The Vampire Diaries Casts Alice Evans as Original Mother

Alice Evans is set to guest-star as the mother of the Original family on The Vampire Diaries, has learned.

Evans, who notably played a young Eloise Hawking on Lost, will be introduced as Esther via flashbacks in Episode 8. As we previously reported, the character is as fierce and strong as Klaus (Joseph Morgan), but she’s more into protecting her family.

Evans joins other members of the original family, including Klaus, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Rebekuh (Claire Holt).

Evans has also appeared on Brothers & Sisters.

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.


‘Vampire Diaries’ Actress to Star in Hallmark Movie Channel Western (Exclusive)

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Sara Canning has joined “Hannah’s Law” alongside Greystone Holt, Danny Glover, Kimberly Elise and Billy Zane.

The Vampire Diaries actress Sara Canning and Greystone Holt have been tapped to star in the Hallmark Movie Channel telefilm Hannah’s Law, a Western set to premiere in spring 2012.

Danny Glover, Kimberly Elise, Billy Zane, Ryan Kennedy and John Pyper-Ferguson co-star in the movie, which went into production Monday in Calgary, Alberta.

The movie is set in a frontier town filled with crime and corruption until Hannah (Canning), a strong-willed heroine, and her friends, including Wyatt Earp (Holt, Durham County) and Doc Holliday (Kennedy, Hellcats), take a stand for justice as she tries to track down the McMurphy gang, which brutally murdered her parents and young brother.

Glover (Mandela) is set to play Isom Dart, a father figure to Hannah; Elise (For Colored Girls) is Stagecoach Mary, her best friend; Zane (Titanic) is Lockwood; and Pyper-Ferguson (Caprica) plays Frank McMurphy.

Hannah’s Law, from Nomadic Pictures Productions 3 and Sony Pictures Television, is executive produced by Mike Ogiens and John Fasano. Chad Oakes and Mike Frislev are the producers.

Rachel Talalay is directing from a script written by John Fasano.

Canning is perhaps best known for her role as Jenna Sommers on CW’s Vampire Diaries. Holt also appears in Alcatraz, J.J. Abrams’ upcoming series for Fox.


David Anders has a new show

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David Anders is joining Once Upon a Time, has confirmed.

The 30-year-old actor — whose credits include playing the villain on Alias, the villain’s son on 24 and the heroine’s father, also a villain, on The Vampire Diaries — will play a doctor who goes on a date with Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin), aka Snow White.

Anders first tweeted the news, joking about the secrecy: “Can’t tell u anymore as it’s a secret so SHHH &/or tell the world.” He will first appear in Episode 3.

The series, executive-produced by Lost’s Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, stars Jennifer Morrison as Emma, Snow White’s long-lost daughter. Emma returns to the small town of Storybrooke, where her son, whom she gave up for adoption, is being raised by the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla), and every fairy-tale character has been frozen in time.

Once Upon a Time will premiere Sunday, Oct. 23 at 8/7c on ABC.

For more information on “Once Upon A Time” head over to for their first impression of the show

‘The Vampire Diaries’: Claire Holt cast as Stefan’s vampire ex, Bex

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Some might recognize her as Emily’s girlfriend from Pretty Little Liars, but now she is heading to Mystic Falls

“Vampire Diaries” fans, if you thought Katherine was ten kinds of trouble, get ready to meet Rebecca — AKA Bex, a beautiful vampire who had the pleasure of Stefan’s company back in the early days when he was feasting on human blood.

To read more about Claire Holt and the character that she is playing, head on over to

‘Vampire Diaries’ casts Klaus: How should Joseph Morgan play the villain? (Like a young James Spader?)

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By now everyone knows about Klaus being cast. Now the big question is: How will Joseph Morgan play the scary villain? Entertainment Weekly throws around some thoughts and ideas. Read more below:

It’s the casting fans of The Vampire Diaries have been waiting months for: British actor Joseph Morgan has officially been confirmed as Klaus, the oldest and baddest of the Original vampires. He’ll make his debut on The CW’s top-rated series April 21, which isn’t as far off as it may seem. After next Thursday, the next new episode doesn’t air until April 7. Though Daniel Gillies, who’s kept us entertained as Klaus’ scheming nemesis Elijah, was hoping for someone like Deadwood‘s Ian McShane, Morgan’s casting is in line with what exec producers have teased all along. Exec producer Kevin Williamson told EW last month the role would go to someone younger. “It has to be someone that we truly believe was in a relationship with Katherine, because that’s where it started. He seduced her and whisked her away,” he said.

Read more here.

News: Vampire Diaries: Meet Klaus!

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Yes, you read this title right. And how do we know this is for real? Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly Spoiler Fame is the go-to man to confirm stuff like this and he is the one who revealed this very juicy and important piece of spoilery goodness.

Here’s what he had to say:

Vampire Diaries‘ exhaustive search for an actor to play legendary bloodsucker Klaus has narrowed to one.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that English thesp Joseph Morgan is nearing a deal to join the cast as the oft-referred-to-but-never-seen member of the Originals.

Joseph who?! I’ll get to that in a second, but first you should know that Morgan’s near-casting caps a months-long manhunt for Klaus. In a recent interview with, exec producer Julie Plec estimated that more than 100 actors across multiple continents had read for the part. Plec also hinted that despite fans pitching some big-name actors for the role — Jason Dohring, Henry Cavill, and Gale Harold to name a few — they would likely hand the plum part to a relative unknown.

“This idea that there might be somebody out there that no one’s really familiar with yet that can be a new fresh face that we can exploit…in all the good ways… [is exciting],” Plec told EW. “I think our show works so well because we don’t really stunt cast.”


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