their differences aside and fight for what they love, which is the town and Elena.

What has changed for Damon?
I think that what’s sort of thrown Damon for a loop is what he said at the end of the finale, “I came to this town wanting to destroy it and everything in it, and now I find myself wanted to protect it.” How the hell does that happen? I think that it happens because when you forge relationships with people you raise stakes, you have something to lose. For someone who’s never had anything to lose, it’s throwing him a bit. It’s fun to play, but I think there are a lot of things that are about to pop up that are going to make for some action.

Damon has grown from being such a sweet person, as we see in flashbacks, to someone so full of anger.
I think what’s sad about Damon is that he’s such a tortured character. In life, we use humor as a band aid; it’s a medicine for pain, which is why comedians are the most miserable people you’ve ever met. These two brothers have dealt with a pretty substantial amount of pain in their lives, like anybody, except it’s drawn out over a century and a half. I think now, Damon feels, if anything, just stupid. You know when you do something you know is your fault and you’ve suffered from it? You just want to slap yourself.

There are petitions online that want you to be nominated for an Emmy.
Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. Damon being [Entertainment Weekly‘s] Sexiest Beast and me being nominated for an Emmy are two very different things. If I had that mind compulsion thing that Damon had I could probably go to the Academy and just brainwash them all.

If Stefan and Elena’s relationship is so great, why do you think there are so many Delena fans out there?
I don’t know. I think the only difference is, Stefan’s a much more sound individual. I just think the only reason is, Stefan’s got so much to deal with… with his brother, protecting his girlfriend, all of this shit, that Damon just has a lot more fun, and I think Stefan is just so concerned with protecting or making everything right, that Elena ends up having more fun with Damon.

We’ve learned a lot about Damon via flashbacks. Is there any background on the character you’d still like to know?
What his favorite color was. No, just kidding. Yeah, there are a couple of things. I would like to know what Damon was doing to fill those 150 years. I can almost guarantee that he slept with Marilyn Monroe, and probably hung out with Cary Grant and Humphrey Bogart and all those guys. Did he go to Rolling Stonea concerts? How cool would it be to see a scene of old stock footage of Damon being in the exact same clothing, but sort of standing backstage or sitting in the front of a Rolling Stones concert in 1968. How cool would that be? Maybe by season three when we have the money [laughs].

What were those 150 years filled with? I wouldn’t say that Damon was the most philanthropic human being in the world, but who knows. Was he? I don’t know. I’d love to know what he did, the relationships that he had. It’s interesting.

What’s your favorite Damon one-liner of all-time?
There are a lot of them. But one of them that I really, really loved is the Count Deepak line. One of the coolest, most surreal experiences I’ve ever had was when I was doing that Larry King telethon for the Golf Oil spill and Deepak Chopra came up to me. He said “I really like that line in your television show, and my niece is going to kill me if I don’t get a picture with you.” This is Deepak Chopra saying this to me on the stage of Larry King Live. I thought, if nothing else comes from this television show, no career, no nothing, that would be worth it.

If Damon had so save either Elena or Stefan, who would it be?
Wow. It couldn’t be save Stefan and Elena and lose his own life? Because I think at the end of the day at this point, truly, because he’s an old man, and he’s fucked up enough, I think that if Damon had to choose between Elena living and him going bye-bye, I think in a heartbeat he would take the latter. He really would.

Here’s the thing: Stefan’s not going to sleep with him. So I definitely have to say that he would save Elena’s life. But Stefan can cook. It’s a total toss up. At the end of the day, the sex always wins over. It is a little odd to cross swords with your brother, but hey.

Where are things standing with Gulf oil spill, and how things are moving along with your efforts?
It’s coming. It’s a disaster, and everyone’s been so helpful. I think BP’s going to make it right. I know that the nurseries that we thought had been destroyed haven’t been destroyed, the marshes weren’t destroyed, which is great. I think overall, with a lot of help from man, I think Mother Nature is going to bounce back. There’s a lot of oil that we don’t know where it is and there’s going to be a lot of side effects. It’s too early to know. What we’re seeing right now, we have no idea what’s lurking under the surface or what’s going to happen next year.

