(SPOILERS) Joseph Morgan & Claire Holt Tease “The Originals’ Season 1 & Talk “The Vampire Diaries” Differences

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(SPOILERS) The Originals Cast Talk whats to come at TVD100 Event

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Daniel Gillies Celebrates 100 Episodes of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES

Daniella Pineda Celebrates 100 Episodes of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES

Leah Pipes Celebrates 100 Episodes of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES

Daniella Pineda Talks THE ORIGINALS

Leah Pipes Talks THE ORIGINALS

Joseph Morgan Talks THE ORIGINALS

Charles Michael Davis Talks THE ORIGINALS

Claire Holt Talks THE ORIGINALS

Phoebe Tonkin Talks THE ORIGINALS

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The Originals: Fruit of the Poisoned Tree – Review

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Warning! Contains Spoilers!

Marcel has taken revenge on Klaus and raised the stakes in their power struggle.

This week’s episode of The Originals has revenge written all over it. Everyone has a score to settle and in carrying out their revenge, they poison fragile relationships and alliances. The ultimate revenge committed by Marcel, however, will be the turning point for the power struggle between him and Klaus.

As the episode opens, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) are in the living room of their home, each reading a book. Rebekkah (Claire Holt) observes them and calls them, “the vampire book club”.

What happens next, cleverly sets the stage for what the episode will be about.
Klaus glances at what he is reading: ‘The Poison Tree’, the 1794 poem by William Blake in which the narrator’s repressed feelings of anger towards someone will eventually lead to murder. (Punctuation is as shown from the original poem. Source: Wikipedia).

Klaus looks angrily at Elijah as he narrates the poem:
“I was angry at my friend; I told my wrath. my wrath did end.”

The scene cuts to Marcel going inside the Palace Royale Hotel, as Klaus reads,
“I was angry with my foe; I told it not. my wrath did grow.”

Cut to Father Kieran (Todd Stashwick) in St. Anne’s church, holding some kind of meeting. Klaus continues to narrate:
“And I watered it in my fears,
Night and morning with my tears;
And I sunned it with smiles,
And with soft deceitful wiles,
And it grew both day and night.”

Klaus looks at Haley (Phoebe Tonkin) as she passes through the room, then at Elijah, who gets up to follow her into the kitchen. Klaus finishes the poem:
“Till it bore an apple bright.
And my foe beheld it shine,
And into my garden stole.
When the night had veild the pole;
In the morning glad I see,
My foe outstretched beneath the tree.”

In between them, lying on a coffee table, is a young, dead woman, who Klaus had made as a gift to Elijah. Elijah says he will forgive Klaus only if he changes his actions, not by accepting his “gifts”. In the kitchen, Haley (Phoebe Tokin) catches Elijah up on what has happened to her since he was gone.

Meanwhile, Sophie (Daniella Pineda) and Sabeen (Shannon Kane) are in Sophie’s shop, discussing how the witches are now against Sophie. Suddenly, two hooded figures appear and knock out Sabeen, blow some kind of powder into Sophie’s face rendering her unconscious, and kidnap her.

Back at the Mikaelson’ home, Rebekkah is busy cleaning the 200 year old carpet from the blood of the dead girl and sees Elijah take a page out of their mother’s spell book (or Grimmeoir as Elijah calls it). He tells her and Klaus that he promised Davina that he would help her control her magic in exchange for his freedom. Elijah says he thought he’d give her the unlinking spell, so the link between Sophie and Haley would be broken. This is Elijah’s revenge for Sophie lying to them about only wanting to get rid of Marcel, but falsely forming a contract with them so she could get Davina back.

Elijah gives the spell to Davina and promises her she can have one of her own choosing if she succeeds at this one.

Meanwhile, Josh (Steven Krueger) is questioned by Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) about where Klaus resides. Marcel discovers it’s not the Palace Royal Hotel and Josh lies that it is the place he had dropped Klaus off a couple of times. Marcel tells Josh he needs someone to trust, and realizes it’s Thierry (Callad Harris), his once best friend that he bricked up in The Garden for killing a fellow vampire.

At St. Anne’s church, Cami (Leah Pipes) visits her uncle, Father Kieran, to discuss her concern over not being upset about her twin brother’s murderous spree anymore and she feels she’s letting someone get away with his death. He tells her that only Sean (her brother) is responsible for what happened. (That’s about to change!)

It is Agnes (Karen Kaia Levers), the last Elder of the coven (and last witch who can do The Harvest ritual), that has kidnapped Sophie and she injects Sophie with a cursed needle that will kill Haley’s unborn child, as she and Sophie are linked. Haley starts to feel the effects of the spell, while Klaus and Elijah interrogate Sabeen about where to find Agnes.

Back at the Mikaelson’s, Rebekkah reveals to Haley that she’s leaving New Orleans now that she knows Elijah is safe (the only reason she came back, she says). She doesn’t want to stick around to clean up her brothers’ mess of dealing with Marcel. Haley suddenly begins to feel the effects of the spell and feels feverish.

Klaus and Elijah have found Sophie, who tells them that Agnes used a cursed object called ‘The Needle of Sorrows’ to inject her. She says cursed objects are the only way to use magic without Marcel knowing. This needle’s purpose is to kill an unborn child by rising up blood temperature. Elijah tells Sophie she needs to be unlinked from Haley and that their deal no longer stands.

