(SPOILERS) SCoop on the TVDFinale and The Originals Return

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Anything on The Vampire Diaries finale? — Alicia
After eight seasons, co-creators Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson knew they had to answer one question when they sat down to write the series finale: What do they want the show to be about? “This show’s always been about family; this show’s always been about huge, emotional loss; it’s always been about death and grief,” Williamson says. “It started on those foundations and from it we built a love story, but what are we truly trying to say about these people and how do we want to put an end to them? What was the point? Julie had one answer and I had another answer, and they’re both spoken in the show. It’s all contained within the last act of the finale.”

When The Originals picks up, what’s going on with the city? — Mari
Without the Mikaelsons, things are actually looking up for New Orleans as Marcel works to usher in a new era of peace (and Vincent is there to make sure he does just that). However, that doesn’t mean that the city is in the best hands. In other words, Marcel is not necessarily a perfect king — he never has been. In fact, this season is going to explore a little bit of the time before the Mikaelsons returned to the Quarter. “We’re going to talk about the legacy of Marcel Girourd as the king and how that influenced New Orleans prior to our season 1,” showrunner Michael Narducci says. “Marcel’s got some regrets and some demons and some things that he allowed to happen. What’s Vincent’s perspective on that?”

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