“I carry your heart with me. I carry it in my heart. I am never without it. Anywhere I go, you go, my dear.” – Taken from the poem by E.E. Cummings


Damon’s hostage negotiations with Lily take an unexpected turn. Stefan finds a way to break the spell cast upon Caroline. Alaric and Bonnie’s resurrection plan hits an unforeseen obstacle. Mary Louise and Nora’s relationship is tested. Secrets and lies breed suspicion amongst everyone, but also bring about an unlikely alliance.

This week’s episode opens three years from now. Rick (Matt Davis) is trying to repair his twin daughters mechanical baby doll without any luck. As he throws it in frustration, the twins Josie (Lily Rose Mumford) and Lizzy (Tierney Mumford) appear and ask him if it’s fixed yet. He says no and asks them to get ready for bed. As they head upstairs, he calls out to Josie to help her sister find her pajamas. When there’s no response, Rick grabs his shotgun and searches the house. The front door is open and he finds his daughters staring at Damon (Ian Somerhalder) standing on the threshold. Damon says Rick and the girls looks adorable. Rick tells the girls to stay behind him. Damon asks Rick why he’s so glum; he’s got everything he ever wanted. Rick replies that him showing up means someone has died. Damon says not yet unless he does exactly what he asks. With a devilish smile, Damon he asks if Rick is going to invite him in.

Back to the present day at the hospital morgue where Rick is looking at the Phoenix stone in his hand. The med tech enters and Rick says he need the place to himself tonight. When the tech balks, Rick gives him money and the tech agrees. He tells Rick that preserved bodies have an expiration date and today is his wife’s last day. (No pressure!)

Meanwhile, Damon heads toward the room where he left Oscar under valerian sedation while he talks to Lily. Lily (Annie Wersching) is driving with Elena’s casket in her car. She says he’s not getting Elena back, it’s just her body. She demands to talk to Oscar but Damon tells her she can’t; he’s still out of it. She warns him that if anything has happened to Oscar, he can say goodbye to Elena. Damon tells her this is not his first hostage swap and hangs up.

Damon pulls back the curtain of the area where Oscar is and finds only blood where he was. Damon starts calling for Oscar and notices the tall two door cabinet behind him. He opens it up and out falls Oscar’s bloody body. Damon can’t believe what he’s seeing. (Cue music with the lyrics “oh god, oh god,” — looks like he needs a Plan B!).

Back at the Caroline’s dorm room, Bonnie (Kat Graham) tries to sneak out without waking Caroline (Candice Accola) but fails. Bonnie asks if she going to burn up when they hug, but Caroline says no, that’s only for vampires. Bonnie promises to do an unraveling spell but Caroline refuses saying Bonnie has a lot to do and they have a lot to catch up on. Bonnie tells her she can’t, she has to gently crush Rick’s dreams of reuniting Jo with her body using some sketchy Native American stone. She thinks Jo’s spirit is at peace now that the other side is gone. Caroline says their lives are really weird.

Meanwhile, Damon has brought Oscar’s body to Stefan’s house. Stefan (Paul Wesley) asks Damon how he could have let Oscar get killed. Damon says not to blame him for unscrewing Oscar’s heart, which he didn’t do. Stefan reminds him that it was Damon who kidnapped him and is still technically holding Oscar hostage. Damon says it was to get Elena back. Stefan asks how’s that working out for him. He says Damon has put Elena in more danger. Damon accuses him of being on their mother’s side after spending one day with her. Stefan disagrees; he says it’s easy to see what is happening – Damon can’t be with Elena so all his bad decisions are being made about Elena. Damon says they need to get rid of Oscar’s body but Stefan says no, he has to. Damon isn’t too happy about that.

