(SPOILErS) tvline has return scoop on TVD and the originals

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Elena’s resolutions for 2015 include escaping Kai’s clutches — who could she be calling in this photo from the winter premiere? — and rekindling her romance with Damon. Meanwhile, Caroline will focus her attention on Sheriff Forbes’ cancer diagnosis (Is there a supernatural cure?), requiring her to spend more time with Stefan. “What we’ll come to see is that their relationship will be shaped by [her mom’s illness],” EP Caroline Dries reveals.

Elsewhere, Bonnie will return to the present with a new “badass” outlook on life. “She’s learning to put herself first,” says exec producer Julie Plec, who adds that Bonnie’s beau will also undergo big changes. “Jeremy needs to figure out what he wants out of life, and that journey will be kickstarted by the realization that he’s in his own prison.” (That explains her tweet about Jer applying to art school!) Also on tap for ’15: Enzo will fall in lust, a set of twins will merge, 24’s Annie Wersching recurs as a “caustic” mystery lady, and a major character will kick the bucket.

RETURN DATE: Thursday, Jan. 22 at 8/7c (The CW)

Exec producer Julie Plec reveals that the latter half of Season 2 will shed new light on the Curse of the First Born, as Dalia’s threat against baby Hope is fleshed out. Meanwhile, “Little things will start to materialize that will make us realize there’s something extraordinary about [Hope],” Plec teases. Elsewhere, Klaus will “juggle keeping his daughter and his city safe”; Hayley and Jackson will embark on a “pretty special” journey; and Rebekah will adjust to life in her new (mortal!) witch body, which EP Michael Narducci assures us isn’t “necessarily” permanent. “There are plenty of flashback [opportunities] to explore what Rebekah has been doing for the past 1,000 years,” he says, giving Claire Holt fans at least the hope that they’ll see her again someday.

RETURN DATE: Monday, Jan. 19 at 8/7c (The CW)

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