(SPOILERS) Will Enzo & Lily Date On ‘The Vampire Diaries’? Michael Malarkey Defends This Surprise Romance

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If there’s one thing Vampire Diaries fans love to do, it’s obsess over the show’s romantic relationships. From Delena and Steroline to my all-time favorite Klaroline, these ‘shipping communities are a force to be reckoned with and have the power to make any Mystic Falls pair the next “it” couple. So, you can imagine the level of intrigue that transpired when Enzo confessed he had feelings for Lily during last week’s episode. But, does this necessarily mean that Enzo and Lily will actually get together on TVD at some point throughout the season? Bustle asked Michael Malarkey, who plays the male vamp in question, all about this and he shared his thoughts on the Enzo and Lily dynamic and defended why these two would make an exciting new duo.

“He feels like Lily is providing more of a stability,” the actor explains. “He kinda knows what she’s about and although it seems like she’s a bad guy to viewers, to Enzo she’s a stable, grounded force. He’s been looking for something like that.” Unlike Damon, who has either abandoned or outright ignored his friend’s presence, Lily has given Enzo the thing he’s wanted most: A family. Which is why it’s important to note that Enzo is Team Lily, not necessarily Team Heretic.

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