At the Heretics’ house, Valerie (Elizabeth Blackmore) is making breakfast and gets interrupted by Enzo (Michael Malarkey). She tells him that Oscar is coming home today. Enzo says that he’s impressed considering how late she got home last night (what is he, a stealth vampire?) Valerie gives him a quizzical look. Lily enters the kitchen. Valerie asks where Oscar is. She says Damon never showed up with him last night and thinks she is taking trust for granted lately. She asks Enzo to leave them alone because it’s a family business. Enzo angrily looks at Lily as he leaves. Lily tells Valerie she learned about her trist with Stefan in 1863. Valerie says it was just puppy love and meant nothing. Lily notes that must be why she held on to his journal for 150 years. She said she didn’t want to hurt Lily as she was fragile at the time. Lily asks why she promised to return to him and then didn’t. Valerie puts it down to being a foolish human back then. Lily warns her that if she has anything to tell her, she should do it. Valerie swears she’s not hiding anything, but Lily’s eyes say she’s not buying it. Valerie tells her she has to go look for Oscar, but Lily tells her it’s not necessary.

Back at the college dorms, Mary Louise (Teressa Liane) and Nora (Scarlett Byrne) pay a visit to Damon at the request of Lily. Mary Louise and Nora look around Damon’s tidy place. Nora states that Lily must have got the wrong address for the hostage exchange and asks where Oscar is. Stefan looks at Damon who says they just missed him. Mary Louise tells Damon he reeks of blood to which he responds that he’s been binging and Stefan adds that he’s been judging. Nora starts smashing things (Stefan holds a picture frame away from her — who could that be of?) and Damon says that Oscar knocked him out and got away. As Nora searches the bathroom, Stefan gives Damon a worried look. Mary Louise asks why Oscar isn’t answering his phone. Damon says he doesn’t want to be found. She doesn’t believe him. Nora finds nothing in the bathroom and Mary Louise says it’s time for them to leave. As they do, Nora intentionally drops her drink onto Damon’s floor.

Stefan and Damon quickly pull in Oscar’s body that they have hanging outside of their dorm window (Oscar was just hanging around we see). As they bring it inside and dump it on to the couch, a girl walks in with a written note from Nora and gives it to Stefan. Stefan reads to Damon that every hour that Oscar isn’t returned, a Whitmore student will die, staring now. The girl then stabs herself in the neck and dies in front of them. Damon looks at her body and says, “No!” and Stefan looks exasperated.

Downtown, a bus of tourists are gathered around their tour guide/driver who explains that Mystic Falls was a place of supernatural speculation before the so-called mining fires evacuation. Matt (Zack Roerig) drives up in his patrol car and tells the guy he has to leave, they’re violating the town quarantine and putting themselves in danger. The guide says there’s no real danger, that Mystic Falls is a ghost town. Just then, Enzo appears and tells him that there are ghosts in the clock tower and boarding house to which the guide can take his ghost busters (There’s that Enzo creeping around again!). Matt tells the driver to leave or he’ll have his license suspended.

As they go, Matt tells Enzo if it weren’t for those people, he would have shot him right there. Enzo says he’s one of Matt’s last experts. He asks what Enzo wants and he replies, a good night’s rest since the Heretics house is too full of comings and goings (Sensitive vamp ears tuned in!) Matt offers up the abandoned music shop and Enzo counters with asking for access to the town’s surveillance cameras because he’s tracking a Heretic. Matt’s expression says Enzo will get what he wants.

Back at Whitmore college, Stefan meets up with Caroline. They’re reminded they can’t touch when she takes a coffee from him. She assumes Valerie wouldn’t undo the spell. Stefan says he hasn’t spoken to her yet. Caroline asks why he hasn’t contacted his first love. He says he’s over her and assumes she over it too, since she hasn’t contacted him in the four months she’s been back. He tells Caroline that she is the least of his concern. It’s two other Heretics that he needs to keep occupied and away from a college full of students while Damon sorts out his Oscar problem. He has an idea, which is to hold a school dance called Heaven and Hell Ball (he shows the poster to Caroline). Caroline says that’s full of potential victims, but Stefan says the distractions are all in one place while they babysit. Caroline says it will never work unless they think it’s their idea.

Cue a cover of the 1960s hit single, “These Boots Are Made For Walking” by Nancy Sinatra (Yes, as in Frank Sinatra’s daughter. This plays cleverly in the background over the next two scenes of the trio).