How can fans get involved?
I am putting together a foundation that’s going to work in conjunction with a bunch of other foundations that will be very, very focused on going into that region, and helping. A great deal. The National Wildlife Federation, the RDC, are involved in what’s going on. Right now, there needs to be a solid go-to place in order to help, and that’s what I’m literally working on as we speak. I’m not even kidding. Keep up and support these people, there’s a lot that needs to happen.


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Sep 28th: Ian Somerhalder: Romance with Elena is Damon’s ‘Pipe Dream’

Linda | Categories: Exclusive, Ian Somerhalder, Season 2, TV Series | 1 Comment

Now that we’ve heard Ian Somerhalder’s thoughts on a “Vampire Diaries” musical episode, and how playing Damon’s softer side is a challenge, what else did we have to discuss with the CW superstar?

Why, the possibility of a hook-up between his character, Damon, and Nina Dobrev’s Elena, of course. Unfortunately for “Dalena” fans, Ian said the forecast for their romantic future is pretty bleak.

“Look, here’s the thing, I don’t know how he’s going to get back into her good graces. He killed her brother, there is no better way to tell someone you love them then to snap their brother’s neck. Most people do flowers,” Ian told MTV News recently. “I’ve heard [fans want] that and even in talking to Kevin [Williamson] and Julie [Plec]… How? That’s the question: How in the hell is he going to get back in her good graces? How is she ever going to trust him again? How is she ever even going to want to look at him again?”

Somerhalder went on to say that he doesn’t think a relationship is in the cards for Damon and Elena, that it’s just “a pipe dream for Damon.” He had similar thoughts regarding fans’ wanting a Damon-Bonnie pairing.

“Again, she hates him! Hates him. And not like the kind of hate that could eventually turn into love, she despises the guy,” Ian said. “Five generations for her family have despised the guy, you know what I mean?

“How many times could he be rejected?” he added. “Poor guy. He would probably be better off leaving Mystic Falls and going to the Caribbean for 100 years.”

Somehow we sincerely doubt that. Even in the Caribbean Damon would find a way to incite death and destruction.


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Sep 27th: Ian Somerhalder Wants To Do a Musical Episode of Vampire Diaries

Linda | Categories: Exclusive, Ian Somerhalder, Season 2 | Comments Off on Ian Somerhalder Wants To Do a Musical Episode of Vampire Diaries

For those who enjoyed last week’s “Vampire Diaries” episode tease from series star Ian Somerhalder, we have a slew of juicy goods to roll-out this week (in addition to Ian having admitted that playing the softer side of Damon is a challenge, and that he spends his days off trying to save the world, of course).

For today’s installment, we bring you Ian’s thoughts on his new “Sexy Beast” status, hazing from his co-stars and the answer to an excellent reader-submitted question: Would he consider doing a musical episode?

“I would do a musical episode in a heartbeat!” Ian exclaimed, then revealed that one of his fellow cast members has a hidden talent that would be perfect for a musical. “Zach Roerig [aka Matt] is a tap dancer,” he said. “Who would’ve thought?”

So what would be Damon’s go-to musical number?

“I don’t know… Damon would be more like the barber of Fleet Street [a la “Sweeney Todd”]. He would be the guy who sings as he cuts people’s arms off,” he said matter-of-factly—which made us laugh out loud. “Full, Johnny Depp style.”

Speaking of Johnny Depp and movies, would Ian consider doing more feature films?

“Well absolutely. Are you kidding? It will happen eventually,” he said. “Right now this show is our focus, this is what we’re doing. We’re in the thick of it, and it’s an amazing place to be… We have the best jobs ever and hopefully features come down the pike.”

We mentioned that given his new “Sexy Beast” status, bestowed by Entertainment Weekly readers, the move scripts should be pouring in by now.

“I just walk around the set growling now,” he joked, adding that he got “a lot” of hazing from his fellow cast members for that title. “That was pretty awesome,” he said. “That was a trip.”

Speaking of the on-set dynamics among the popular cast, Ian said that everyone gets along really well.

“Paul [Wesley] and I just pretty much make fun of each other all day,” he said. “Nina [Dobrev] pretty much makes fun of the two of us all day.”

Has this friendly banter led to any pet names or nicknames?

