(SPOILERS)’The Vampire Diaries,’ ‘The Originals’ Teams on Evolving Endgames and What’s to Come

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There are few storytelling modes that are as fluid as television, and the massive success of The CW’s The Vampire Diaries has led to an evolution of sorts for the drama’s endgame.

“[The Vampire Diaries co-creator] Kevin [Williamson] and I came up with and cried over our perfect ending … and really stuck to that for many, many years,” The Vampire Diaries co-creator Julie Plec shared at Sunday’s Television Critics Association press tour panel, where the series shared the stage with spinoff The Originals. “And now the show will go on longer than we ever dreamed of. So it’s evolved, but it’s still rooted in that same idea. We’re still on that same path.”

But before the show can get to the end (and the series was renewed Sunday for an additional season), there’s more immediate drama to resolve. “Our main throughline this season has been learning more about the Gemini Coven, which is where Liv and Luke came from,” The Vampire Diaries executive producer Caroline Dries teased. “We met them last season, and now we’re starting to learn who their family is. We met Kai this season, their psychotic brother, and he’s been in prison [world] for years. And Kai has now absorbed all the magic in Mystic Falls, and he’s super powerful, and he has one thing in mind: I want to merge with my twin sister, and become the leader of the Gemini Coven. And so we’ll watch that story culminate with a lot of drama and death.”

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