Caroline pretends to be looking at the flyer when Mary Louise and Nora take it out of her hands and ask what it is. Caroline says it’s a dance; an excuse to get drunk and show some skin. She says Stefan invited her, but Heretics aren’t allowed because Halloween is for people who dress up as psychopaths. (ouch!). Mary Louise says she has not interested in drinking cheap beer out of plastic cups and bragging about it all over the internet. However, Nora says they’re going. Caroline tells them good luck, Mary Louise says stops her and Caroline asks what they want.

In Caroline’s dorm room, Mary Louise is dressed in one of Caroline’s red dresses. She tells Caroline she hasn’t been to a proper party since 1902 and asks if she would make a proper modern devil. Caroline makes a remark about the dress stretching over her hips in a bad way and Nora threatens to pick another dress and dye it with her blood. Caroline says she already gave her a dress, now she wants her to stop the valerian spell. Mary Louise refuses, saying that she’s right, she doesn’t like Valerie, but has learned over two lifetimes is that you don’t cross the conniving shrew (Wonder what happened there!).

Downstairs, Nora is sewing her own costume. She tells Stefan she won’t siphon Valerie’s spell because if she does, Valerie will do something much worse. She’s a rancid bitch (Seems like Valerie has been making friends). Stefan says that’s not the Valerie he knew. Nora said love changes people as it did when she met Mary Louise. She tells Stefan that Valerie seems to obsessed with him. Mary Louise comes in to the room complete with devil horns and asks Nora if she likes her outfit. She says it’s nice but kind of plain. She says she can sex it up and rips open the bodice of the dress. Mary Louise gets upset. Nora says she supposed to be the devil. Mary Louise responds if she wants the devil — and throws a pair of scissors into the chest a student walking into the room. She says distraction time is over, and leaves with Nora after her. Stefan gives the student his blood to save him.

Meanwhile in the hospital morgue, is Rick and Bonnie with Jo’s body (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe). Bonnie has Rick’s book of reincarnation spells and tells him not to rush her as she is afraid of the phoenix stone (which is now on Jo’s neck). But they are interrupted when Damon drags in Oscar’s body (Tim Kang) and tells them they have to bring him back to life before Jo.

At the campus, the ball is in full swing. Caroline dressed as a ballerina, finds Stefan (no costume but then maybe he’s dressed as Hero Hair?) who asks why she didn’t invite him. She says because it wasn’t right for a first date. He asks if she thinks this is a first date, she says depends what you think. Stefan pauses for a moment and then says, “torture.” Just then, Caroline spots Mary Louise and Nora (who is dressed as an angel) across the room. Stefan cracks that it’s their time to babysit.

At the party’s bar, Mary Louise tries to order drinks for them, but the bartender doesn’t understand the old fashion names, so Nora orders modern ones. The she-devil bartender tries to guess their costumes as an old fashioned devil and a slutty angel. Mary Louise gets angry but Nora proceeds to chat with the bartender about her outfit and getting the ideas off Pinterest which further angers Nora. Nora glares at both of them and then looks at her pocket watch.

Back at the morgue, Bonnie is casting spells over Oscar (the Phoenix stone laying on his neck) without much luck. He opens his eyes with one spell, but nothing happens and he closes them again. She is half-way through the book and says to scratch that one off the list. Damon slams his fist in frustration. Rick tells him that he too is counting on this to work. Damon says he’s not doing it for himself, but for Elena. Bonnie tells them she knows the stone works, it’s just a matter of finding a spell that permanently bridges the body and the spirit.

Damon gets a call from Stefan saying that he and Caroline have saved three people. Damon asks if he’s called just to brag. Stefan asks how much longer. Behind Damon, Bonnie is yelling to Rick “put it out, put it out!” as Oscar’s body is now engulfed in flames. Damon watches as Rick uses a fire extinguisher on Oscar. He tells Stefan, “I think we’re close”. (Hilarious and best scene of the episode!).

