(SPOILERS) Vampire Diaries Exclusive: Julie Plec Teases Finale, The Originals & Surprise Return of …

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As we head into the final two episodes of The Vampire Diaries Season 4, I definitely had a lot of questions for Julie Plec earlier today that she answered in her trademark fabulously teasing way.

Will Elena having her feelings back mean the return of the Salvatore love triangle? Will Rebekah find happiness … ever? Are we finally seeing movement in the Caroline/Klaus story? Is Tyler coming back?

And, finally, in an exclusive scoop that The Vampire Diaries show-runner / executive producer told only me: Is that truly Kol we see in the trailer for this week’s episode, “The Walking Dead” … or Silas-Kol?

Read on to find out!

TV Fanatic: Bonnie has vowed to keep her promise to Silas and has also partnered with Katherine. Is the girl digging her own grave or what?

Julie Plec: [laughs] The beauty of Bonnie is that in spite of being led down some very dark paths over the course of the year her moral compass is stronger than ever and she’s definitely up to something. And if you’re up to something and you’re up to no good, you may as well partner with the one girl in town who’s better at being up to no good than you are.

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