“We don’t necessarily have nicknames [for each other], if there are nicknames, they’re not very PG-13 or even 17… Yeah, I’ll leave those silent.”


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Sep 27th: Fan Experiences: New York Fan Meets Cast & Views Set Locations

Natalie | Categories: Exclusive, Fan Experiences, Fun, HQ, Katerina Graham, Photos, Steven R. McQueen, Zach Roerig | Comments Off on Fan Experiences: New York Fan Meets Cast & Views Set Locations

Thanks to my friend Jeantte for sending in her wonderful story! Pictures are after the story!

I recently had the pleasure going down to Georgia where The Vampire Dairies is filmed. I was only staying for a few days. I decided to take a tour with Vampire Stalkers . They took me to some of the outside locations where TVD films. I saw many places such as Elena’s House ,The Mystic Grill , Tyler’s mansion and a lot of other locations.

While I was there I found out that TVD was actually going to be shooting at one of the locations the very next day. I couldn’t believe it what luck so I went their the next day with the lady that runs the tour. The was about 25 of us waiting to catch a glimpse of one of the cast. It seemed like forever that we had been waiting and after several hours of waiting low and behold Kat Graham emerges. I was like OMG it’s Kat Graham (Bonnie Bennett). She stopped to pose for pictures and sign autographs. She was the sweetest celebrity I have ever met I had asked her if she would pose for a picture for my son and sign an autograph for him and she did it was very sweet of her to do this.

The others told her I was from New York and that we had missed Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy Gilbert) earlier when he came out. She said I’m going to ask him to come out again. She stayed for a bit and then said goodbye and went inside. We sat and waited when all of a sudden we see Candice Accola (Caroline Forbes) I waved at her and she had them stop the car. She got out to pose for a few pictures for she was pressed for time she said. She quickly took pictures with everyone waved goodbye and left. I was in shock and couldn’t believe my luck. I sat down again and waited cause I was hoping for Steven to return. I found out that Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore) and Paul Wesley ( Stefan Salvatore) had left earlier for the day so I wasn’t going to get a chance to meet them.

Jessica the lady from the vampire stalkers had sent in cast books that she had made up for the cast from stuff fans had sent her with Kat Graham earlier in the day. We were waiting a while when all of a sudden I see Zach Roerig ( Matt Donovan ) walking over to us asking who made the cast book for him. I just stared at him he had the most beautiful eyes I ever seen . I was wearing an aeropostale shirt that had new york across it and Zach noticed it and said to me your from New York me too I’m from BROOKLYN in the house. He then asked me what part of new york I was from. He then took a picture with me and I was crazy about him. Zach Roerig is absolutely gorgeous. He was so kind making sure everyone got a picture with him and talking with us all. He then said goodbye and left.

I waited to see if anyone else would be able to come out and as I waited their for 14 hours that day. I want you all to know how extremely hard they all work to give us The Vampire Diaries . I saw Nina Dobrev several times she was their longer than I was and let me tell you I am in awe of how hard she works. I didn’t get a chance to meet her or Ian or Paul.

Kat came out several times that day and finally on her last return out for the day she came back with Steven McQueen. I was so thrilled and thanked him over and over for coming back out . He said I heard about you ladies I looked for you earlier. I was floored . He posed for pictures signed autographs and let me tell you he is so kind and wow he’s really is cute. He also posed with everyone smiled so sweetly and they both took time to talk to us all.

I kept thinking wow these people are truly awesome people who really love their fans. It was time for them to go and Kat turns to us and says let’s all meet for ice cream tomorrow. I was like OMG is she serious and she was .

We met the next day at he favorite sweet shop and she said down across from where I was and chated with us. I couldn’t believe how kind she was. She sat and talked with us for about an hour and even took a picture and tweeted it. I can’t tell you all how priceless this experience . I wouldn’t trade in for anything in the world and many thanks goes out to Jessica and the vampirestalkers for all their help.

Note: Fan Experience photos on this site are exclusive to our site. The photo owners were kind enough to share their experiences and photos with us. Please do not simply take the photos and repost them on your site. You are welcome to tell your site visitors about the experiences and photos, even use 1 photo as a preview, but PLEASE redirect people to our site to view the full album of photos and to read the full story. Thank you.

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