Back at the Heretic’s house, Enzo enters with a dead student and plops her on the couch. He says “There’s the mopey face I come to know and love” to Valerie who sits in front of the fire. He comments that it must take a scolding from Lily can wreck breakfast. Valerie reminds him there is blood in the refrigerator downstairs. Enzo says it’s good to get out sometimes and come back. Valerie asks if he’s accusing her of something. He said town surveillance shows her driving in a stolen car going to Whitmore college the previous night. He notes that’s where Oscar was last seen and has since disappeared. He doesn’t know whether to accuse her of murder, lying to Lily, or both.

Valerie tells Enzo he doesn’t know everything, to which Enzo asks her to tell him what that is. When she doesn’t answer, he threatens to tell Lily and have her punish her. Valerie blurts out that she killed Oscar to prevent him from bringing a monster back into Lily’s life. Enzo asks what monster. When Valerie answers Julian and it doesn’t register with Enzo, she realizes he doesn’t know who that is. She smiles and says that Lily obviously doesn’t tell him everything. She says Julian is someone you want as far away as possible, especially if he wants Lily to one day love him as much as he loves her.

Back at the party, Nora is out on the dance floor and Mary Louise is standing by, looking annoyed. Stefan asks Caroline if they have forgotten what they came to do. Caroline does a little psychoanalysis on the situation saying that Nora wants some breathing room but Mary Louise is afraid to give it to her, fearing she’ll leave her. Caroline says it’s obvious but then they see the girls go out onto the floor for a slow dance. Caroline says maybe it wasn’t. She asks Stefan again to talk to Valerie about the spell, and he says he will once Damon brings Oscar back to life. Caroline says he’s avoiding Valerie. Stefan says she’s been dead to him for over 150 years. Caroline confronts him about not wanting to see her because he’s afraid of his feelings will come back. Stefan asks Caroline if that is what he is scared of, or what she is scared of. (She has good reason to be; it’s his first love!). She says could be both. She says she’s too sober to talk about it and walks off. Stefan notices that the Heretic girls are no longer out on the dance floor.

Meanwhile in a back room, Mary Louise finds Nora making a meal out of a female student. She tells Mary Louise to have a taste; she’s starting to heal and tastes spicy. Angry, Mary Louise rips out the girl’s heart. Nora accuses her of petty jealousy, and Mary Louise says all she wants is attention. Nora says how could she when Mary Louise has been perched on her shoulder for the last 125 years. She accuses Mary Louise of not being able to adapt to this new life. A devastated Mary Louise tells Nora to do whatever she wants; she going to finish what they came there to do.

Back at the morgue, Bonnie is casting another spell over Oscar’s body. Rick asks which one it is and she says it’s a Shamanistic one from one of his books. Just then, Oscar opens his eyes and then sits up screaming at the top of his lungs. A shocked Bonnie looks at Damon who says, “Bonnie, you are now the most terrifying person I know.”

Damon takes a confused Oscar (Where am I? How did I get here?) out to his car. He pauses to take a “see, he’s hung over” selfie of him and Oscar and sends it to Lily. As he puts Oscar into the car, Bonnie hands Damon a bag of blood for the ravenous Oscar. Damon wonders if this hunger is a side effect of being resurrected. Bonnie says she wonders how Oscar is even alive and if this is the worse that happens, they got off easy. Damon asks Bonnie if she’s sure she wants to do this to Jo. Rick interrupts, but Damon says he asking Bonnie. She tells Damon she can’t say no and to go get his girl while she gets Rick’s.

Meanwhile, Enzo approaches Lily as she sits in front of the fire at home and asks trick or treat. She responds she’s been tricked enough today and worried about not hearing from the girls. He asks her who Julian is — it’s a name he’s heard in the house but no one wants to talk about him. Lily says that’s nonsense; anyone who has met Julian never has a bad word to say about him. She says he was a saint; he was the love of her life. Enzo looks annoyed (or is it jealously?) and asks her if Julian was or is. Before she an answer, Damon’s selfie of him and Oscar appears on her cell phone and she hurries off, leaving behind a really annoyed Enzo (she handed him her empty glass when she left — adding insult to injury?).