Meanwhile, down in The Garden, Marcel releases Thierry (Callard Harris) from his brick prison to talk about Klaus. He wants to know what Klaus is hiding and asks Thierry to recount about the night he killed the vampire. Thierry is convinced that the vampire Max he killed was drained (Max had been missing) and compelled by Klaus and that the “evidence” of his betrayal was planted because after only a few minutes it was found in the darkness of the witch’s shop. He warns Marcel to watch his back.

At St. Anne’s church, Klaus barges in on a meeting Father Kieran is holding with the mayor and others (town government?). They go eye to eye about finding the witch, Agnes. When Kieran wants to know why should he find her, Klaus spills the secret that it was Agnes that hexed Sean, his nephew. He gives Kieran one hour to decide if he wants to help Klaus. After he leaves, Kieran orders the men to search cell phone records and anything else that will help them find Agnes, but not to divulge the information to Klaus. Father Kieran has his own revenge in mind, for Agnes. (Saw that coming!)

Elijah brings Sophie back to the house and she concocts a herb mixture to slow the fever down in Haley. Rebekkah is sent to retrieve the herbs and she bumps into Marcel who tries to trip her up on where she’s staying.

Father Kieran receives a text with the location of Agnes, but Klaus stops him before he can leave. He strikes a deal with Kieran to bring Agnes to the church to deal with her, and ensures Cami’s safety. When Agnes is brought to the church, Father Kieran tries to scare her and then Klaus threatens her with “things worse than death” if she doesn’t undo the curse on Haley. She said it can’t be undone and it’s only a matter of time before it works.

At the house, Elijah holds Haley in the swimming pool and takes Sophie’s herb remedy that together, will bring her heart rate and blood pressure down. (Right, a hot guy holding you in his arms will do that. Not!). As the situation reaches critical mass, Davina (Danielle Campbell) succeeds in the unlinking spell and Haley is saved. Elijah goes off to meet Klaus, and Elijah promises to Sophie that he won’t let Klaus won’t kill Agnes. Haley tells Sophie that if she tries to use her again to save the witches, she’ll kill her. (The revenge plots are piling up!) Rebekkah tells Elijah that she wants no part of him and Klaus’ plans, so she’s leaving.

At St. Anne’s church, Elijah finds Klaus has Agnes in a choke-hold, ready to snap her neck. Elijah asks him not to do it, and Klaus replies that he’s tired of doing things Elijah’s way. Elijah will give Klaus his forgiveness if Klaus doesn’t make him break his word to Sophie. Klaus relents and releases Agnes, pouting over his fun being spoiled. Then comes the best lines in the episode: “I swore you would not die by my brother’s hand. I said nothing about my own. No one hurts my family and lives. No one.” And he snaps Agnes’ neck.

Rebekkah and Marcel have a good-bye tryst. Rebekkah tries to get Marcel to leave New Orleans with her. But, of course, he refuses. He tries to get her to reveal where they are staying, but she won’t let on. She offers him an apple and he refuses, because it reminds him of things he’d rather forget (his past as a boy slave). After she leaves, he looks at the apple and it sparks an idea. Marcel follows Josh to the Mikaelson’s house. He hides behind the apple trees and he picks up an apple and remembers his days as a boy slave at this house (it was the Governor’s home, who was his father). When Josh leaves, Marcel knocks on the front door and is greeted by Haley.

Klaus goes to Cami and reveals what happened to Sean and that the witch who hexed him has been killed. She slaps him hard and he’s shocked. She angrily responds that he’s made her culpable in a revenge murder. She threatens that once she finds out what he’s done to her, he will wish he’d never laid eyes on her. (Another revenge threat to add to the pile).

Marcel bumps into Klaus leaving the bar after his confrontation with Cami. Marcel lets Klaus know he paid a visit to his house. Elijah returns to the house to find Haley missing; he calls Rebekkah who is on her way out of town and she tells him Haley is not with her. Klaus tells Elijah that Marcel was at the house. Marcel it appears, has kidnapped Haley.

Wow, so many revenge plots and threats, I lost count!
More questions for next time: Now that Marcel has Haley, will Klaus lose the power fight? Will Klaus and Elijah be able to rescue her? Will Davina rescue her or is her alliance with Marcel still strong? Or will she forge one with Elijah since she is now free from the ritual since Agnes was killed by him? Will Rebekkah turn around and come back to help? Will Cami do good on her threat to Klaus? How will Klaus handle her if he thinks she is now a liability?

What did you think of this week’s episode?

The Vampire Diaries: Saints and Sinners – Review

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Warning! Contains Spoilers!

Davina reveals the secret of her power that could put everyone’s alliances into jeopardy.

Episode 5 of The Originals this week was a cleverly done back story that revealed the origin of Davina’s powers. Using flashbacks with one-on-one conversations, Davina’s past is recounted by Sophie to Klaus (part of it), by Davina to Elijah, and by Marcel to Klaus.

The opening of the episode finds a death-warmed-over looking Elijah (Daniel Gilles) tells Davina (Danielle Campbell) he believes they along with Klaus, can end the war between vampires and witches before it begins, if Davina acts as her true self, and not a tool for the witches or Marcel. She questions why she should trust Elijah, and he responds that he hasn’t gone for her blood because she’s a child, even though he’s ravenous. Showing Elijah she trusts him, Davina pricks her finger and gives him a drop of blood that sort of revives him (at least his face has its color back!).

