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Last week’s return of The Vampire Diaries paired off Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) for the first time. While the episode returned Elena to Stefan (Paul Wesley) at the end to confront him about Katherine (also Dobrev), that is not the total resolution of this triangle.

Kevin Williamson on Vampires Diaries

“It’s actually the turning point of this last episode, stuff happens in it that sort of launches a few more episodes,” revealed series creator Kevin Williamson. “It’s sort of part one of the next three or four episodes.”

The upcoming plots will focus on the triangle between the three main characters, but there will still be room for supporting cast, and even recurring episodic characters. “Those are our core group we’re going to stick to, and our supporting characters we’re going to stick to for the first season. Then we’re going to be bringing in new characters, like Melinda Clarke is going to come in as Matt’s mother. I’m hoping that she will always be Matt’s mother, so while she’ll come in for three episodes, I hope she’ll come back.”

Now that the show is a hit, Williamson can begin to think a little bit bigger as he moves forward. “Now that we know that people are responding, the network seems to be liking the show, we have started having those conversations about you know, there’s a chance that we could be around for a few years. And if we’re going to be around for a few years, how are we going to spend our money? It needs to be the most sense, like what sets are we going to build? Maybe we should take over this other warehouse right next door while it’s available so that we can financially plan long term, because you always save money when you plan long term, because you always save money when you plan long term. So we’re having those conversations now.”

It won’t just be new locations though. Williamson is thinking about writing bigger parts for major guest stars. “How many guest cast per episode? How many people do we need to fly in? Are we going to have any more series regulars in the future? So we’re starting to have those long term questions which I love the fact that the studio’s calling me with those questions because you’re like, ‘Oh wow, that’s good news for me.’”

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursday nights on The CW.


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