Jun 13th: (SPOILERS) Originals’ Writer Carina MacKenzie Talks Toxic Ships in “Shipping Room Podcast”

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Carina MacKenzie talks ships, romanticizing violence in the vampire genre and why she cried writing her most difficult episode yet. Have a listen and weigh in on this conversation because I think this brings up a lot of issues overall that have plagued The Originals from the start. I applaud Carina for bringing this discussion to the forefront of the show, but I do disagree on several remakes made.

Hitting back on my first note I do not think Hayley’s biggest issue is being in a relationship with Elijah but more so her overall role in this show from the beginning. I also don’t think Hayley and Elijah’s relationship is the most violent, but I do understand Carina and Julie’s view on why. Also, I do not agree with Carina’s view on the vampire/gothic genre romanticizing death and violence. I think many that love this genre would agree it has always been so much more than that and it encompasses so much more that explaining it would be a whole other article in itself. However, overall I agree with most points and would love to hear what you think so drop us a comment on your take.

listen to podcast here

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