Aug 17th: Nina Dobrev was set on fire for Flatliners, for real

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It’s no secret that looks can be deceiving, something The Vampire Diaries‘ Nina Dobrev has first-hand knowledge of. This is especially true of her upcoming film, Flatliners, a remake of Joel Schumacher’s cult classic in which Dobrev’s character is put through the ringer, to say the least — from burns, to resuscitation efforts, you name it. During a recent interview with EW, Dobrev proved there’s more to playing an unconscious person than meets the eye.

First though, the most striking (literally) of her stunts is one Dobrev admits might not even make it into the final cut: a burn that engulfs half of her character’s body. Though technology has made obvious leaps and bounds in the nearly three decades since the original Flatliners, these flames weren’t just courtesy of CGI.

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