Meanwhile, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) has brought Sophie (Daniella Pineda) back to the Micaleson mansion. He accuses her of breaking her promise to protect Haley (Phoebe Tokin) and her unborn child by allowing a gaggle of witches to attack her (in the bayou). Sophie denies any involvement, reminding Klaus that if Haley dies, she also dies as they are linked. She blames Sabine for inciting a group of what she calls extremists for the ambush, by telling them of her vision that the unborn child will bring death to all witches.

Rebekkah (Claire Holt) interrupts and asks who these extremists are. She reminds Sophie that Elijah is now talking to Davina to win her loyalty. Sophie is surprised, but says Davina will have a lot to say about the extremists. Sophie recounts how she wasn’t always for the witches, unlike her sister and her parents who were devoted witches. Sophie left the Quarter only returned when she wanted to be a chef. Upon her return, her sister informed her the elders were going ahead with ‘The Harvest’, a ritual done by the coven every three centuries so the bond to their ancestral magic is restored. The coven had the girls in the witch’s community preparing for months and four ‘special’ girls were chosen for ritual. Sophie believed it all a myth. When Rebekkah asks if it was, Klaus receives a call from Marcel.

Marcel (Charles Davis Michaels) tells Klaus he’s off to the bayou to investigate a report of dead witches out in the Bayou. He asks Klaus to go with him only because his blood is a cure for a werewolf bite. Klaus agrees but Sophie says he can’t go. She needs to gather the witches remains and consecrate them or lose the link to their magic. Klaus tells her to stay put until he returns; he doesn’t want Marcel’s informants to find out anything that would lead Marcel back to Haley or the Originals.

At St Anne’s Church, Father Kieran (Todd Stashwick) calls Marcel out for using Davina against the witches. Marcel brushes him off for defending the witches and tells him that he’s moving her because too many people know her whereabouts. Marcel goes up to the attic and tells Davina his plan. She then misleads Marcel into believing that Elijah is still in his coffin, and she has a spell in progress. After he leaves, she tells Elijah that Marcel, not the witches, are her family because they lie and deserve what Marcel is doing to them. She then summarizes The Harvest ritual, the reason why she hates the witches. Her and her friends (the chosen, special ones) were told they would be forever celebrated as saviors of the witch community. But it was all about power, so she left. However, time is running out for The Harvest to be completed. Once it is, the Reaping must take place. If it doesn’t, the witches will lose their power and cease to be witches. The Harvest can only be completed with Davina’s death.

At the cemetery, Sophie ignores Klaus and gets ready head out to the Bayou. Haley finds out and convinces Sophie she’ll be safer with Haley since whatever killed the witches, were likely werewolves, like her. Sophie rejects her offer. Rebekkah shows up to scold them both and tries to stop them, but Haley guilts Rebekkah into keeping her promise to keep her safe, and to devise a distraction for Marcel. The three head out to the Bayou. Rebekkah informs Klaus of what’s going on, and asks him to stall Marcel when they meet at a Bayou bar.

At the Bayou bar, Klaus suggests he and Marcel talk before they head out to find the dead witches. Klaus can’t get answers to why Elijah hasn’t been returned and rebuffs Marcel that he won’t get his hands on Davina, so he asks Marcel how he met her. He recounts the past eight months where vampires and witches were getting along and Marcel was having a secret fling with Sophie. Wanting to stop The Harvest and her niece Monique being chosen for the sacrifice, Sophie goes to Father Kieran (instead of Marcel) for help. Inside St Anne’s, the two confront three witches (who are they?). They are angry that Sophie has revealed their ritual and Father Kieran asks them to find another why to find power to fight the vampires (who they say are a growing threat). He warns them that he is their only ally and without him, they’ll face Marcel alone.

Just then, Sean (Matt Kabus), a seminary student, interrupts the meeting. When Father Kieran leaves, one of the witches puts a hex on Father Kieran’s nephew — Sean. It made Sean think he was slowly losing his sanity. This would provide a distraction for Father Kieran while the witches kept planning The Harvest. Sean would eventually kill all the seminary students and then himself. (His uncle would witness this first hand). Klaus mentions Sean having or being a twin to see what Marcel knows. Marcel confirms Sean had a twin sister (but doesn’t know it’s Cami; Klaus does).

Back to the attic. Elijah is repairing Tim’s violin while he questions Davina about The Harvest. She explains that the witches told the four special girls that they would go into limbo, a kind of deep sleep and then during The Reaping, they would awake and be reborn. But Davina never got to the “being in limbo” part. She intends to wait out the time has passed to complete The Harvest, and then she’ll be free from magic, be normal. Right now, she hates magic, because she has trouble controlling it and ends up hurting people. She tells Elijah about Tim (a normal guy) and Monique who was part of the Harvest, and her best friend. She said Monique was lucky to have her aunt, Sophie, to stand up for her, to speak out against the Harvest. Elijah is shocked at the revelation about Sophie.

