(SPOILERS) The Originals Stars Hope for ‘Crazy Werewolf Sex’ in Season 3

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Neither Daniel Gillies nor Charles Michael Davis has any idea what will happen to their characters in The Originals‘ third season, but that didn’t stop them from sharing their wish list with TVLine — one that happens to include “crazy werewolf sex” between Elijah and Hayley.

“I think his natural allegiance is turning more towards Hayley,” Gillies said of Elijah when we spoke on the carpet The CW upfront. (Yeah, this video’s kind of old. Want to fight about it?) “I would hope to see Elijah be less of a butler to his schizophrenic brother and more of his own force … in Season 3.”

As for Marcel’s romantic future, Davis said he’d like to see a reunion with Rebekah, regardless of “whatever body she’s in.” (Wouldn’t. We. All.)

Additional highlights from our interview include:
* Davis asking Gillies if he’d hook up with a werewolf “if it was required.” (Gillies’ answer is perfect.)
* Davis and Gillies debating whether or not vampires can grow facial hair.
* Gillies asking why he and his new beard have become the poster duo for “I quit.”

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