(SPOILERS) What does 2015 bring for The Originals?

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The mother of all family feuds is coming when The Originals returns on January 19, 2015. And we don’t know about you, but we’re pretty much bursting with questions. For example: Will Rebekah be able to return to her own body? Will Klaus find out about Elijah’s and Hayley’s steamy night together, and how will he react when he does? Most importantly, how will Klaus and Elijah react when they find out that naughty Kol betrayed poor Bex? Will Mama Mikaelson become a vampire? How will Finn — the ultimate mother’s boy — retaliate? Oh and the biggest one of all: Does crazy Aunt Dalia know that sweet, innocent Hope is alive and well?

Basically, the entire supernatural “political” system in French Quarter is in shambles, and we couldn’t be more eager to catch all the action! Unfortunately, we still have weeks to go until we get solid answers. But there’s great news, too; the CW provided a sneak peek video to curb our cravings until our beloved supernatural series kicks off the New Year with Season 2 Episode 10: “Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire.” Preview all the upcoming witchy mayhem, bloodshed, and epic showdowns in the video below! Then drop us a comment telling us which character’s storyline you’re most excited about.

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