Oct 18th: Read the first 80 pages of The Hunters: Phantom online!

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Phantom – the first book in the next Vampire Diaries trilogy,
The Hunters –will be released on October 25th in the US
Read the first 80 Pages here

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Sep 27th: ‘Eve’ EXCLUSIVE Book Trailer: ‘Vampire Diaries’ Producers Take On Dystopia

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Get ready to set your DVRs for “Eve.” Sure, the YA novel doesn’t hit bookstore shelves until October 4, but it’s never too early to prepare for your next book-to-small-screen obsession, is it?

Following in the footsteps of other adaptations we love (think: “Pretty Little Liars” and “Gossip Girl”), the producers behind “The Vampire Diaries” are already developing a pilot for this dystopian tome. And if you’re itching for a taste of the novel and what a potential series could look like, feast your eyes on the EXCLUSIVE book trailer below!

Set in a world in which a virus has wiped out much of the population, 18-year-old Eve is among the survivors left in the confines of an all-girl school, where she’s been taught to fear boys. But when Eve discovers her true after-graduation fate, she runs away from the only home she’s ever known—and smack dab into dreamy Caleb, who slowly earns her trust. As she and Caleb begin to be hunted, though, Eve may have to sacrifice her life for the one she loves.

Sounds juicy, huh?

“Eve” is the first in a trilogy penned by Anna Carey, and is available wherever books are sold starting October 4. Order the hardcover edition or download the ebook today!

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Sep 24th: “the blue sky chronicles” by Kat Graham (book of original poetry)

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The Blue Sky Chronicles

“Actress artist Kat Graham explores the darker side of love with her debut book, a collection of Neruda styled poems. She chronicles a space in time when falling in love is more of a thread unraveling, then the blissful misconception delivered to us usually.”

Click here to Buy! (only available for kindle users at this time)

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Sep 4th: The Vampire Diaries: New Book Trilogy Covers; Is L.J. Smith Involved?

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Is that the sound of angry Vampire Diaries fans wielding pitchforks I hear?

The Vampire Diaries Season Two was released on DVD this past week and within its packaging was an ad for the upcoming release of a new Vampire Diaries trilogy called The Hunters, with the first novel in the series to be titled “Phantom.” While this might bring some people a bucket load of joy, there is one thing on the cover that might induce enough rage to rival that of any temper tantrum Damon Salvatore has even thrown.

read what else is said, as well as input from LJ Smith herself over at tvovermind

is anyone else going to continue to read the series, even though Lj isn’t writing the books anymore?

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Aug 31st: Cover image for Stefan’s Diaries #4: The Ripper released

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HarperTeen has released the cover image of “The Ripper”, the upcoming fourth book in “Stefan’s Diaries”, part of the Vampire Diaries book series by Lj Smith. You can find the book in stores on November 8th!

Pre-Order your copy today [US]Amazon.com| [UK]Amazon.co.uk

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Mar 12th: Paws 4 a Cause: Thank You LJ Smith Book

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As many of you know, The Vampire Diaries author LJ Smith has been very generous with our cause. She donated directly to the St Tammany Humane Society and she has also been sending us items that we could put in our gift baskets and run ebay auctions with.

While I thank her often, I feel that it isn’t enough and wanted to do something very special for her. This is why I’m putting together a Thank You book together for her.

Please Click HERE to read more and sign the book!

Feb 9th: News: It’s Official: ‘Secret Circle’ Headed To The CW!

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So why is the “Secret Circle” important to The Vampire Diaries fans? #1. TVD author L.J. Smith also wrote The Secret Circle and #2. Kevin Williamson (TVD’s TV creator) is jumping on board.

Here’s a little info on what is to come:

Here’s some bewitching news: The CW has finally greenlit the pilot for “Secret Circle,” which will re-team their superstar writer-producer Kevin Williamson with “The Vampire Diaries” author L.J. Smith for the hour-long drama.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Alloy Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios will join forces with writer Andrew Miller, as well as Elizabeth Craft, Sarah Fain, Leslie Morgenstein and Gina Girolamo, who will once again take executive producer duties.

Read more here…

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Feb 6th: News: Information About LJ Smith’s ‘Alleged’ Firing

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As you know, we, at Blood Falls maintain a no gossip and no paparazzi policy. I like to keep that policy in full effect, which is why we haven’t reported anything about the alleged firing of The Vampire Diaries author, L.J. Smith.

Our friends over at Vampire-Diaries.net do have a post in regards to this and they are hoping to be able to kill or confirm the rumours as quickly as possible. Here is what they had to say about it:

We are aware of the four letters that L.J. Smith has allegedly written to fans stating that she has been fired by HarperTeen/Alloy and will no longer be writing any Vampire Diaries books. We cannot comment on whether or not these are real, or if she has indeed been fired by the publishers.

We are trying to find this information out, and have contacted the publishers for official word on the matter. We will let you know as soon as we hear any kind of official word on the matter. We do ask for you to be patient though, as today is Sunday and we may not hear anything until tomorrow at the earliest when people are back at work.

You can read their full article over here and I’m going to chime in and say the same as them. Do NOT spam Harper Teen. Do NOT spam Alloy Entertainment. Whether or not this rumour is true, we need to respect the decisions made. With that said, I will not allow comments on this post to keep the peace among all fans. Thank you for understanding.

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