Jan 22nd: ‘The Vampire Diaries’: What’s the most memorable death from season 3? — POLL

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The Vampire Diaries‘ upcoming 100th episode centers on our favorite evil vixen in what could be her final moments. After Katherine Pierce had a heart attack and fell down the Salvatores’ stairs in the mid-season finale, we’re scared that it might finally be time to say goodbye to the woman who once loved both Salvatore brothers but never loved anyone more than herself. So to honor what could potentially be the most memorable death (or near-death) scene in season 5, we’re reliving similar moments from the past four seasons.

Join me and my fellow TVD-lover Mandi Bierly as we walk down a tear-filled memory lane and pick out our most memorable death scenes leading up to the show’s return. Today, we move to season 3, which kicked off with Stefan killing many a stranger — and poor Andie — before the Originals returned to Mystic Falls, bringing with them a number of transformations (Tyler!) and even more deaths (Elena!). Here are the moments we’ll never forget:

Samantha’s pick:
Of all the deaths in TVD history, there was one that made me sob a little harder than the rest — Alaric. Not only did I love Alaric as a character, but the way in which the show handled his death in “Do Not Go Gentle” gives me chills just thinking about it. Right in the middle of one of Mystic Falls High School’s famous decade dances, Esther stole Elena away. She was cooking up a plan that would allow her to use Elena’s blood in a spell that would turn Alaric into the ultimate Original vampire hunter. At the cemetery, she and evil Alaric set things in motion. Alaric drank the necessary blood, and then Esther killed him. Luckily, when he woke up, he was back to his normal self, so instead of hurting Elena, he killed Ester. But then the reality of it all set it: He could either transition into what Esther wanted him to be, or he could choose to die.

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