Back at the ball, Mary Louise targets her next victim only to be stopped by Stefan. She demands that he get out of her way. He asks why and shows her the pic of Damon and Oscar on his cell phone. He tells her she’s done here. She replies it’s excellent news. Stefan asks her where Nora is and she says she doesn’t know; they had a fight. They sit down and she unloads on Stefan how she fears losing Nora to the modern world. Stefan suggests she see a therapist to which she responds that its futile to prattle on to someone about that. He says Caroline thinks his previous involvement with Valerie will get in the way of their relationship but he says it’s the spell that is and she can remove it. He then stabs her leg with a needle and she falls unconscious. He picks her up and carries her off.

Meanwhile, Damon is trying to coach Oscar on what story they should tell Lily when they meet her. Oscar doesn’t care; he’s hungry and wants more blood. Damon says not until he gets his answers straight about being in Myrtle Beach and being drunk. Oscar says he’s never been to Myrtle Beach to which Damon replies how far does this amnesia thing go? (I’d forget what I was doing if I was alone with Damon!). Damon tells him that was the last bag which gets Oscar angry and tells he get him more. When Damon refuses, Oscar kicks off the passenger door, jumps out of the car, and runs off into the woods, leaving behind an angry, frustrated Damon. (Oscar’s a Heretic Hulk!)

Back at the college, Nora is searching for Mary Louise and in a hallway, finds Stefan holding an unconscious Mary Louise with a stake to her neck. He tells her to reverse the repulsion spell or Mary Louise dies. Nora easily repels the stake from Stefan’s hand to hers. But Caroline comes up from behind, puts her hand on her mouth and grabs Nora’s arm holding the stake. It starts to burn from the repulsion spell. Caroline demands that she grab her arm and siphon the spell or keep burning. Nora does so. Stefan asks if it worked. Caroline breaks Nora’s neck and Stefan drops Mary Louise (still out) also on the floor. (Expected to see them run towards each other in slow motion). They hold each other and share their happiness that the spell is gone.

Meanwhile, in the woods, the tourist bus that Matt ordered out of Mystic Falls earlier in the day, is parked at the cemetery. The tourists are boarding it. After all are seated, one of them asks the tour guide/driver when it will get scary. The guide tells him to go to Grove Hill if they want to see teenagers in silly costumes giving them jump scares. Just then, they see Oscar approaching the front of the bus. He breaks the windshield and throws the tour guide out of the bus. The scared passengers think it’s part of the tour show and applaud. But Oscar comes on the bus from the back and devours them one by one, their blood spurting all over the inside windows. (This is like a scene usually seen in a horror Halloween movie).

Lily appears and tells Oscar to stop and ask what has gotten into him. He looks up at her and drops a tourist he was munching on. He gets off the bus and walks towards her. A frightened Lily walks backwards and says “you know you’re not yourself when you feed” (Reminds you of the Snicker’s commercial – “you’re not yourself when you’re hungry”). Lily falls as she tells him “everything in moderation” and Oscar goes in for the kill. But then Damon appears and snaps his neck. He tells Lily that he gets it — her favorite sons are Rippers. He recommends a detox and intervention for Oscar. He then asks where Elena is.

Back at the college, Mary Louise and Nora wake up and make up. Mary Louise ask Nora to remind her that this world is meant to be enjoyed not feared. They share a slow dance on the now empty dance floor.

Meanwhile, Stefan has Caroline back in her dorm room. She talks on and on about Valerie. Between kisses, Stefan tells her he’s not thinking about Valerie, but about her and how much history they’ve had in the last five years. They collapse on her bed entwined.

