(SPOILERS) Scoop on Marcel and the Mikaelsons

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Is there any hope for reconciliation between Marcel and the Mikaelsons on The Originals? — Mark
We all know Klaus Mikaelson isn’t prone to forgiveness, but considering Marcel is someone he once considered a son, it’s not off the table. But let’s not forget that Marcel is still strong enough to kill an Original, a threat that won’t sit well with anyone. “Over the course of the season, the Mikaelsons are going to have to deal with the fact that there’s this person — it’s not a White Oak stake that can be burnt up or buried or thrown in the ocean — it’s a person who they cannot defeat, but who can absolutely defeat them, and that’s not going to be something that they’re going to be happy about,” EP Michael Narducci says. “It’s going to make any kind of reconciliation all the more difficult. But Marcel, for his part, is always interested in doing the smart thing. He’s not motivated by revenge, he’s not motivated by petty desire to take back something that he lost. When he sees the Mikaelsons again, he’s going to make a very smart decision about how best to deal with them and that’s one of the things I love about that character is watching the way his mind has evolved to transcend his upbringing.”

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