(SPOILERS) 12 Exciting Spoilers About The Vampire Diaries Season 6

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Raise your hand if this following applies to you: You love The Vampire Diaries with all your heart, but you get super agitated when the show goes on hiatus. Six whole weeks without Salvatore brother hugs, Caroline Forbes’s radiant smile, and Kai’s constant complaints about twin merges and skinny jeans? The network is basically testing every fiber of our patience. Honestly, life is hard enough as it is without having to temporarily bid adieu to our weekly dose of supernatural drama — especially when the mid-season finale ended on such a wicked cliffhanger!

Luckily though, it’s the holiday season and executive producer Santa Claus Julie Plec found herself in a very giving mood one cold winter’s eve. Perhaps she felt bad that viewers have to wait more than a month for a brand new episode. Perhaps she just wanted to treat us all to an early gift. Or, maybe she wanted to make amends for sticking Sheriff Forbes with cancer on Christmas. Regardless, though her motives remain unclear, all we know is that the generous showrunner provided us with some extra tantalizing details about the show’s upcoming installments. She took to Twitter on Thursday, December 8, to release a set of twelve juicy tidbits about Bonnie, Alaric, Jer Bear, Matt Donovan, and more beloved characters — and satiated our cravings in the process.

Scroll on down for a heaping serving of TVD Season 6 spoilers, and be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Caroline Dries for more supplemental info!


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