At the Bayou, Sophie, Haley and Rebekkah find the witches bodies and discover a wolf track. However, one of Marcel’s informants sees Rebekkah, but they lose him. Rebekkah calls Klaus to let him know. At Klaus’ suggestion, she heads to the bar to distract Marcel while he finds the informant. First though, Klaus asks Marcel to continue with his story about Sophie and The Harvest. Marcel said he does have a rule about kids.

Meanwhile, at the attic, Davina tells Elijah that nobody ever questioned The Harvest, not her, or her mother; only Sophie did. Then she goes into what happened the night when The Harvest began. At the cemetery, the four girls where paraded out in front of the witch community, to an altar (not sure). Bastianna (Shannon Eubanks) one of the four Elders cast a binding spell of their past and future magic with the four elements, earth, wind, water, and fire. Davina said they knew what to expect; that the knife would be used to cut their palms and put them to a sleep. At the Reaping the girls would all be resurrected together and be more powerful. When the first girl came forward, Sophie appeared, asking Bastianna not to do it, but she is subdued. Davina said they didn’t suspect anything was wrong even with Sophie’s outburst.

The ritual resumed with the first girl. She extended her palm but Bastianna took it and slit the girl’s throat. Panic broke out among the girls. Davina said everyone involved, except the four, knew what was really going to happen to them. No one came forward to help them, except one person — Marcel. He showed up with his henchmen and attacked the witches.

Back at the bar, Marcel tells Klaus how he intervened. Father Kieran knew all the details of the Harvest from Sophie. After his nephew Sean was killed, he was devastated and decided to leave. But on his way out of town, he asked Marcel to stop The Harvest, knowing that Marcel would, because he didn’t like abuse against kids and didn’t want the witches to have more power. But just as Marcel got there, Monique (Yasmine Al-Bustami) is killed and Davina was the last one left, and he saved her. He found her to be a fighter, not wanting to part of the slaughter. Marcel felt they were kindred spirits. He said he is protecting her and stopping the witches finishing The Harvest. Klaus reminds him that he’ll lose his power if the witches lose theirs (from not finishing the ritual).

Davina explains to Elijah that each girl who was killed, passed their power on to the next. When Monique died, she passed hers on to Davina,. She now had all of their power which was supposed to be released into the Earth to appease their ancestors, but wasn’t because she didn’t die. Davina wondered whether the witches had lied to them about being resurrected, so she let Marcel save her.

Rebekkah shows up at the bar to distract Marcel while Klaus leaves and takes care of the informant (neck snap anyone?). When he returns to the bar, they realize Marcel has given them the slip.

Back at the attic, Elijah plays Let’s Make a Deal. He tells Davina that all the power she has from her friends is too much for her and she needs to learn how to control it through study and practice. He offers to share his mother’s grimemoirs (yes, that’s right; a witch’s memoirs?), a series of books that contain spells, etc., to help Davina control her magic, if she frees him from the attic. However, if she leaves (Marcel is relocating her, remember?), he won’t see her again nor be able to find or help her.

Marcel has gone to the attic to move Davina. Still not knowing Elijah is awake, Marcel suggests leaving him behind as a goodwill gesture to his siblings. But as they are leaving the church, Davina uses her magic to shake it up. She says something dangerous is waiting outside and to take her back. She faints, and Marcel returns her to the attic, thus sealing the deal with Elijah. On the way out, Father Kieran confronts Marcel about failing to follow through with the plan to take Davina out of town after The Harvest. Marcel tells him to stay out of his business. Kieran says fine but he calls the shots with the humans and not to make an enemy of him. He tells Marcel to stay away from his niece, Cami. (more family ties; that’ll make it interesting for Klaus).

At the Bayou, Haley asks if Sophie was right about The Harvest being a myth. Sophie says no; she saw it work, she now believes it is real. Haley then asks how can she be sure that Sabine’s vision isn’t real (Sophie said earlier she didn’t believe it was).
At the house, Rebekkah lets Haley know that she’s there for her. Klaus and Elijah surprise them. Elijah follows Haley outside to the porch, where she welcomes him home and then slaps him. She tells him not to make promises he can’t keep. (ouch!). Elijah tells everyone that it was a lie told by Jane-Anne Deveraux that brought them to New Orleans. The war is not between the vampires and the witches but over Davina.

Sophie learns from her sister that if the ritual is not completed, the three girls (including her neice) will remain dead. She swears to her sister that together they will bring her niece, Monique back. She will seal off the cemetery from the vampires, defeat Marcel, and finish the ritual. She even promises to slit Davina’s throat herself.

Quite the information packed episode! Lots of questions answered, but as always, many remain. Will Davina betray Marcel for The Originals? Will the power struggle shift from Marcel and Klaus to Marcel and Father Kieran? Will alliances change? Did Elijah lose Haley’s trust? Armed with the truth, will Klaus’ game plan change?

What did you think of this week’s episode?

The Originals: ‘Girl in New Orleans’ – Review

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Warning! Contains Spoilers!

Has Klaus under estimated Marcel’s potent secret weapon?

The CW drama, The Originals, has delivered one of its most riveting episodes so far.

In a nutshell: Davina convinces Marcel to let her attend the city’s music festival.
Hayley visits a Bayou doctor and makes an alarming discovery. Klaus draws Cami deeper into his plans. Elijah wakes up and devises an escape plan. Cami reveals the shocking secret in her past.

