(SPOILERS) The Originals: Daniel Gillies, Joseph Morgan on creating that Elijah-centric episode

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Spoiler alert: This post contains plot from the May 2 episode of The Originals.

“Goodbye, Elijah Mikaelson.” Those are the final words spoken by Elijah in this week’s episode of The Originals, as he takes off his daylight ring and opens a window, thereby setting fire to himself and, more importantly — seeing as how he’ll heal — setting fire to the box that holds all his possessions from his old life. That was the end of Elijah’s journey in the hour, but it took him seven years to get there.

When showrunner Julie Plec and the writers came up with the idea to do an episode all about Elijah’s journey in the aftermath of Marcel erasing his memory, they, along with episode director Joseph Morgan and actor Daniel Gillies, were forced to answer a question: What does Elijah look like without his history? How does it change him as a man, and how does it change him physically? “Daniel Gillies had a really strong role in unburdening Elijah’s physicality, in literally undoing the collar and the tie and rolling up the sleeves,” Plec tells EW. “Even in the way that he vocalized Elijah and the way that he didn’t flick his consonants and used contractions in a way that he doesn’t usually.”

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