In the Mystic Falls Grill Bar, Matt confronts Valerie, thinking she’s a trespasser, then he recognizes that she’s a Heretic. He aims his shotgun at her. She tells him not to do anything stupid. He tells her there’s a bus load of dead tourists in the town cemetery because he didn’t do anything. She says she did something incredibly stupid that will affect her relationship with her family. She asks him to join her for a drink. Matt says he’ll shoot her if she isn’t gone by the time he counts to three. By the time he gets to two, Enzo throws his gun out of his hands and tells him to stick to tourists. Matt looks at him and at Valerie and leaves.

She tells Enzo that she is there because she wants to be alone. He pulls up a chair beside her at the bar. He asks her if she’s planning her escape since it’s only a matter of time before Oscar sobers up and points to her as a murderer. She asks him what he wants. He wants to know how they are going to prevent Julian from walking back into Lily’s life. Valerie smiles. (Enzo, Enzo, you little manipulator!)

Back at the cemetery, Damon throws a lighter into the tourist bus and it goes up in flames. Lily gets off her phone and tells Damon that she had Beau remove the cloaking spell from Elena’s coffin. He can find her in the ruins of the old Salvatore mansion. He replies that was clever-ish. Damon tells her that he is moving back to Mystic Falls. Lily says they’ll take it under consideration. Damon responds that it isn’t a request. He tells her the tourists didn’t deserve to die by one of her free range Heretics, Stefan is up to his hero hair in Heretic drama, and he wants worries that Matt Donovan’s funeral is going to cut into his social schedule.

Lily tells Damon he won’t be able to keep order, that he can’t even keep a covered box safe. She says his refusal to let Elena go and keep her near him will only put her in danger. Lily says it would be a shame if he loses her before he finds out who he is without her. She tells him returning to Mystic Falls won’t be any skin off her nose. Damon counters that he wants one more thing.

Later, Damon is in his wine cellar, narrating his writing to Elena. Yes, he says, he’s writing it all down because hell has frozen over. He takes out a special red wine that he’s had for 65 years. As he drinks a glass of it, he writes to Elena that the bottle had laid on the shelf torturing him while he waited for Kathryn and time stood still. He convinced himself that no taste of the wine would be as good as he expected so he hid the wine and walked away. This is why he drinks bourbon. He touches the coffin and acknowledges he’s nothing without her but as long as she’s with him, time will stand still.

Tyler (Michael Trevino) drives up in his pickup. Damon continues his narrative, wondering who Damon Salvatore is without Elena Gilbert. A selfish friend? (We see Bonnie with Rick trying to bring Jo back in the morgue) A jealous brother? (We see a smiling Stefan cuddling a sleeping Caroline in his arms) A horrible son? (We see Lily checking on an unconscious Oscar at the house).
Damon and Tyler load Elena’s coffin on Tyler’s truck bed. Damon narrates that maybe with a little luck, he’ll do right by her. She may be a thousand miles away or a 100 years away, but she’s still with him. And his heart is right there in the coffin with her until she comes back to him.

At the morgue, Bonnie finishes the resurrection spell and Jo opens her eyes.


This episode touched on so much. I can see an alliance between Enzo and Valerie but it will be an uneasy one and only one winner in whatever they plan. After seeing Oscar return as a Ripper, it’s going to be interesting to see if Jo is one too or some other weird variation. Matt looks like he’s headed down a long hard road trying to keep the truce and the Heretics and trespassers in check.

My questions are: What did Damon ask Lily for after he got Elena back? Will Oscar recover enough to seal Valerie’s fate? Why didn’t she rip his heart out and make sure he was dead? What is this Phoenix stone capable of? What does it do to the resurrected? Will Oscar or Jo be their real selves or whatever the stone has turned them into? Will Rick and Bonnie regret their decision to mess with the stone? Was this what Oscar warned them about? What has Damon done with Elena’s coffin? Will Damon be be able to cope if Elena is being kept in storage so many miles away (as he indicated in his narrative?) Will Caroline’s pushing of Stefan to seek out Valerie put an end to their relationship especially if Valerie reveals to him that she once carried his child? What will Lily do when she learns that Enzo and Valerie plan to keep her from Julian? And where the heck is Julian and will he be back to wreck havoc again?

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below! Thanks!

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