Now on to the devious details of what transpired in this episode.

Klaus (Joseph Morgan) invites Camille (Leah Pipes) to his house. Klaus explains why he is back in New Orleans (but not about his plan to oust Marcel). He explains there is a woman and a girl he wants to help. One is Haley who he wants to protect and the other, Davina, who he wants to free from Marcel. He offers her a job to write his memoirs which is a cover so she can spy on Marcel for him. He reveals he’s a vampire. Cami freaks out but Klaus compels her not to be afraid and to cooperate with him. All she will remember is the cover story. She asks him how he made her unafraid and he told her it is mind compulsion. (First Josh, now Cami. Why is Klaus telling them how it works?)

Meanwhile at the attic, Davina (Danelle Campbell), the teen witch, tells Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) she hasn’t figured out how to kill an Original yet, so he can’t return Elijah to Klaus. So far, she’s only figured out that the silver daggers hurt them.
Marcel tries to convince her to let Elijah go, but she changes the subject. Danvina asks him if she can leave her hideaway to attend the music festival. Marcel refuses at first. The witches will detect her. So, Davina makes his blood boil. Literally. He relents, but with some conditions. He will take her to the festival, but she must stay with his friend Camille for the evening.

At the bar, Cami devulges to Klaus that Marcel is bringing a young girl (Davina) he’s mentoring to tonight’s music festival and she’s going through a rebellious time. Marcel wants Cami to set things straight with her. Klaus explains who Davina is, then he compels Cami to take Marcel up on his offer, which she originally rejected.

Back at the Originals’ house, Agnes (Karen Kai Livers) the witch, wants Haley (Phobe Tokin) to go see a baby doctor, Dr. Paige, in the Bayou that evening for a check-up. Haley resists, but Rebekah tells her to go, as she’s lucky to even be having a baby. Agnus reassures her that the doctor is out in the boonies where the vampires won’t know she’s there. (Do I sense a set-up coming on?). Klaus takes a dig at Rebekah (Clair Holt) searching the internet for buildings with shutters that match those she saw in the attic when trying to rescue Elijah. Klaus tells her he believes things are shaky between Davina and Marcel, since Marcel won’t return Elijah. He plans to convince Davina to form a new alliance with him, and get Elijah back.

In trying to find Elijah, Rebekah plays the role of jealous ex-lover of Marcel’s to convince Dago (Eka Darville) one of Marcel’s inner circle vampires, to disclose where Marcel keeps Davina. He gives her one vague clue that Marcel must keep her close by, in the Quarter.

Later that night, Marcel brings Davina to the bar to meet up with Cami and goes over some rules (He’s starting to act like a father to her). Inside the bar, Davina spots a young guy playing the violin onstage, her friend Tim (Shane Coffey) who she knows from her past. Marcel leaves and Cami asks her who the boy is and Davina says it’s a friend from high school who she has known since they were 10.

Agnes and Haley arrive at Dr. Paige’s office out in the bayou. When Haley goes inside, Agnes places a call to someone to “send the men quickly” (uh-oh. Here come the what, vampires?).

Meanwhile, Rebekah walks into a dilapidated church in the Quarter, and is confronted by the priest, Father Kleron (Todd Stashwick). She tell him she’s looking for a certain kind of shutter and that the church attic seems to have them. She asks Father Kleron what happened at the church (the blood spatter on the floor and walls is a not a good sign). He explains that the church, St. Anne’s, has been abandoned since the massacre several years ago. A seminary student slaughtered nine of his fellow students at the altar and then killed himself in front of Father Kleron when he came to investigate the commotion.
Rebekah asks him where the attic is and when he refuses to say, she compels the answer from him.

Rebekah finds the attic and sees Elijah in his coffin. She can’t go in because she has to be invited. Elijah opens his eyes and the both of them are suddenly re-living a memory they shared centuries ago. Elijah did this so they can talk in safety. He intends to get a truce from Davina, end the war between the witches and vampires, and thus make Haley and her baby safe. He asks and Rebekah swears, she will look after and protect Haley.

Back at the doctor’s office. After the examination, Dr. Paige (Andrea Powell) says she has high blood pressure and will go get her something for it. Haley hears a wolf howl outside. She looks out the examination room window and sees nothing. (A warning for her?) She sees Dr. Paige talking with Agnes in another room as a car arrives and in come several men. The doctor tries to give Haley a pill, and when she refuses, the doctor tries the needle approach. Haley head butts her and sticks the needle in the doctor’s neck. (Ouch!) She locks the examination room’s door and flees out the window as the vampires break it down.

Meanwhile, Klaus finds Tim outside the bar and compels him to write a note to Davina to meet him. Klaus gives the note to Cami and instructs her to give it to Davina and then follow her. Cami and Davina arrive at St Anne’s church where Tim is waiting for her. Cami sits in the back, watching the two talk at the alter. Tim asks Davina why she wanted to meet in the creepy church with its violent history and she says she likes it. He asks why she left school, but she gives him a vague answer. She tells him she misses him and his violin playing. He takes out his violin and begins to play some mournful background music.

