Originals Scoop: Riley Voelkel Promoted to Series Regular

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Warning: Stop reading if you haven’t seen the Season 2 finale of The Originals, for this post is dark and full of (minor) spoilers.

Despite Aunt Dahlia’s best efforts, there’s just no breaking up the Mikaelsons. In fact, following the events of Monday’s season finale, you’ll be seeing a lot more of one family member: TVLine has learned that Riley Voelkel (aka Freya) will be a series regular in Season 3!

“Freya is going to stick around and help raise [Hope],” executive producer Michael Narducci teases. “She’s allowing Rebekah the chance to go have a life by sticking around. I’m really excited to see what role this new sister is going to have in the family and how she may play off of both of her brothers. I’m really excited about that family dynamic.”

Fans, are you excited to see more of Voelkel moving forward? What are your hopes for Freya and the rest of the Mikaelsons next season? Drop all your thoughts in a comment below.

via tvline

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