Klaus has joined Cami in the church. She discusses the massacre with him and then reveals why she’s so interested in it. The seminary student who did the killings, was her twin brother. She was devastated as there were no signs of him having a mental breakdown; no drug or alcohol usage. This is why she’s in New Orleans, to find out exactly what happened to her brother. She’s afraid that what happened to him, might happen to her, if it’s mental illness. Klaus compels her to return to the music festival and enjoy it while he attends to business (Davina!).

Father Kelron meets Marcel and says that Rebekah had been snooping around the church. But that she wasn’t able to compel him because of the vivain water he drinks. (What is he? A vampire?). He warns Marcel about having the Originals in town, but just as Marcel confronts him about it, one of the night walkers reports that they’ve lost track of Cami and Davina.

Back at St. Anne’s, Klaus compels Tim to sit in back of the church out of the way, while he speaks with Davina. He tries to convince her to break his alliance with Marcel. He asks her to join with him where he’ll give her safety and most importantly, allow her freedom, which is something Marcel does not. Klaus provokes her by insinuating that she is doing Marcel’s bidding for him, while she rots in her hideaway attic and Tim moves on with his life. This gets Davina a bit angry, and she starts to boil Klaus’ blood. (Must be her favorite trick). To wind her up more, Klaus grabs Tim and says its now up to her whether or not he hurts Tim. (Hold on tight! Klaus’ werewolf eyes are showing!).

The Klaus-Davina stand off continues. Klaus is still holding on to Tim. Davina uses her mind to break Klaus’ leg but he heals it. He says not to mess with him; that he won’t kill Tim if she swears allegiance to Klaus. Then comes the Carrie-esq response from Davina. The candles on the altar start blazing. A strong, howling wind blows inside the church, scattering pages of hymnal books everywhere (Is that what it is?). Voices start loudly chanting. Davina’s chest is heaving. Then she screams at the top of her lungs, flinging out her arms and open hands toward Klaus. In an instant, the windows of the church explode with such force, Klaus and Tim are tossed to the floor like rag dolls.

Meanwhile, in the woods outside the Dr. Paige’s office, knife carrying men are chasing Haley. But they’re no match for her. She takes them down, one by one, ninja werewolf style. As one last man approaches her, Rebekah appears and breaks his neck. She’s impressed with Haley’s skills and asks who the men are. Haley believes they’re witches or warlocks. (Uh, warlocks are guys, right?). Just then, more of the attackers arrive and Rebekah tells Haley to run. But Rebekah gets taken down with a couple of arrows to the heart. The men then shoot an arrow into Haley.

Cami runs into Marcel at the festival and when he asks where Davina is, she tells him.
Then it’s back to Rebekah, who wakes up and pulls the arrows out of her heart. Dead men are all around her. She calls out for Haley.

Back at the almost destroyed church, Davina searches for Tim in the aftermath. But Klaus has him upstairs on the balcony while he takes a call from Rebekah. She tells him what happened and that Haley is missing. He tells her to keep looking; he’s on his way.
Klaus tosses Tim over the balcony and Davina finds him dying on the floor. Klaus gives her a guilt trip about having Tim’s blood on her hands. But he says he will heal Tim if she asks. A distraught Davina does, and Klaus drips some of his blood into Tim’s mouth. (Does that make him a vamp or just a human with vamp blood?)

Klaus compels Tim to forget everything that happened after the concert and Davina, otherwise the witches will find her if Tim mentions he saw her. Davina now owes Klaus a favor. Klaus and Tim disappear and Marcel runs into the church and asks her what happened and why she’s here. She angrily tells him, “I live here, remember?” (Uh-oh. Is this a turning point?) Marcel lets out a deep breath. (Anger? Frustration?)

Back at the doctor’s office, Rebekah finds the dead Dr. Page. Klaus asks her who took Haley. Rebekah says she doesn’t know and but she doesn’t think Haley killed the men. At that moment, a wolf howls outside. They head outside and bump into Haley, who has no memory of what happened after she was hit with the arrow. They notice she has no wounds and Rebekah figures out that the baby with Klaus’ blood, is what healed her.

Haley thinks it was the wolf who freed her from and killed her attackers. Klaus suspects the witches for the attack and swears to kill them but Rebekah tells him to hold off, that Elijah has been in touch and has a plan. As they head out, Haley faints and in a romance novel moment, Klaus gently catches her up in his arms and says, “I’ve got you, love. I’ve got you.”

Back in the Quarter, Rebekah taunts Marcel about their past history, but he doesn’t bite (no pun intended). He tells her Cami is now his love, to which Rebekah tries to prove him wrong. Getting within inches from his face, she says she is what he really wants. He walks away without answering her.

Klaus’ caring side really shows itself when he goes to Cami’s. She tearfully rehashes her brother’s murderous act at St. Anne’s and why she’s here in New Orleans, but he wants to put it out of her mind for good. She accuses him of wanting her focused on Marcel instead. Klaus says her finding out what happened will only lead to pain. She pleads for him not to compel her to forget; that she must find out what happened. With tears in his eyes, Klaus compels her to do nothing; to think that her brother was ill and the killings was a tragedy, that she has to move on.

Davina goes back to the attic and encounters Elijah (Daniel Gilles). She didn’t realize when she pulled out the knife earlier, it had brought him back to life. He tells her not to be afraid. That it’s time they had a talk. She gives him the ‘I could kill you’ look.

This episode leaves so many questions and it amplifies the complex makeup of Klaus’ psyche. Is he really a tender guy under all that scheming? Does he really care about Cami and Haley? Or is it part of his bigger plan, getting everyone to trust him and play their part in his scheme? Will Rebekah and Marcel rekindle their love or will Cami win out? What is that mysterious wolf that keeps Haley safe? Is Haley immortal like an Original because of the baby? Will Elijah or Klaus succeed in getting Davina on their side? Will Davina be manipulated into an alliance with the Originals?

Tell us what you thought of the episode!

Find Out What Scares ‘The Originals’ Star Claire Holt!

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Actress Claire Holt, who is starring in the new CW show “The Originals,” took a walk through the House of Horrors at Universal Studios Hollywood with “Extra’s” Renee Bargh – and the two screamed most of the way.

Take a look!
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The Originals: ‘Tangled Up In Blue’ : Recap/Review

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Warning! Contains Spoilers!

The Originals episode 3 is tangled up in betrayal, broken trust, and manipulation.

Opening the episode has the voice of Elijah (Daniel Gillies) narrating from his journal written in 1359 as Haley (Phoebe Tonkin) reads it on the library floor of the Originals’ house. Elijah expresses growing concern that his siblings are more becoming removed from humanity. He says Rebekah (Claire Holt) is indifferent to brutality but Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is the bigger problem. He hides his loneliness with cruelty. Elijah wants to lead them back to being a powerful family, but fears that if he fails, their “family legacy will end in darkness.”

Haley asks Klaus and Rebekah what the plan is to get Elijah back. Rebekah says it is to simply ask Marcel to return him. Klaus says that is Plan A. Plan B is “war”. (Notice the bottom of Klaus’ shoes! One is grey; one is black. Intentional? What does it mean?)

Klaus meets with Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) at his tailor and asks Marcel to return Elijah as a favor to Rebekah. Marcel says no; it would look bad to his followers because there are Originals in town and vampires are dying. Thierry (Callard Harris), Marcel’s right hand man and part of his inner circle, interrupts saying that they don’t need another Original on the streets. Klaus and he go nose to nose and Marcel breaks them up. Klaus decides to use this information in his Plan B against Marcel.

Klaus reports his finding to Rebekah. He instructs her to go to Sophie’s shop and shake down Katie (Alexandra Metz), the witch who reported Haley’s whereabouts in the Quarter and almost got Haley killed by Marcel’s henchmen.

Rebekah interrogates Katie at Sophie’s shop and learns that Thierry is who she reported to. Katie is Thierry’s love interest. Klaus tells Rebekah they can’t take out Thierry because it would be too suspicious. (Klaus will use this key information about Thierry playing both sides.)

At some undisclosed location, Klaus has Joshua (Steven Krueger), one of Marcel’s new Night Walkers, help him with turning one of Marcel’s vamps into his own Night Walker he can use in his scheme. As Joshua bleeds the vampire dry, Klaus explains what mind compulsion is (since Joshua asked him about it after Klaus compelled him to drain the man). Vampires can compel humans; Originals can compel vampires and humans but Originals can’t be compelled. (As Klaus said, “Are you following that?”)
Klaus also explains they must drain the vampire dry because Marcel has his vampires drink avian water which protects them from being compelled.

Later, Rebekah and Klaus implement other players in their plan. They ask Sophie (Daniella Pineda) to cast a locater spell to find Elijah but she refuses. Klaus explains that Davina is the reason why Marcel knows whenever the witches practice their magic, and Davina has Elijah. Rebekah tells Sophie they want her to perform the locater spell while Katie casts a more powerful spell against Marcel and his vampires, at the same time. This will prevent Davina from figuring out who is doing what. Sophie agrees after Klaus explains that it was Katie’s boyfriend Thierry who discovered Sophie’s sister (who was later killed by Marcel in public) in the cargo hold of a freighter as she was trying to escape the city. Now they must convince Katie to do her part.

Klaus confronts Marcel about Thierry and his witch girlfriend, but Marcel is not bothered by it. He’s known Thierry for 70 years, that he saved Marcel’s life. He says Thierry is loyal and provides good intel. (Can we say, there’s an upcoming loyalty test?)

At the town bar, Rebekah invites Cami (Leah Pipes) to the big charity gala that night, citing her interest in Marcel as a reason to be there. (The real reason is to provide distraction for Marcel. Klaus believes Rebekah will provide that distraction, not knowing that Rebekah has invited Cami). Klaus tells Rebekah that he has created the motivation for Katie to cast the spell they want her to. (He has written something out and sealed it in an envelope that he carries to the gala. Hmmm, the mystery deepens).

Meanwhile, Marcel has his Night Walkers go out and roust the witches to give his vampires something fun to do the night of the gala. But Klaus decides it will go very wrong and during the chaos, he compels his Night Walker to attack Katie. As Klaus planned, Thierry kills the vampire that attacks her. (And we all know what Marcel’s punishment is for killing a vampire is. Uh-oh! Here comes Katie’s motivation!). Klaus’ reasoning is that if Katie can save Thierry from Marcel’s punishment, it would be for love to do the spell.

Everyone arrives at the gala, where it feels more like a circus of high wire acts. Cami’s appearance distracts Marcel. They end up dancing and discussing Marcel’s past affair with Rebekah. Rebekah looks on with jealously that she denies to Klaus, who then quietly exits the event.

Back at the Originals’ house, Haley finds a wolf lurking outside and is approached by Sabine (Shannon Kane), one of the witches. She offers to do a “non-magic” trick to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl and Haley accepts. (Why would that concern the witches, what sex the baby is?)

At the gala, one of Montel’s vamps, Diego (Eka Darville) interrupts Marcel who is with Cami, and tells him about Thierry. An angry Marcel approaches Thierry a few feet away, throttles him and asks what he has done.

Somewhere in the Quarter, Sophie tells Katie that unless they do something, she’ll never see Thierry again and by doing both spells, they can save him and the witches. They begin their spells, together. But in her hiding place, Davina wakes up and yells out, “Marcel! Something is coming!” (No indication that Marcel heard her; he only has eyes and ears for Thierry at the moment).

Back to the gala. Marcel and his men have taken Thierry upstairs to the balcony. Thierry is explaining to Marcel that a vampire attacked Katie. He’s says he’s still loyal, and not to forget their 70 year friendship. Meanwhile downstairs, Klaus slips the envelope with the document he wrote, to one of Marcel’s vampires. The vampire hands it to Marcel saying, “This was found at Katie’s place”. When he opens it, it’s a recipe for how to make daylight rings. Marcel accuses Thierry of conspiring with Katie behind his back. “Don’t lie, and don’t steal what is mine!” he yells at him. Marcel sentences Thierry to 100 years in the garden (what the heck does that mean?).

While Rebekah leaves the gala to check up on Sophie, Marcel takes Thierry outside with his thugs. Meanwhile, Davina (Danielle Campbell) is wildly scribble sketching on a canvas. Katie appears in the street, walking toward Marcel and company. She is invoking a powerful spell, blowing out street lights, frying power lines, and sending the vampires, including Marcel, to the ground, covering their ears and screaming in pain.

Back to Davina. She has now sketched Katie onto her canvas. Marcel stands up and staggers toward Katie, challenging her. (Is this Davina helping him somehow?). Katie throws up her hand and Marcel crumples on his knees, screaming in pain. Klaus suddenly appears behind Katie and snaps her neck.

Meanwhile, Sophie tells Rebekah that Katie’s magic has stopped; that something is wrong. She wants to continue with the locator spell, but Rebekah forbids her, because Davina will sense it. If she, Haley and the baby die, they will have failed Elijah. That convinces Sophie not to continue.

Marcel has Thierry underground and chained to a concrete pillar. (Looks like an underground mausoleum? Is this the “garden” that Marcel spoke of?) He asks Thierry if she was worth it. He says he loved her. Marcel instructs his minions to brick Thierry up and let him rot.
Afterwards, Marcel meets up with Klaus and thanks him for saving his life. For that, he says he will return Elijah to him. Klaus has now won his trust, just like he planned.

At the bar, Klaus compels Cami to forget everything she saw at the party and give Marcel another chance. (He needs her to keep tabs on Marcel.). “Everyone has a role to play,” says Klaus. (Obviously, for his plan).

Back at the house, Klaus reveals to Rebekah that he killed Katie to stop her killing Marcel. In saving his life, Marcel now owes him. Klaus has him exactly where he wants him. Rebekah says they’ve blown the chance to get Elijah back. Klaus says she has no faith. Marcel’s trust is cemented now and he will give Elijah back. He plans to get everything out of Marcel and take Davina for himself. The witches will only use Davina to destroy them all if they get her back.

What Klaus doesn’t know yet, is Davina refuses to give Elijah back to Klaus. She tells Marcel that she needs to find out a way to kill them (Still? Wasn’t she working on that last episode?)

Haley tries to look up on the computer what “Nos omnia perdetn el earn” means, but there is no description in any language. The words were spoken repeatedly by Sabine as she held a white crystal shooting out light, over Haley’s stomach. (This was after she declared the baby a girl).

Lots of questions to be answered from this episode! What is the meaning of the mysterious words spoken over Haley? Is it a warning? Is the baby a powerful hybrid? Is Elijah ever going to be rescued or released? Will Davina discover how to destroy the Originals and thwart Klaus’ plan to get rid of Marcel? What is that wolf doing outside the house; could it be someone? What is the garden? What is the true role Cami is playing for Klaus? Will Klaus learn to wear matching shoes?

Tell us what you thought of the episode!

(SPOILERS) Claire Holt Takes Fans On An ‘Original’ Adventure

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For some interviews you have a carefully laid-out set of questions that flow seamlessly from one to another, creating a tapestry of journalism that would bring a tear to Edward R. Murrow’s eye. Other times you make up fake expressions, talk about Spanx and invent a show about an elite team of hooker skydivers. But those conversational detours are just one of the reasons why interviewing Claire Holt is a delight every reporter should experience.

And meander we did when Claire stopped by ETonline’s studios to talk about her TVD spin-off, The Originals, which is coming off its best episode yet (an hour that happened to center on her character, Rebekah — coincidence?).

After taking care of business (teasing tonight’s masquerade installment), Claire and I discussed the technical aspects of acting with a mermaid’s tail, the joy of cracking an iceberg and she stumps for Twitter followers. Hard!

The Originals airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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